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Posted By quevemare

"We don't want to talk about that yet" they said that many times and it made me even more curious about incoming SW: TOR ;]

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Posted By InsanePotato

Great editing for the ending (Vinny?).
They're really tight lipped about details for this. My concern is that they kind of sound like they didn't have a lot of the answers in the first place. It sounds like they want the game to be an evolution in dialogue and story which is good. I just hope what they're hinting at isn't there unattainable far-fetched visions.

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Posted By TyphoonSwell

Brad?!!?? BRAD?!?!?!!?!?!? BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Best interview ever!

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Posted By Cazamalos

Nooooooooo! great ending!

i want to be a sith's bounty hunter with my own wookie

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Bioware make the best RPG's. Ever.

Bring on KOTOR MMO !!

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haha, good stuff.  Why are those guys even at E3?  They're "not talking about" anything!

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Lightsaber wins!


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Posted By Jimbo

Force Stonewalling?  Impressive.... most impressive.

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Posted By GodzillaVsJapan

This game will probably draw me back to mmo's even though I have given them up nearly a year ago. Bioware never disappoints and I don't expect this game to be the first. However, the thing that bothers me with these early interviews is that they essentially tell us nothing. You hear a lot of "we can't comment on that" or "we aren't talking about that" etc etc. makes the interview really stale. Ending was epic though

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@sfighter21 said:
" haha, good stuff.  Why are those guys even at E3?  They're "not talking about" anything! "
Yeah. That was actually kinda annoying.
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Posted By HatKing

That guy looks like a house elf from Harry Potter...

No Caption Provided

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Posted By nrain

I learnt so much from that interview O_O

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Posted By Joey2683

Haha, was not expecting that. I'm guessing Vinny had his hands on this video.

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Posted By sizu

Enjoyed that.  Just wish we could see more about the game.  Even a ball park release window.  2009, 2010?  who knows.

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Posted By Renegade

The end was amazing! I'm actually looking forward to this game, which would be the first MMO ever that I'd be looking forward to in the history of time. Don't disappoint Bioware.

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Edited By theMcNasty

You guys provide A+ quality interviews.  Best questions asked by any gaming newsgroup.

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Posted By Sushbag

So those guys could have saved Brad a lot of time by saying, "Whatever you ask, we're not talking about it." Fuckheads.

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Posted By Turtlefuzz

If any game has the chance to be a "WoW-Killer". It's Star Wars: The Old Republic.
Consider me sold.

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they janked him...................

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Posted By Bubahula

lol awesome ending ! ..those guys said Nothing

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Posted By Kenzo287

BRAD! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I will avenge your death and then raise some kid to be a powerful Jedi and lose him to some old pedophile who controls the government.

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Posted By okuzy
@THAfara0:  well they are bioware. aren't they "the doctors"?
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Posted By Jared

Excellent interview, very interesting questions and responses.

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@HatKing said:
" That guy looks like a house elf from Harry Potter...

No Caption Provided
Isnt that guy a house elf from Harry Potter?
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@okuzy: Well meet the Bioware Doctors:
L to R Ray Muzyka and Gregory P. Zeschuk

No Caption Provided

The guys in the interview are from Lucasarts but I don't know if they are doctors too....
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Posted By alConn

Not Brad! No!

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Posted By Media_Master

the doctors are out

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Posted By retwakm

sounds awesome

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Posted By MforMaverick

This game is going to rock! I'm in the process of building a rig now for this game. This will be my first MMO to seriously get into. 

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I like how they avoid answering all of his questions


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