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Posted By Kovski

I really finding the atmosphere and the visual design of this game really nice and charming big plus for the co-op too!

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Posted By boxoflawls

If this played like brothers, I would love it to icy cold death.

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Posted By Zeeman155

An Indie game inspired by Inuit culture? That's pretty cool. Don't mind that it seems Limbo or Brothers inspired, it's a great setting/concept to explore that many games haven't touched yet.

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Posted By CairnsyTheBeard

Im diggin' that arctic fox!

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Posted By HerbieBug

Surviving with a pal is easier because you've got an emergency food source right there. :)

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Posted By leebmx

That made me feel really melancholy for some reason. Looks interesting tho. Snow seems to be a theme of this years show- is it all those extra particles they can fit in?

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Posted By The_Last_Starfighter

For a game so full of creativity I'm surprised to see this lacking any form of visual style, I definitely expected something more visually unique and stunning from this.

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Posted By Jazz_Lafayette

I swear to god, if either that fox or that kid die...

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Posted By RipMurdock

What a refreshing perspective for a videogame!

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Posted By tricky69

I'm probably gonna get shit for keep going on about repeated trailers, but once again the same trailer is released but with just the Xbox One logo attached. Here's the original trailer.

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Posted By darkjester74

Looks very interesting, I like it!