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Posted By MarvinPontiac

Putting in earplugs and pretending this is Sam Fisher's long-lost son while I play it.

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Posted By Max_Cherry

Remember how awesome Chaos Theory was?

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Posted By Accolade

Was that Kevin Sorbo talking at the beginning?

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Posted By Intangible_360

Those maps looked pretty damn bright for Spies vs Mercs.

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Solid Snake, Sam Fisher.. Just not the same without the guys you got into with the voices and characters.

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Posted By MeatSim

I continue to not like this fake Sam Fisher.

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Who's that partner he has? Riggs did he say? Briggs? Why not make him the protagonist and have Fisher as a mentor / Lambert's role now that he's dead. Evolve instead of iterate.

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Posted By nights

Wait, it's a first person shooter now?

It's been that way (for Spies vs Mercs multiplayer) since Pandora Tomorrow.

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No Ironside? Fuck this game. A fifty-some-odd-year-old man doesn't sound like a pretty boy. Fuck you.

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Posted By VoshiNova

I can't wait for the return of spies v mercs. That has to be my desert island game - I could play that for hours.

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Looks cool. But seriously, did they change the box art again?

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Wait, it's a first person shooter now?

Mercs play in first-person, Spies get to use third-person. That was multiplayer.

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Posted By WinnipegFats

For a second... just for a second, I thought Sam Fisher was being voiced by Ron Perlman. I was pretty excited for that second.

Spies Vs. Mercs is going to be my big draw for this one.

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So who looses the bet this time?

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Wait, it's a first person shooter now?

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Spies vs. Mercs has me interested.

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