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Posted By pisk

Ending ftw tnx to Brad's improv

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Posted By raidingkvatch

In general I find MMOs completely unappealing, whereas I love single-player RPGs, but I have to say this sounds like it's gonna be exactly what I would want out of an MMO

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Posted By Nogert

All I got from that was they don't want to talk about it

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Posted By Blitzer

I've got full confidence that Bioware will integrate a great storyline experience. What I want to know now is how will the 'MMO' gameplay be? Will it have all the complexities and depth that WoW has? (Mount, professions/craftable items, instances from level 1 throughout the max level with raids at max level, different factions to gain reputation with, etc, etc)

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Posted By deactivated-59f3d7ebf1863

Ending was brilliant.

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Posted By ahoodedfigure


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Posted By sneakysnake128

Wait...if Brad died. Then who is the Brad here now?

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Posted By Kombat

Too much "we're not talking about that right now."  They're making a huge mistake getting people hyped up for this game so early in it's development cycle. 

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Posted By Roboyto

yea not an impressive interview in terms of what it tells you about the game itself. im still way more interested in finding out what exactly theyre planning on doing with the whole Revan storyline, cause im going to be pretty upset if they just tell you what happened to Revan during quets in TOR. Id much rather play through the end Revan's arc than learn about it in an MMO

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Posted By PapaLazarou

I dunno it seems like it'll be heavily instanced and if so then lame.

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Posted By Rhaknar

well, Bad tried, but all the "we're not talking about that at this moment" replies started to get annoying... i wonder if the game will even come out in 2010

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Posted By Osiris

Haha that was great, as always guys. :)

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Posted By BeefWaterfall

Sounds like they're going to try for FULL voices for all npcs and characters. Which would be different than Everquest II which only had full voices for the first 10 levels or so then, as you went along...you ran into less and less NPCs with voices. Basically only major characters got the voices after a while.

Hopefully the game will cool. I also hope that it will be game where my friends and I can play together regardless of levels or whatever. I hate when I friend logs on and we can't do anything together because he's  level 22 and I'm level 30. That mechanic bugs the crap out of me.
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Posted By Carlos1408

Epic lol

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Posted By Scambug

I'm kinda scared that this game might make me play an MMO. I'm to old for that shit, dammit!

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Posted By Landmine


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Posted By Wright

I'm sure he was at least happy to die by their hands. R.I.P Brad. (p.s that was brilliant)

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Posted By Vigorousjammer

I knew it! he was interviewing the sith!

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Posted By Crash_Happy

I don't blame Brad but that interview seemed chocka-block full of zero details. If it's too soon for them to give the info we want fine, just don't do interviews.

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Posted By Systech

Like always, the ending was incredible.

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Edited By TripMasterMunky

Brad's the new interview king!

And all of their answers are along the lines of "We're not talking about that yet" lol

And lmao at the ending.

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Posted By Zereta

Whoever, edited this...Vinny or Drew...IT WAS AWESOME!

The moment at the end...God and Brad's expression.

<3 Giantbomb
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Edited By MeatSim

Yea I thought I was done with MMO's too but a Star Wars MMO being done by Bioware is going to change that I think.

Also great ending.

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Posted By chewii101

great interview like usual. 

and great editing by the crew
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Posted By kallistosprom

very cool ending but from that interview I still know nothing about that game. It was like an interview with 2 MPs. *no comment*

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Edited By pwr905

I can't speak for other people ... but this interview excited me about as much as my wang in a car door. Which is to say, not a lot.

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Posted By bluemonk3y

I think this game might get me into mmos. I will be a Mercenary Jedi.

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Posted By chililili

Loved the ending!

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Posted By Rain_1

Awesome ending. Whoever edited that (Vinny?) deserves some mad props or smth.

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Posted By CallMeRotten

I get the impression Bioware really hasn't talked about a lot of aspects of the game yet hah. Obviously it's still pretty early but some really good questions were asked.

Poor Brad is is now one with the force.

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Edited By Stephen_Von_Cloud

Really liking this interviews.  Off the beaten path questions, which are bringing out new details.  Good work Brad.

EDIT:  Commented as I was watching and cracked up at the end.

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Posted By Nasar7

Brad? Braaaaaaaaaaaaad!

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Posted By Tarsier


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Posted By okuzy
 nice interview. dont mess with the doctors! haha

I cant believe Im saying this...but...FIRST
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