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@ll_exile_ll: That sounds pretty cool, especially the dynamic parts.

They didn't really get a chance to get into any of that in the Unfinished, hopefully the alpha shows a bit more.

Edit: Also, thanks for the info!

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@snuffles said:

@ll_exile_ll: Yeah any way you slice it, it's still Bungie, which has me interested.

I guess I'm still just looking for the distinguisher here. Do we have any idea how the MMO stuff fits in aside from that hub world?

During open world gameplay it has Journey-style seamless matchmaking which will phase other players in and out of your game all the time. You won't be in a single server with thousands of players, but you'll constantly be seeing other players just like you would in a regular mmo.

There are also public events, times when a whole bunch of players will find themselves in each others game and a giant enemy encounter will dynamically appear which will require everyone in the area to work together in order to defeat it.

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@ll_exile_ll: Yeah any way you slice it, it's still Bungie, which has me interested.

I guess I'm still just looking for the distinguisher here. Do we have any idea how the MMO stuff fits in aside from that hub world?

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@beefyface: That's a little mellow dramatic. Without the facts it's hard to judge.

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I dunno ... Im still iffy about it , unlike you duders all the mmo stuff sounds like a drag and seems it will be prone to the mmo trappings of too much empty space/un inspired quests/generic as hell main storyline/lousy uninteresting npcs... Ok Halo wasnt a master piece in writting but it had ita cool moments and characters , will have to wait and see how it goes . And are you sure you dont need a subscription fee?

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@snuffles said:

Kinda disappointed at how Borderlandsie this is looking. I was hoping for something more ambitious and new from Bungie, but this looks like just kind of more of last gen stuff.

Edit: On an admittedly bigger and better looking scale. I guess it just seems like a small step forward instead of something entirely, or even somewhat new.

Well, it's much more of a persistent mmo-like experience than the strictly 4 player co-op of Borderlands. Also, Borderlands really fell apart in the actual gameplay in terms of weapon handling and encounter design, and those are the areas where Bungie is among the best in the industry.

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Super stoked to play this after watching the "Unfinished" segment on the site. Might pre-order the PS4 Destiny bundle and take the plunge into current-gen systems. According to IMDB it is in fact Peter Dinklage voicing Ghost in the game.

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hadn't noticed the 'Bungie Nouns' until Drew pointed it out, I guess its a cool way to do lore rather than making up crazy names for everything.

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The back of the helmet in the picture at the end definitely looks like a Spartan helmet.. and I can't un-see it.

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Since im stuck with my 360 for the foreseeable future, Im hoping the 360 version of this isn't complete garbage. As long as it runs okay and has all the features of the next gen versions I wont care what the graphics look like.

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Man, where does the time go. I feel like yesterday he was announcing Halo at Macworld.

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i kinda hope that your character isnt completely silent the whole time

this is basically the first they've shown of all the cut scenes in this game and it really draws me out of the moment for all the people around me to be saying all this heavy shit and i just stand there... silent...

i guess ive just been ruined by mass effect's style of "talk talk talk talk shoot"

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@mbkish: one of the factors that sold this for me

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These people are dead to me after what happen with Marty.

Game looks decent though.

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Hopefully ill be busting some out tomorrow..... Harrisown is coming!

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I am pretty stoked to play this. Has all the facets of an mmo that I personally like without the subscription fee.