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Edited By Roger778

God, Borderlands 2, along with this DLC looks so dang gorgeous, and hilarious. I'm really tempted now to get this game.

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Posted By dcsears

This might be the funniest, most enjoyable Borderlands DLC to date. For reals.

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Posted By DocHarrop

@CaptainFake: Yeah I've played through most of it. Didn't advance anything but did add a ton of missions. The downside of it is a lot of back and forth between area and quest-giver a lot of times.

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Posted By HellBrendy

@DrewHughes: Yeah, I really loved the game critique-one as well. They are few and far inbetween, but there are some really golden side quests in this game.

I actually thought this was going to be Moxxi all over again, and I didn'r really think it was going to be any fun - up until the game just broke the mold - wich came as a surprise to me, knowing very little of this pack when I started it. Was a really good moment, but all in all it's not as good as Captain Scarlett. It just feels more empty.

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Posted By DrewHughes

The Game Reviewer mission was fantastic, say what you will about the rest of the pack. Definitely not just an arena expansion

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Posted By Renrawr

Gearbox is churning out these downloadable content packs.

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Posted By zaneee

I need a bigger HDD

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Posted By WiqidBritt

@CaptainFake said:

Did anybody play the Pirate DLC? Did it advance any of the story in any meaningful way?

The DLC for the original Borderlands started to get interesting with General Knoxx. I'm trying to wait and pick up the BL2 DLC once they do something on par with that one.

no, it was more of a side story, as is the Torgue dlc.

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Posted By RubberBabyBuggyBumpers

this dlc is so much better, more funny than the previous one. TESTOSTERONE!

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Posted By CaptainFake

Did anybody play the Pirate DLC? Did it advance any of the story in any meaningful way?

The DLC for the original Borderlands started to get interesting with General Knoxx. I'm trying to wait and pick up the BL2 DLC once they do something on par with that one.

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Posted By xxizzypop

I like that there's a company that is treating a season pass to mean *gasp* a majority of the content will be produced over the course of a single season???

Maybe I'm just a bit of a downer on the concept of the pass lately, but it's AWESOME that BL2 is pumping out DLC in this way. Strike while it's hot. Admittedly, at this point, they could probably slow their roll just a little, but I feel like most of those who are complaining that they're getting pumped out too fast and that they can't keep up are being crazy. It's not like the content is going anywhere or that it expires. It simply means that when you get around to it and when you want it, it's there.

It's weird that we live in the Goldilocks Age. 'This game over here has too little content. This game over here has too much. And this game is juuuuuuust kidding I'm going to be pissed off all the time.'

And frankly I was amused by Tiny Tina. I can see how some could end up annoyed as hell by her, but she is one of the few parts of that game that made me actually laugh.

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Posted By PenguinDust

Okay, they sold me. I'm going to pick up the season pass. I thought this would be just another arena, but it appears to be so much more. I'm in.

I wish Saint's Row the Third's DLC was this good.

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Posted By Y2Ken

I'm definitely looking forward to getting into this. I like Mr. Torgue although I feel like even with the stuff in prerelease his whole "Shouting and Explosions" schtick is getting a little stale. But hopefully they'll pull it off.

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Posted By bigstrat2003

@2HeadedNinja said:

@Jackhole said:

Oh, you know, everybody's favorite Borderlands 2 characters, like Tiny Tina.

I liked her ... now what? :)

I also liked her. Haters, hate, etc.

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Posted By juanvaldes

Crap. That's more content stacking up that I need to play. XD

Seriously. My wife & I are around level 23, still gotta finish the main game. But, other games keep coming out that need attention.
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Posted By durden77

If Mr. Satan tells me to buy it, I buy it.

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Posted By CrystaljDesign

@MildMolasses: and yet these DLCs are better than BL1's.

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Posted By Solh0und

@Bwgmon said:

Well, of course he'd go Torque.
Well, of course he'd go Torque.


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Posted By HS_Alpha_Wolf

All the cool kids are jumping on the bandwagon against BL2, can I jump on?

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Posted By BlueFroman

@Hardtarget said:

oh jeeze, i haven't even had a chance to play the first dlc yet

same here duder, especially with the onslaught of new games coming out. It's kinda fucked up that this is DLC 2 of the season pass, the game hasnt even been out for 2 months yet!

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Posted By bigdaddy81

@vikingdeath1: It is indeed the same voice actor. From what I understand there are a lot of DBZ veterans voicing characters in Borderlands 2. The only ones I can remember offhand are : Cell = Handsome Jack and Android 18 = Lilith.

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Posted By vikingdeath1

I liked his first question.

@BigDaddy81 said:

How can you say no to Mr. Satan?

Is that the same voice actor?? I LOVE MR. SATAN!!!

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Posted By MrMuscle

This made me miss Randy Savage :( RIP Macho Man!

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Posted By stenchlord

I dunno if I enjoy Borderlands or the ads more...

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Posted By EvilNiGHTS

I'm guessing there's no level cap update in this one? I'm currently at 50, and my problem with the last DLC was it was far too boring on Playthrough1 and annoyingly difficult on Playthrough2. May wait until the cap is raised before I get this.

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Posted By selbie

@Nekrokreuz said:

Yo FUCK Tina.

What's up with Moxxi's upper lip at 1:02? Weird.

She had to catch something eventually...

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Posted By Redhorn

Yo FUCK Tina.

What's up with Moxxi's upper lip at 1:02? Weird.

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Posted By Brydello

I still haven't finished vanilla Borderlands 2. Nor have I touched the first DLC pack. Holy shit. Too many games, not enough time.

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Posted By CilliaBlack

Yeah this DLC is definitely not as good as Scarlett but it's alright enough. Worth 10 bucks if you have it to spare and desperately want some more borderlands 2. The humor is hit and miss, an overall drop in writing quality for sure, but I chuckled a few times.

And, just for the record, this is absolutely not an Arena DLC. The very first quest gives you the impression it will be, but you're only ever going to have 4 quests in that arena throughout the DLC. The vast, vast majority of it is more of the same questing you have in both the standard game and Scarlett. Go to new area, do new set of quests, progress to next new area. Etc, etc.

It's a disappointment after Scarlett, which I thought was pretty great, but is by no means actually bad. If you're into Borderlands 2, you'll have a good 5 or 6 hours of fun with this DLC.

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Posted By jaks

@Jackhole: I thought tiny tina was fucking awesome.

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Posted By Shaunage

Not seeing the content on Steam or ingame yet, though it says there's new stuff available. I bought the season pass.

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Edited By Shtinky

@Arrested_Developer said:

I like Tiny Tina just fine but I've been a fan of HAWP even before Gametrailers picked it up.

Maybe it's not the character, but the actress in particular. It's like the developers were being a bit desperate to appeal to "the kids" by including an Internet-celebrity gamer. Also, people pronounce that show as "Hawp" and that is quite annoying, too.

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Posted By PD

I think I'll skip this DLC. The arenas are one of my least favourite parts of the game.

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Posted By AlKusanagi

Finished it in one sitting. While the writing definitely has its moments, it's disappointing as hell overall. It feel like only a fractio of the size of the previous DLC. If you've got the season pass, might as well check it out, but if you don't I'd suggest skipping it.

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Posted By Arrested_Developer

I like Tiny Tina just fine but I've been a fan of HAWP even before Gametrailers picked it up.

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Posted By Sergotron

Did they raise the level cap for this?

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Posted By TrulyAlive

@Getz said:

Climb the path to the train, or you'll go insane. What. What.

"That's a rap song I wrote."

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Posted By sworen

Wish I knew what people didn't like about Tiny Tina as well. Some descriptions of issues would help. I thought she was well written enough for a short term character. Just kinda seemed like an eccentric little girl who had a traumatic childhood.

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Posted By Getz

Climb the path to the train, or you'll go insane. What. What.

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Posted By AngelN7

Oh so that's the Tiny Tina everyone here hates? I thought she sounded kinda funny there, but I'll wait for the GOTY edition.

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Posted By R3DT1D3

Tiny Tina plays a fairly small role and she's written much better in her small part. So far, it's been awesome DLC and really adds to the endgame for people who have farmed their Lvl 50's for a while.

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Posted By slowbird

Screw you guys, Tiny Tina is okay!

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Posted By captain_clayman

That reminds me, I still need to pick up that season pass.

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Edited By SasquatchRuby

I thought Tina was piss funny - I'm surprised some peeps didnt like the acting I thought there was plenty of good humour with lots of variety. The respawn points could have been the most annoying thing in the world, they must have done a ton of lines for it an lots of them were funny. Whatever butters your muffin I guess.

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Posted By Rotnac

i dont get the hate with Tiny Tina? She's not that bad of a character. I personally think by far the worst with no one even close to second is Brick... I would have really preferred his character died instead of Roland. I hope he's not in this DLC.

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Posted By Blitz_Kill

Ummmm, guys..... is that Hercule? o.o

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Posted By CouldbeRolf

Damn it... I had planned to wait a bit on this dlc. Then I saw this.

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Posted By deactivated-57f027c6197c3

Oh god that is Mr Satan that makes this maybe awesome

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Posted By Toxin066

This felt like an add for an arena pack a la Mad Moxxi DLC from BL1.

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Posted By Xeirus

@Bwgmon said:

Well, of course he'd go Torque.
Well, of course he'd go Torque.

Dude, I knew I had heard that voice before!!!

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