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Posted By GigaKill

Anything to do with mechs, I'm in.

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Posted By Rastapasta

Double Fine's killing it!

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Posted By mrcraggle

Double Fine are clearly GB fans. Check out 1:00 in. Abe Lincoln in a mech

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Posted By DarkHeroZark

From what I can gather this is a co-op tower defense game with ground combat.

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Posted By Ravenousrattler

well i do like customizable mech games

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Posted By TimFReilly

If it weren't for the voiceover and knowing its from Double Fine, this would totally look like D-grade crap.  Looks like an xbox 1 game.

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Posted By csl316

Hopefully this fill my Armored Core void.

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Posted By SaucySala

DOuble Fine bringin it raw, son!