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If Captain Falcon isn't in this game, I will not buy it.

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Still waiting to know if there's a story mode or not on the 3DS.

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As a proud new owner of a 3DS, I'm now for the first time in a long while really excited for a new SSB game!

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Well I'm sure this trailer makes sense to people who are already fans, because I had no idea what was going on! Looks like a lot of stuff though I guess.

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Had a friend who went to the invitational and said the 3DS was better than the Wii U version since the bold lines make it easier to see your character and it was running silky smooth. GET HYPE.

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Wow, I say, wow!

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@althox: Last shot had Master Hand, so I expect at least an "Arcade Mode". They've already said there will be no Subspace Emissary.

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Holy shit, I just realized how Master Hand fits into the whole "Nintendo as playset figurines" conceit.

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@althox: With the hand exploding and the multi-path map in there, I'd guess it does? Although, there's nothing explicitly stating story as far as I could see.

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@althox: The very last scene in the trailer seems to come from the last fight in story mode, so it almost certainly will have story mode.

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Dope, I just can't understand the Smash Bros apathy, I love these games.

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awesome, there's a slider for the outline. that was a deal breaker for me, really glad you can turn that off