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Posted By Crispy

Aisha Tyler is pretty good when not ramping up the "girl-wood".

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Posted By LethalKi11ler

Love how fast these are put up!

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Edited By mason20

Man I wish I could watch any of these "We're Talking Over" videos... but with that Download option not being there or being busted prevents any of that from happening..

Edit: Well turns out there is a valid reason and I was just being greedy and impatient.

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Edited By nidzumi


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Posted By arx724

Thanks a lot for putting these up so quickly, Drew.

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Posted By raijin6363

I must admit, that Penis is distracting...

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Posted By futurstock

drew gettin' work done, son!

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Posted By BatesC

Content h-h-here I come

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Posted By Nixon34
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Posted By mason20

@nixon34: This is what Drew has said about the issue on another video. The Microsoft conference I think..

They won't be downloadable until we can upload our own recorded versions.

We wanted to get these up ASAP, so we're basically pulling in the server-side archives from our livestream service (which are not downloadable), rather than using our own uploads (which, since we're streaming all day, we're currently unable to upload). We'll be uploading our own versions later, hopefully in the next day or so.

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Posted By Saladxaxsis

Thanks for getting this up so quickly. Was going to pull an all nighter but fell asleep during EA's conference

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Posted By AdequatelyPrepared

Goddamnit, I was telling myself to not get excited for Ubisoft titles like Assassin's Creed and Far Cry if only because how homogenized they've become, but I'm still getting hyped, especially after that Far Cry 4 teaser and the new villain.

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Posted By TheHBK

I want Aisha Tyler to be my wife.

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Posted By whitegreyblack

How does Aisha Tyler keep getting the Ubisoft gig?

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Posted By hollitz

waaaaaaaaahahaha 420 weed bro

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Posted By Brackynews

Edit: Well turns out there is a valid reason and I was just being greedy and impatient.

I think you've just summed up all forum comments ever. /highfive

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Posted By Death_Burnout

I am so sick of Ubisoft's bullshit co-op pipe dream. It's common across the board these days but Ubisoft in particular are such big offenders when it comes to an idealized cooperative experience that's barely a reality.

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Posted By zinkn


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Posted By NTM

I hate the VO for this and The Division.

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Posted By b33

cursing is not cool

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Posted By mrcraggle

@crispy said:

Aisha Tyler is pretty good when not ramping up the "girl-wood".

But did you see her t-shirt? It had a girl and a bone on it. Totally not girl-wood.

On topic of the actual conference, I'd say it was actually weirdly good and consistent despite some of the awkward dialogue. I am a little tired of how every game Ubisoft is putting out has to contain some form of co-op multiplayer experience. The Division also looked completely underwhelming this time around compared to last year where it looked amazing. But in traditional Ubisoft fashion, I expect all of these games to get a graphical downgrade come release (see Watch_Dogs and Far Cry 3).

Highlight of the show has to be shorts guy. It does actually look like he realised he was wearing them after giving Aisha Tyler a hug.

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Posted By ManlyBeast

that dance bit made me wish someone had a gun.

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Posted By InternetFamous

@mrcraggle: For all its cringe-worthy-ness, I was enjoying it, but the obviously staged, super-scripted, totally not pre-alpha "Pre Alpha Multiplayer Match" at the end completely soured me. I'm cool with staged run-throughs with canned voiceover, but at least be honest about it. Expecting anyone to believe that what we saw was "Pre-Alpha" level gameplay and architecture is just plain insulting.

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Posted By Billy_Ray_Valentine
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Edited By Geralt

Just Dance section is pretty awkward with Drake also in the room.

He was actually open-minded about while the guys were just trying to be good friends.

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Edited By Soap

The amount of snark in this one is almost unbearable. Jesus guys!

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Posted By The_Nubster

Aisha Tyler is being very grating and awful. Has Ubisoft ever had a good host?

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Posted By OldManLight

I must admit, that Penis is distracting...

my wife says this exact thing to me all the time.

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Posted By dudeglove

Jeez, Aisha went from beyond self aware to aggressive self-parody and it's fucking hilarious.

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Posted By Lifendz

Alex just seems like the most cynical miserable fun-hating bastard ever born.

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Posted By ThreeRoneC

Tom Clancy games YES and Far Cry 4 can't wait.

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Posted By Mr_Creeper
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Posted By whitegreyblack

@death_burnout: Everyone is on that bandwagon right now. Even Sony was talking about their vision of completely multiplayer and socially-connected player bases, or some such. I am not a fan of this approach, but so long as some the games can still be enjoyed solo, it's ok.

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Edited By sammo21

John Drake can say what he wants, but Just Dance is on all platforms while Dance Central gets quarantined onto Kinect. I like Dance Central more but if I need an Xbone to get the new one then I won't ever be playing it. Dance Central is also the best selling game by miles and miles.

But yes...my wife and I are bitter that Dance Central isn't coming to PS4 in any form. Clearly its not a Microsoft thing as MS doesn't own the IP and they aren't publishing even the new one.

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Edited By chiablo

Ubisoft... Ubisoft.... UUUUBIIIISOOOOOFTTTT!!!!

archer animated GIF

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Posted By Nmckee503

Anybody know why it sounds like a rocketship is talking off at around the 33 minute mark? I keep hearing this 'bwaaaaaaaaaaaawwm' sort of sound in this coverage, am I just crazy?

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Posted By gullah_jack

@nidzumi said:


Loading Video...

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Posted By divergence

when will people learn that cursing on stage does not make them "edgy" or give them "cred".

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Posted By Itwongo


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Posted By Dagbiker

@crispy said:

Aisha Tyler is pretty good when not ramping up the "girl-wood".

Honestly, i would rather have a host that loves games, then a bunch of ceos just talking for an hour. UBIsoft is the one conference i get excited about year after year.

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Posted By huser

I heard Aisha at a Comic-Con, she was alright when she wasn't trying to upsell stuff.

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Edited By joelalfaro

@soap: I agree. Im sure its hard to balance, but they should cut back AAAA BIT.

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Edited By Brettuss

Is Alex on Giant Bomb to be a miserable cynic, say "fuck" a lot and then chide others who say it themselves? I love Giant Bomb, but he is just annoying as piss.

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Posted By Zevvion

What was that 'driving in the past' stuff about? I didn't get the reference.

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Posted By DougQuaid

I feel like I learned some stuff.

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Posted By toshi0815

@zevvion said:

What was that 'driving in the past' stuff about? I didn't get the reference.

Assassins Creed is set in the past and Drive Club has cars.

Also back to the future?

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Posted By Zevvion

@zevvion said:

What was that 'driving in the past' stuff about? I didn't get the reference.

Assassins Creed is set in the past and Drive Club has cars.

Also back to the future?

Oh, I see. In that case... I still don't get it.

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