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This trailer kicks ass almost I Like this Dynasty Warriors 7 better.

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Posted By MeatSim

By now they should have really stopped putting numbers of any kind on the title for these games.

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Posted By Jazz_Lafayette

But can you play as Lu Bu?

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@Jace said:

WHY are they still making this? Who are the idiots buying it?

Game is fun. You don't need innovation to have a good time. I'd play Crackdown 10.

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Posted By Lurkero

I wonder if the people at Omega Force actually like churning out Dynasty games or if its the only thing Koei will let them make.

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Posted By Allison

I've always been more of a Sengoku Basara girl but Dynasty Warriors has its charm too.

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@GERALTITUDE: Your problem with Dynasty Warriors is the UI?

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I'm buying it. And I'm buying all the DLC they release for it that lets Wang Yi fight with rakes and shit too.

Get at me dawg.

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Posted By Napalm
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Posted By Jace

WHY are they still making this? Who are the idiots buying it?

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Posted By jmood88

I have no idea why people continue to buy these awful games.

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I know enough to know that the new character is Xu Shu, and that I do not want to buy this game. 
I'd much rather just buy the rest of the DW7 DLC

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Posted By Marino
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Let it die, please stop buying this trash.

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Posted By RadixNegative2

Dynasty Warriors 7 3 5

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Posted By Emperor_Jimmu

I let myself think things could have changed. Oh well.

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Posted By Napalm

Please make a new Fist Of The North Star game instead.

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Oh man the UI just never changes in this game... How is it so stuck in time!? I visualize not humans, but old robots, making these games.

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@rramo010 said:

Dat Dynasty

We only like "clean" dynastys at Giant Bomb.

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Dat Dynasty

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Second first because why not?