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His laugh is so contagious, made me smile for the entire video.

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As a faithful member who has followed the guys from Gamespot to the founding of Giantbomb and back again, I have to say, I miss Ryan Davis like a motherfucker..

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Knowing Ben, he's holding the camera at about hip level.

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Love Ryan Davis. RIP, we all miss you.

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Someone needs to put up the clip of Ryan when he finds out about Brad Muir's Ska band, that was priceless

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Thanks for reposting these videos guys!

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He was so happy...

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Maan... this made me actually start crying. Ryan was so full of happiness it was infectious. I miss him.

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So much love for that man. Ryan is missed, not only for him but the energy he brings.

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Its just the 12 bar blues!!!! Gosh I miss those days with Ryan and Will Smith.

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This is fantastic!

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@ch3burashka said:

I love Ryan, and it's blasphemous to say anything negative at this point in time, but he sure was anal about minutiae whenever he thought he was right. No quarter was given, ever.

I like the Speaker of the Dead concept, the bad with the good.

Ryan is one of the most sure-of-himself dudes ever. I can only wish to ever be that confident.

Oh god, when Ryan first realizes that it's a blues song...pure magic.

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Miss you big guy :(

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I love Ryan, and it's blasphemous to say anything negative at this point in time, but he sure was anal about minutiae whenever he thought he was right. No quarter was given, ever.

I like the Speaker of the Dead concept, the bad with the good.

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I can see why Ryan liked the song. It was very well done!

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@brackynews said:


Loading Video...

Someone put the member stream on youtube.

Edit: And now I realized I commented on a year old comment :p

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Fuck, why did someone with so much joy have to be taken away at such a young age?

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Man Ryan really was a cool dude

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Glad to see Ryan still be acknowledged with resurfacing some Ryan moments on the front page. GB has done a good job moving forward over the year but the void he left I don't think can ever be replaced. Truly one of a kind.

I had a dream two days ago where he was in it. I woke up feeling pretty bummed out and I never personally met him. Can't imagine how it is for people who have.

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Never was big on the Fourth of July, but I think from here on out I'm gonna look at it as Ryan Davis Day. In my head, everyone will be celebrating this awesome duder.

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That pure joy from Ryan in this video is so infectious.

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My favorite Ryan video, we miss yea buddy.

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Awesome. Just awesome.

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Still my favorite Ryan video ever.

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I bet this is one of the things that made Ryan's life complete.

P.S. Damn, fetus Alexis!

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happy crying is the best crying im so happy so see these

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Rest in peace big guy.

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I miss you man

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Whiskey media days were the best.

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Man, hard to believe it's been a year since we lost Ryan. Re-watching some of the videos today as they are put on the main page, hard to watch some of them to be honest. But this one, pure smiles. We miss you Ryan, as all this continues to show how much you meant to all of us here in the community and the GB guys themselves.

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Best wishes to his family and GB + close friends as well - this has to be a rough part of the year.

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Lmao when Ryan jumps up and down like a giddy school boy! Miss that dude!!!

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Though the guys have done their best keeping the site awesome, it just isn't the same without Ryan...

RIP bud you will always live on through this site and community.

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Will Smith and Ryan had an absolutely amazing dynamic. Laughing like a drain watching this clip!

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Miss the old office days :(

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I'm not sure if I'm crying because of laughter

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"You're right, it is the taking care of business guys!"

haha, amazing

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Ryan gone, Dave and Will not there anymore, vinny moved location...we're looking at a portal back in time

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Falling down laughing Ryan is my FAVORITE RYAN!

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This was so funny. I love it.

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I love this

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I miss the Whiskey Media basement so much. The love hate relationship between Ryan and Will. I miss Ryan.

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First and only Benz LENZ REPPIN'

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Fuck, Ryan Davis. This was the best reaction.

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I think this might be my favorite Ryan video. It shows his un-wavering glee and also his antagonistic brotherly relationship with Will Smith.

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This belongs high up in the Best of Ryan charts for sure.

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This was a fantastic video with giddy Ryan.

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What a great guy.

Dat camera work though, holy balls.