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Posted By StefanTheMongol

I am ashamed to admit, I knew every song from Name That Tune.

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This is fantastic. One of my favorite GB moments.

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Posted By AdequatelyPrepared

Another feature like this would be great. Too bad that most of the crappy consoles are a bitch to get working properly, let alone try to capture audio/video from.

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Posted By Mathey

sleepy drew -.-

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I have owned a CD-i and a small stack of games for a long time, but still need a controller so I have never played it.

A Gravis GamePad isn't out there somewhere? I think you can just use one of those, right?

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"24-hour time is reserved for cool dudes."

How does Dan Ryckert's mind function...?

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Saw the Inca clip on Youtube which made me buy a subscription to Giant Bomb for the videos. I'd pay 4.99 a month to watch a gif of Jeff do that head bob dance to Inca. You guys rock!

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Posted By Mathey

I love the looks of utter bafflement and disbelief on their faces throughout this.

And, of course, the seductive Gerstmann dance during the Inca solo.

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Would have been great to see the finale of Burn Cycle..

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I have owned a CD-i and a small stack of games for a long time, but still need a controller so I have never played it.

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Jesus what a mess. Bob Goen also hosted Entertainment tonight with Mary Hart for many years. And dear god why the hell do I know that?

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Jeff's dance during the Inca intro was fantastic!

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The entirety of the guys' experience with Dark Castle is beautiful and needs to be put on Youtube.

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Posted By StageLXdk

Poor Drew... :D

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Guessing we're going to see games like Hotel Mario the next time the guys do another one of these videos? This was great though, seeing Jeff dance to the Inca song and him and Brad moving their arms around during the Zelda cutscenes were great highlights!

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Posted By JonKrag

@yukoasho: I was literally *just* about to type that in.

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When Defender of the Crown came out in 1986 its graphics were stunning. Cinemaware was constantly creating games that were pushing the boundary of graphics back then.

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Does anyone have a link to that Inca People song? Shit is hilarious

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isso nao pode ser considerado um jogo

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Drew struggling to stay awake while Jeff is playing Link is hilarious.

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Great show! Love how Drew starts falling asleep as soon as the second "Zelda" game is turned on. And how Jason subtly panned the main camera over to him. Awesome.

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yeah, I remember those days. It's not that FMV games and gameshow games are a bad idea. These games still reach an audience even today. But you can't build an entire platform on two sub-genre of "games" and call it "interactive entertainment". Nintendo understood you can make a cartridge based system capable of 3D graphics and you can make so many different types of games on that system because its not just a one trick pony.

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I remember by cousin having a CD-I. Two cousins, actually. There were two actual-as-fuck CD-I's in my family. At the time I thought it was awesome to play these futuristic games with voiced audio and photo-realistic graphics. Man, looking at this I wish I could go back in time to whack myself around the head.

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@danryckert in North Carolina people would yell "Home of the Wolfpack" at NCSU games and also Carolina Hurricane games

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This was truly a joy to behold.

Here's hoping we'll see a "3D-Oh why did I spend $700 dollars on this" in the near future.

Way of the Warrior, Road Rash, GEX, Demolition Man, Brain Dead 13, Samurai Showdown and the e-sports classic Return Fire!!!

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Posted By cspiffo

This system made scrapping nails on a chalkboard appealing.

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@thundersheep: The CD-i was just a terrible system. Most systems over the years have had its supporters (there were some people who were convinced that the 3DO was the next big thing for a time there), but I don't remember anyone speaking up for the CD-i. In today's money it cost over $1100 and the games released on the platform was almost all universally shit. It didn't really work well for any of the other "multimedia" stuff either.

There was a time back then when "interactive media" was considered the future by a lot of people. Publications talking about how movies would move on to being "choose your own adventure", basically. Even then, the CD-i never got any love.

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Ask Justin McElroy, Malt-O-Meal is the shit. You get more for less and it tastes the same!

During the Malt-O-Meal bit, Justin came straight to mind.

Just look at this fucking shit bag.
Just look at this fucking shit bag.

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Jeff's "Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!!" moment in Dark Castle reminded me so much of Ryan.

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Posted By face15

Jeff's Inca dancing was the most incredible thing I've ever seen.

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Is it me or does most of the music from "Name that Tune" sound like its from 90's JRPG's?

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@travisrex: lol, wow I've never seen Drew doze off like that.

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Did Drew just fall asleep in the middle of that shit?

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Watch Jeff's face at about 8:30 when he realizes how that Name That Tune game works.

That's hella exploitable. Someone put something else in the game window and keep Jeff's reaction.

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@thundersheep: I'd hardly call Defenders of the Crown a terrible game, it was one of the most popular and well-received games on the Amiga. Put that game in the context of having originally come out looking and playing like that in 1986, and it's mindblowing.

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As someone who had an Amiga... yeah, that looks like an Amiga game.

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I really wish there somehow was a metal gear solid movie that was made in the 80s

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I can't get the image of Hulk Hogan as Revolover Ocolot out my head now.

God damn it, Dan is the best thing that ever happened to this site.

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jeff dances, brad cracks up and goes red, then i crack up and go red.

bless you duders.

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That was both entertaining and terrifying.

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I'm not sure how all of these games managed to be the worst. Usually when you see several games in a session you can see that some stand out as being decent and others being terrible. Every single one of these games was the absolute worst.

Though that Inca music was indeed the shit. Also worth watching just to see Drew pretend he's been awake the entire time.

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Posted By OrwellHuxZam

Jeff is so on point. His Inca dance is...superb.