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Aww, I liked the British VA from the teaser.

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Someone please tell me, what the fuck IS THIS GAME

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The music ruins the trailer.

Japan, please. Not everything needs upbeat symphonic electronica.

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Posted By bombedyermom

Assassin's Souls

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Not as bad as a trailer as I expected from the comments, this seems like a pretty standard japanese game trailer to me. Game looks interesting, not sure how I feel about the futuristic thing, might ruin the atmosphere but I haven't played it, they could pull it off.

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If this is Dark Souls, but with a heavier focus on multiplayer, I will probably get a ps4. Maybe not right away, but probably down the line.

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@tearunner: Dark Souls is the Asian version of Dark Souls.

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Nothing about this trailer makes me in any form interested. It just makes it all the more confusing. And I just... Don't care now.

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That rat is having Mitochondrial issues

Looked a lot like some of the scenes from Parasite Eve

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The camera is too deep d-

Being a big fan of the Souls games and Dragon's Dogma, this game looks interesting. But christ, this trailer is absolutely horrendous.

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Love the look of this but the music choice and cheesy voice-overs makes me think that this will be some big dumb anime thing, and not a game I would be interested in playing.

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What a shit trailer. I know nothing about the game still. And it's basic video editing skills that when you're doing a lot of crossfades or dissolves quickly, the actual fading should be waaaay quicker than it was. When one image would fade in, it was already fading into another before you could even tell what the fuck you were looking at.

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Is this the asian version of DarkSouls?

Um. Dark Souls *is* the "Asian" version of Dark Souls. It's from a Japanese dev. :/

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music reminds me of hack.sign...is that bee_train?

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Can't wait for the PC version.

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Uh.. The future stuff is really turning me off, always felt the same with assassins creed also. Immersive? Not so much with that douchebag in levis running around breaking my "renaissance experience" way too often.

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Weird trailer (Capcom!) but I'm still very excited for this game...and one guy was speaking German...that makes me SUPER excited!

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@beepmachine said:

Man Capcom games have the WORST trailers. I thought the Castlevania one was bad enough, but this just sets the bar even lower.

Capcom doesn't make Castlevania...

Shit you're right! Just change that to Japan then I guess.

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Yo, that music was pretty good.

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This is definitely a Japanese videogame. A bunch of disjointed images linked together with perplexing voice-over.

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It's next gen's Monster Hunter. Main focus points are 'always online' and 'random generated content'.

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love that music, the first teaser trailer had a futuristic hint at the end.

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Seems cool! Why all the negativity?

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I did not get the purpose of any of this. Just kind of disjointed, including the V.A.

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Just got FUCK YOURSELF JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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im really not sure what to think. the very first trailer looked pretty good and i actually dig the name deep down but this trailer was so bad and the camera angles.. my god so bad, it feels like they are trying to make a trailer with content that isnt ready.

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but how much like Rogue is it?

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Assassin's Creed comparison is some surface level understanding. If this game is channeling anything its Dark Souls.

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Now Im not digging it at all ... :( bummer , I wanted a studio to take a jab at the Soul´s formula , but this futury AC stuff and upbeat music kills it. Now the games needs to be really really good for me to get it. We´ll see.

You know, I'm not looking for this to be Dark Souls 2. We're getting Dark Souls 2, it's called Dark Souls 2. But this game is trying real hard to evoke the feeling of those Souls games, which I'm okay with. Doesn't mean it has to be 100% Dark Souls. The idea of it being more cooperative based with randomly generated dungeons and random loot with very technical combat actually has me excited about it.

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Liquid Expression.

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Man Capcom games have the WORST trailers. I thought the Castlevania one was bad enough, but this just sets the bar even lower.

Capcom doesn't make Castlevania...

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That audio narrative sounds like it was taken straight from some unannounced cancelled dlc for Remember Me (2013). Also, terrible music.

Description of Remember Me: "The player takes control of Nilin, an elite memory hunter who is not only incredibly athletic and trained in martial arts, but also has the special ability to access and modify people's memories." Remember Me was published by Capcom.

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Music kinda reminded me of the Star Wars cover the Piano Guys did a while back. I dig it.

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Looks cool except for the lame stuff.

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What the fuck is this game, Capcom?

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well, the MUSIC is certainly from japan...

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Getting some .hack vibes from this, only it feels way less anime as fuck.

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Uh, that voice acting.... Jesus. Who are they hiring for the voice work? It sounds like they hired British people are told them to put on American accents. As a result, the voice work seems strange and forced.

Also, while it doesn't look bad, the graphics are not as good as those seen in that trailer they released. I guess that wasn't a real time trailer, eh?

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What is happening in this game? I feel like I understand it less and less well with each subsequent trailer.

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@tearunner: Uuuuh, Dark Souls is Asian. From Software, a Japanese company, made it.

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I don't know what the crap to think of this, but so far I'm down.


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I definitely want to see more of this before I pass judgement on it. The video looks really cool and gives off a great vibe.

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Dear god. Fire the voice actors. Fire the writing staff. Delay the game 6 months. Fix this mess.

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what in the hell? This trailer made less sense then that first one they showed at e3....jesus. so dumb.

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at 1:32 i hear "Cat Mario"... is this game gonna be asshole hard?

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I figured they had tried to pull a killzone with that first "demo".

I still think they have in a couple of respects. The game still looks good but just compare the fire that we see for the measly second in this trailer to that of the original. It pales in comparison, the fluid simulation in the original was clearly far too complex to run in a real-time gameplay scenario.

I guess we'll see though.

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Well, this has to be a candidate for worst trailer ever.

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What did I just watch?

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This premise can open the door to nearly ANY setting, while still retaining coherency. Out of all the next gen games, this title is the one I'm most excited for.