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The ending is just so fucking touching (I know it has nothing to do with Ryan). Stay strong Patrick

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He's said on Tumblr that he was reacting more to the anniversary of his father's passing; he found out about Ryan later that day, in the evening. Proof here.

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@mrfluke said:

the end of the video makes a lot of sense now.

The date on the URL (if you download it) is the 2nd of July.

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I feel perverse and terrible :/ Poor Patrick

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@defordj: I don't think Patrick is the person to do Shutup and Jam: Gaiden justice in a quick look. Definitely needs to be Jeff.

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i hate it when i kill a spider and a bunch of baby spiders pop out of it.

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After hearing the news of Ryans death and watching the end of this video it makes perfect sense how Patrick was acting at the end of the video. We all just need to take a TIMEOUT and remember Ryan as one of the best god damn video game journalist and human to ever live. THANK YOU Ryan for all the great times!

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As a Jazz fan who is old enough to remember the late 90s Jazz vs Bulls finals, I am contractually obligated to hate everything involving Michael Jordan. Fortunately this game doesn't look very good so I still feel good about that.

Man I feel you 100% on this. I grew up in Park City and haven't followed basketball since then. Whats worse is I now live in the Chicago suburbs and I still have to hate the Bulls.

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Man that last minute is rough to watch. :-(

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I take it back, he didn't know about Ryan. Dying in the game and it being his father's death 1-year anniversary... that together did it. Sorry for posting that misleading shit some minutes ago.

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OMG, now I know what happened at the end there... why he felt sad so suddenly...

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As a Jazz fan who is old enough to remember the late 90s Jazz vs Bulls finals, I am contractually obligated to hate everything involving Michael Jordan. Fortunately this game doesn't look very good so I still feel good about that.

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Dear lord, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mid-90's terrible 2D platformers with slippery controls. Some sponsored, some not, all terrible.

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He's heating up!


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I simply cannot believe I have never heard of this game before.

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I don't know how I feel about enemies dropping Mickey's 40s

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Diggin' these EBs, even if I never played the original.

Patrick is on fire here.

Also, goldmine: creepy MJ is creeping around

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This game doesn't seem terrible. I would watch a speed run of this.

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I thought he was just joking the first time, but as I continue to watch this, I'm actually quite confident that Patrick doesn't think they're called "dunks", but rather, "slammajams".

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Yes, Shut Up and Jam is better than this — the Genesis one at least.

Also, this game has kick ass music.

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@kirios: Seems decent enough to me. I remember playing it for the first time back then and thinking "Gee, this looks pretty good, also it's kinda hard" aka like most games from that genre from that era :D

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Great to see Patrick again an hope we get to see more of these snes games such a big part of my childhood, zombies ate my neighbors FTW

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@mrfluke said:

patricks beard still really uneven :P

Yuup. He needs to take care of that thing.

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It looks better than it should.

It's not clear what Patrick's problem with the game is. He seems to be having trouble controlling Michael at times, but it's hard to tell if that's the game's fault or not.

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@planetary: I agree

He is starting to really force jokes now also...

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Is it just me or does this game seem decent?

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I don't get whats 'bad' about this game. Great music and decent visuals, cleaver quirky mechanics and story.

Great to see Patrick and another Encyclopædia Bombastica though.

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I like how at one point Patrick almost said "man there were a lot of doors in the 90's"

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GB Chicago is stepping it up!

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Why did they ever stop making games like these for major consoles? I would buy the shit out of a LeBron game.

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I still have an old 'Game Players' magazine with the guide for this game. It looked aaaaamaaaaazing and played like shiiiiiit.

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zombie dudes with basketball heads...riiiiiight

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Loving your Chicago content Patrick!

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Whistles are the enemy.

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This game looks kinda neat.

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I always thought this game was interesting when I grew up. The entire premise was just so weird, but the gameplay was so finicky, so I couldn't really get into it.

Constructive criticism time: Watching someone struggle with a game like this's basic controls is super annoying. If you decide to produce more of these videos, howzabout spending some time making sure you know how to make it all work?

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I...kinda want to play this. Looks really cool with the different balls and the random but welcome baskets to dunk on.