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Can't wait for day 2!

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The editing in this is so great. <3

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Oh hey didn't know we were still getting these, cool

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I love these E3 segments but I'd rather you guys were out in dirty L.A. like the back alley deal after last years Sony "presser" (if we go with Aisha on this).

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Masterful editing.

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The Vib Ribbon part with Alex: TOO GOOD.

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@seroth said:

The Vib Ribbon part with Alex: TOO GOOD.

Don't upset the Wolf!

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vinny with another virtuosic editing performance

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Dat editing!

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Soooooooooo much E3. I haven't even listened to the Bombcast yet and it's 1 AM, now this!

Also online coop is shit, always has been.

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Vinny you glorious man, thank you for those final 9 seconds.

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Wow, you guys still did E3 conference wrap ups even with all the video you already shot?! That's amazing, even considering we already know all of your opinions as the day went on, and you guys were probably fried after all that day long conference stuff.

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Am I the only one getting a little worried about how little there showing the new sims4 ai stuff?

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How do you know Vinny was editing it and not Drew?

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omg awesome! I was worried they wouldn't do this.

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Really a great clip ! I love this stuff.

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Whoever edited this is damn good at his/her job

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Kamiya, the acclaimed creator of Demon and Dark Souls! .. Oh Patrick. And the others didn't even correct it. A Kamiya Souls game would be pretty... interesting at least.

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@tr0n said:

How do you know Vinny was editing it and not Drew?

It was posted by Vinny.

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No mention of that Batman segment at Sony? It looked amazing!

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They didn't need to announce a price for The Last of Us, because it's been up since they put it on PSN a couple months back. It's full price.

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OH MAN that editing, no wonder these guys are getting record traffic on their stuff!

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Very nice editing!

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Ha ha ha.. That ending! I love Giant Bomb!

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Jeff's zipper was down talking about Sony....just sayin'.

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Awesome. They forgot to talk about Arkham Knight though.

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When they talk about how it's neat but weird to see how EA became early-access, I just wanted to say BATTLEFIELD FOUR.

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WOW, where do you guys find the time?

Really great editing!!! Congratulations Vinny or Drew!!!

I guess you'll really sleep after E3… poor guys!

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Woweeee - Vinny, Drew and E3Drew killing it! After hearing Jeff talk big about the numbers this is cool to see! :D

I'm still such a sucker for a good edited video.

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I love the Dario Argento shirt, Alex.

I also really like that Jeff is finally on board with Dead Rising.

Also another very well edited video from Drew and Vinny.

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Where's Alex's mic? ;_;

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Color me suprised to see anyone wearing a Suspiria t-shirt.

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Awesome editing!

Really impressive work!

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These videos are always great. Scenery was not as exotic as it has been before (or at least not in the same way), but the editing is still top-notch. Great work Vinny/Drew!

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By far the greatest E3 video I've ever seen. I have a new respect for the Facebook Rift guy!.

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Fantastic editing!

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Wait, so they say Uncharted should just die but Call of Duty can live on every year.

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Holy SHIT Ubisofts press conference was FUCKING weird, although the hosts felt relaxed and their game's showing was fairly strong, the language felt FUCKING forced. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!

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Nice wrap-up!

I do not understand the Uncharted hate. That series has not yet had its Crystal Skull moment, so let it live on.

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"Hideki Kamiya's Dragon Period"

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Sweet editing as always! Can't wait for them to edit their highlights from Day 01!

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@ptys said:

I love these E3 segments but I'd rather you guys were out in dirty L.A. like the back alley deal after last years Sony "presser" (if we go with Aisha on this).

Me too! I was dying of laughter after Jeff's mocking of the Kingdom Hearts 3 crowd pop. Waahhh Kingdom Hearts 3!! *waves arms in air wildly*

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Maaaan, that editing! FENOMENAL

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Nice editing, Drinny.

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Ah, editing. Don't get to see too much of that these days.

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Wait, so they say Uncharted should just die but Call of Duty can live on every year.

Uncharted is still sacred, they haven't fucked it up yet. Call of Duty is...Call of Duty.

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Why I watched this videos even after seeing the live stream? Mostly due to the fantastic editing. Great job video people!