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Posted By Slag

No PS4?

the official game site lists it as PS4 and PC besides X1

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Posted By RVonE

Looks gamey as fuck and I want this.

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Posted By frymillstrum

GoL Is one of my favorite games of all time. Are Microsoft and Sony really just saying "eff you" to the last gen? I don't see this as being a system seller by any means so why not put it on 360 too? Even after this e3 I'm still not ready to move on to the next generation...

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Posted By Creamypies

No PS4?

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Posted By smiddy

I loved the first game. It had great single player and co-op game play, so I'm happy that they're making another one. Although visually it looks a bit grubby.

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Posted By Korolev

Well, Guardian of Light was a well made Co-Op game that was fairly entertaining. Will probably pick this up, but I hope it isn't semi-broken on launch like Temple of Light was for the PC.

Also, Giant Scarabs are Cool.

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Posted By kcin

The first was the best XBL game ever made. Can't wait for this one.

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Posted By REIGN

Man I loved the first game. Awesome.