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Nice lady.

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@PhilESkyline said:
" You guys do know that she's a married woman right? "
Yeah, so?
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@JJWeatherman:  And the first song in "In Panama" by Midnight Brown, they use a lot of MB songs in their videos
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:D that made me happy for some reason
brad touches his ear when he knows somthings up...like an impending earthquake

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I was just thinking how sweet and kind of a lady she was.  Looks like I'm not the only one.  She should host the Nintendo Show next year!

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I love watching interviews like this; it's so nice to see two people's body language reacting in that way.

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Brad is such a ladies man. Also, why doesn't she do the press conferences instead of frumpy Cammie Dunaway?

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Denise is a very promising VP.

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Sexy time definitely took place.

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Awesome lady, totally know how she got her job.  Shes got smarts and she's an excellent speaker.

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You don't see that kind of chemistry on a normal games website.

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She is SO flirting with Bradley!

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Wow, that was a pretty great interview. I love her view on Sony and Microsoft's motion peripherals.

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Very very happy Nintendo did an interview.

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She Fancied you a bit Brad!
Little flirting going on there between the two of you

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Word, out with Cammy and in with Denise!
Her earring's wiggling was weirdly distracting.

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Just by being in brad's presence that woman is now pregnant.

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Did this video get shortened?  There's no longer the talk of the competitors or how they had four Mario games or any of that...  I just rewatched it.

It's also missing the stuff about E3 info getting leaked...

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@PhilESkyline said:
" You guys do know that she's a married woman right? "
Married or not, she was putting the shy, flirty moves on Brad.

Good interview though, as usual =)
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Denise > Cammie

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"Meet me in the bathroom after the show. Come alone. Bring your DSi. I'll show you my Pokemans"

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lol the face that brad made was hilarious.

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There is nothing wrong with a little flirty fun. Honestly, I like her energy and how she presented Nintendo. She was able to explain how Nintendo is trying to carter between the casual and gamer crowd. She seems like a person that honestly enjoys what they do, and believe in their product. That is rare to see in the world of fake smiles, and textbook catch-phrase statements.

She was very real, and I can see her as a the people Nintendo hopes the casual turns into. People who may not enjoy the more hardcore games, but now understands what the gamers love of this type of media is all about.

Good interview, and Nintendo let her speak for you guys for now on. I rather take a regular person who enjoys their stuff than some set PR person.

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she just seems like a nice lady. 

a good mom i bet. 

Nintendo, give her a raise.
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I like Cammie, but Denise won me over. Good interview, she seems like an honest gal.

...I don't know Brad, what do you think?

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Brad!  Nice!

Good interview, too.

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that girl in the back was trying to steal brad's interview! 

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go Brad.

she has a stunning voice.
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pure love

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I hope I've not crossed some line by saying this, but I'm just glad to see a video game industry professional who isn't a white male. That's extremely rare. Very refreshing.

and yes, the interview was pretty flirty. it must be difficult for brad to control such powers.

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Excellent interview Brad, I really enjoyed it. Denise is a fantastic speaker, in my opinion and I always enjoy watching her speak for the company.

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da na na naaaaaaaaaaaaa! brad got the fire rod!

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wo what she tell you :D

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Good interview, she seems very genuine. I want to have her babies.

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Did you see? When the woman heard Brad's voice, her breasts grew! :O

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Cute and honest is a good combination for a company spokespeep.

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Brad getting it on

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Brad makes all the ladies weak in the knees. Gotta be the ear grab.

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Ladies Love Cool Brad.

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Great interview!

You must tell us what she said when 'that' game is released. ;)

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Brad does great interviews. *thumbs up*

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Lol read the comments before the video. You two definitely had something going on there :P. Regardless, she had good things to say and seemed honest and up front. Nice to see.

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Studmuffin Shoemaker...ha ha!

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Shit like this makes me kinda hate my life.  Look at her, a freakin VP of Corp affairs for NINTENDO.  She can't be more than 5 years older than me if that. 


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the ladies cannot resist the temptation of Brad

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Excellent interview. The best ones are those that are relaxed and down-to-earth like this.

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Shes totally into Brad.