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Jeff wins 17-12!

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I came here for a refresher after the new RBI Baseball quick look, I decided to stay for Jeff's Ancient Aliens hair.

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Sometimes you just have to wake and get smacked (hard) in the face by nostalgia. Had a lot of fun with that game...or was it yelling at that game? I can never remember anymore.

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Nice video, I hope to see more like it. I love watching old classic games and bringing back the memories.

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Ah, the memories. My parents had the unfortunate habit of buying us the worst possible NES games of the options available, but I played a mess of this at friends' houses in the late 80's. The baseball game I owned at home, though, was LJN's Major League Baseball. It had the MLB license, but not much else. I think MLB is to this day the only time I discovered a game-breaking exploit on my own; if a runner ever reached base, I would let him get to second base on purpose. Then, if I made a pickoff attempt and then threw the ball to first base and cut it off with the pitcher halfway there and whipped it back to second, probably a third of the time the runner would be called out even if he never visibly moved.

Those were the days...even bad games bring back good memories sometimes. A few years ago I booted the game up in an emulator and duplicated my exploit and had a huge grin on my face the rest of the day.

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Who the hell is Pedriq on the NL All-Stars?

When you are batting with the NL All-Stars, plenty of familiar names come up - Tim Raines, Ryne Sandberg, Dale Murphy, Andre Dawson etc. Then when you get to the eight spot, some Pedriq dude with one homer comes up. Just who is this fucking guy?

He is none other than the great Al Pedrique - shortstop for the Mets, Pirates and Tigers over a very unimpressive three-year career. At the time of RBI he was a rookie for the Pirates, and not a very good one at that. His .294 average and one homer were his actual stats for 1987. And no, he did not make the All-Star team that (or any other) year...

So why did the RBI powers-that-be put Pedrique on the NL All-Stars? My guess is that their first choice, Ozzie Smith (the starting All Star in 1987), was already on the St. Lous roster. The backup shortstop that year was Hubie Brooks of Montreal. He didn't make it because either (a) the programmer for the NL team was ahead of his time in disliking Canadians or (b) Hubie Brooks had sex with said programmer's wife/girlfriend/mother/sister. That opened the door for Al Pedrique...

It should be noted that Pedrique (as of 8/2004) is now interim manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks, so perhaps people will finally know who he is. Probably not though...

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This. Was. Amazing.

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I love Jeff's "oh shit!" at 17:05.

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Anyone else think the game audio is way too loud?

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"This is a classic basketball game. One of the best."

lol i heard that, then he corrected himself

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I love this game so much. Thank you! <3

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Awww man, this game was the shit. Played the crap out of this as a kid.

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I remember the sound being much better. Poor emulation?

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What an amazing basketball game.

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Def the greatest basketball game ever made. No question.

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Awesome! I've probably played more hours of RBI than any other game.

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I was a bigger fan of RBI Baseball 2, I still rock it to this day up at the cottage on summer vacation.

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kinda like hearing jeff mutter to himself as he fouls

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Let's face it, baseball and basketball are basically the same thing.

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This game seems really cool actually, but my god does that music get repetitive. Couldn't carry on watching because I started losing my mind about that music half-way through the video :(

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I was always a Bases Loaded man, myself.

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This is bugging me. What other game uses the scoreboard song?

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loved baseball simulated 1000. completely crazy and so much fun.

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All I remember about this game is Japan being the top team.

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I thought Tecmo Baseball was the Tecmo Bowl of baseball. That was my favorite as a kid. Best graphics, music, gameplay.

R.B.I. played similar, but a bit slower paced. Had the real players though, which was the big catch. Liked all of them though to be fair. Baseball Stars, Bases Loaded as well.

I also really liked Tecmo Baseball, but I feel like I never met anyone else who had played it as a kid. So it was me and a couple local friends and no one else I ever met.

RBI is the king. So accessible, genuinely fun, and very competitive against another person.

THat being said, I can easily vouch for like 5+ baseball games on NES. The system was straight-up loaded with good baseball games, each with a different take on things.

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Undoubtedly one of the great games of all time.

NES was flat-out LOADED with good baseball games in fact, but I agree this is the best.

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I'm more of an SNK Baseball Stars kinda guy. RBI is pretty great though.

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Base Wars next?!

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Double Dribble was a much better baseball game than this, but my favorite hockey game was Baseball Stars.

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That was one of the most "played with friends" games for me back in the 80's, but I don't remember the music being so annoying.

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Guerrero was Pedro Guerrero. One of my favorite players as a kid watching the Dodgers as a kid.

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@blank said:

@customotto said:
@blair said:


blahblahblahblah guy yells for no reason blahblahblahblah

28 minutes into video

20 seconds into day 5 game of the year video

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When that pink crowd flashes on runs scored I get flashback to being electrified in the underwater level of TMNT.

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Let's face it, baseball and basketball are basically the same thing.

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This reminds me of the Japan podcast where they kept playing with the sound drop keychain from this game. I think Ryan started humming the theme at some point.