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Posted By MysteriousBob
@zoozilla said:
Frame-rate looks pretty bad, too.  Damn, this doesn't bode well for MGS 2 & 3.
You know this is a video, right?
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Posted By ikabubu

My biggest issue is: I already played the living shit out of Peace Walker. 
I am not going repeat that all over again. I don't care if it's in HD, on a console with a real controller, or whatever. That was a lot of time and work put into the game.

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Posted By HydraHam

@krabboss said:

@Styl3s said:

Finally i can play the game with dual analogs, the way it should of fucking been in the first place.

@goudaj said:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH4nMfE2G20 Here's a better video of the E3 demo. It's the 360 version. Kessler should of posted this one instead.
Should HAVE...

I would say sorry professor grammar nazi but i think you know where you can go..

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Posted By Zippedbinders
@goudaj said:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH4nMfE2G20  Here's a better video of the E3 demo. It's the 360 version. Kessler should of posted this one instead.
This is a much better looking video.
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Posted By Spiritof

This video makes it look like my mom is playing Peace Walker.

PW is a GREAT game, this video is not.

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Posted By Kyle

hey, guess what this means: i am never going to play that psp copy of peace walker i bought last year. dual-analog controls, please and thank you.

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Posted By RoyCampbell

Chomping at the bits to see what MGS2 looks and sounds like.

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Posted By Clippjoint

wow it looks like ass, and the person playing the game sucks.

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Posted By zoozilla
@MysteriousBob: I didn't, actually.  It all makes sense now...
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Posted By Marz

i hope this wasn't an actual promotional video...    at least get someone that's decent at playing the game to actually play the game.

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Posted By geirr

Improving frame rate and load times would go a long way in making this look playable.

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Well, looks like Peace Walker with better antialiasing.

Not that that's a bad thing, Peace Walker is by no means a bad looking game. It isn't a normal ps3 game, but who the fuck cares about that.

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Posted By deactivated-57d3a53d23027

I bet Mega64 made this video too :D Makes the game look like utter shit.

I'm just happy I can finally play Peace Walker and MGS Snake Eater, I've been wanting to play Snake Eater for ten years but never wanted to buy a PS2 once I reached the age where age restrictions weren't blocking me.

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Posted By SmokePants

MGS3 Subsistence is the only Metal Gear game I am able to appreciate. Hopefully, this will be good in the way that game was good, to offset all the standard Kojima idiocy (Dear Hideo, every name you come up with is shit. Stop it.) It's a shame I have to buy goddamn MGS2 again to get it, though. I wouldn't mind if it were on a separate disc and I could urinate on it ala my copy of MGS 4, but alas.

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Posted By hagridore

That clip is supposed to make me want to buy something?

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Edited By vinsanityv22

Y'know....jumping right into menus and stats ain't exactly the way to start off your video with a bang, Kojima :) 
That being said, this is pretty awesome that - finally - a worthy PSP game is getting a release people will actually play. I'll be there. Though I'm more pumped for the 3DS remake of MGS3 to be honest. That is a substantial visual upgrade. I do hope this is successful though, 'cuz I wanna see a whole lot more PSP games on the PSN ...
I find it really weird that the PS3 optimization process doesn't yield any frame rate improvements though.

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Posted By TorMasturba

@Dan_CiTi said:

So they got some one playing the game horribly and got some even bigger dumbass to poorly encode a video of it at a crappy framerate? AWESOME!

I was literally about to type the same exact thing. These guys are dumb.

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Posted By leejunfan83

looks like ass

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Posted By Xpgamer7

That was a horrible playthrough.

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Posted By smiddy

Incredibly underwhelming.

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Posted By VeRKK

Before it was a terrible looking PSP game.. Now it looks like a terrible XBLA\PSN GREAT. (not just the visuals, the animations and movement looks horrible to no end...).
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Posted By Korolev

Ugh. Whoever played this demo is almost as bad as I am at MGS.

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Posted By Eyz

Nice. Not much but sufficient already. Looking good.

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Posted By Tordah

Is this gameplay footage for real? I don't know weather to laugh or cry.

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Posted By buft

PW walker was great on PSP and this looks identical

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Posted By Kyle

Was this person playing with their feet or something?

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Posted By jellysnake

Haha, I've never seen anyone fail so much at Metal Gear. 
This is an official Konami video?

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Posted By AlmostSwedish

What the hell?

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Posted By Little_Socrates

What was that noise David Hayter made before he said "if you ask nicely?" It sounds like a friend of mine doing a Solid Snake parody. RIDICULOUS.

Also, this game looks ugly and whoever's playing appears to have not played a Metal Gear Solid game other than MGS4.

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Posted By JoeRosa

This looks awful

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Posted By judamasmas

worst demo player ever XD

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Posted By Klei

Seriously, the aiming seems insanely wonky and i,m not very impressed with this '' HD '' makeover

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Posted By Aarny91

Is the frame rate bad or is it just me?

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Posted By Arrakis

looks the same to me

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Posted By DeF
@Arrakis said:
looks the same to me
You're not even watching this in HD as a non-paid member. How is it supposed to look different then? :)
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Edited By ky326
@JoeRosa said:

This looks awful

this X 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
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Posted By NickyDubz

this doesnt look good...

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Posted By breaking3po

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Posted By Jethuty

That was a horrible trailer.

The fuck, REALLY?

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Posted By Bernoulli

Haha what's up with Snake's playful tone?

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Posted By OldManLight

wow that looks like an up-res'd version of a game that i don't care about playing.

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Posted By Batmeng

Jesus Christ.

Why would you bother showing something like this.

Please, Konami, never change. You awkward fucks.

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Posted By firecracker22

Looks just like Peace Walker. 
Don't know what people expected...
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Posted By MeatSim

How not to play Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker.

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Posted By artofwar420

I want it and will buy it, but not the best way to show off the game.

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