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This reminds me of the time I played a couple of friends in the Smackdown!: Here Comes the Pain Royal Rumble (which also had insanely easy mechanics to knock people out) and I started as the #1 entrant and WON the Rumble with Flair. I was unstoppable!

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To answer your questions, yes, of course he has the second-rope Diving Elbow Drop and yes of course it's a favourite.

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I know no one is reading this but I created Bret Hart in No Mercy everyone. It's the best Bret Hart, better than the WCW/nWo Revenge Bret Hart. I even went and watched "Top 35 Bret Hart Moves" on YouTube and checked the moves listed on his Wikipedia page. Also used the Revenge Bret as a general guide. It's amazing. I'm quite proud of it. I have the Figure Four and Half Crab at his regular lower body submissions in order to wear down the legs for the Sharpshooter (that's the submission point for the Sharpshooter, not the body). His back grapple special is a German Suplex Pin and front grapple special is a Stalling Piledriver. Ask me anything about this creation.

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Also it would be nice to have Last Ride as a regular strong grapple move but it doesn't look possible because it's designated as a special. It can't be done right? Just gonna have to settle with a regular powerbomb I think.

edit: I dunno how I feel about playing as Chris Benoit though.

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@curtman2k7: Fair enough. I remember really wanting to like War Zone/Attitude. And it's not like I didn't enjoy playing them at all. But once the THQ games came out I completely forgot about them.

And let's be serious I don't hate Mortal Kombat. I have a lot of fond memories associated with those games. I guess I hate the fact that MK vs. SF was a serious question. You had those people saying SF was too cartoonish in comparison or whatever. MK was for the big boys. But in reality only one holds up as a strategic fighter, a game that can actually be played competitively.

Anyway I can't stop playing No Mercy. I'm actually editing the look of the characters obsessively like I used to do. Made the new-look Kane, Jericho, Rock. Even Angle and oddly many of the top superstars are now bald in my game. I bought Taker's robe and got rid of that biker look as his primary type, but then realized that holy shit he doesn't have the Tombstone in this! I can't do a Heavyweight Title run with Last Ride Taker. So I cloned him and just changed the special to the Tombstone. Today will be the day of the Undertaker.

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@finster: Doesn't the thumbstick wiggle trick also work for holds? If so maybe a slight advantage if no one else knows. Also the irish whip trick mentioned definitely works wonders to knock people out of the ring fast.

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Yeah Gerstmann is full of shit. These games are still the best. Attitude and Warzone were shit. Some days in my youth me and my best bud would wake up and sit all damn day playing WCW Revenge for literally 10 hours straight.

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@themountaingoat: Different strokes for different folks i guess. growing up in the 80s, when i got the playstation 1/psx and got to play WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game and WWF In Your House i was stoked, but when WWF War Zone etc all the way through the Legends of Wrestling games, i had all the special moves for my faves either written down or printed out or from memory. my all time favorites are the AKI games, but the WWE 2K series seems to be headed in some what of a right direction. we'll see when WWE 2k15 hits, as i'm sure it will be on PS4 and XBone, while still coming out on PS3 and Xbox 360, as they usually support the old gen for a couple of years. I loved for them to bring a PC Version back too, as i miss the sharper graphics, etc that only a PC can do.

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watching this makes me miss my N64. some of my favorite games of the past 20 years appeared on that machine

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Hey, Alex. I've got your back on this one.

All you have to do is move the thumbstick in the middle of the controller every time you get pinned and you will kick out every time!

Boom. Done.

EDIT: Oh, wait. This is an over the top rope, royal rumble style match? I've got nothing. Unless you can create Mike Awesome and give him all of the most powerful moves. That's all I got.

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Even the word "Attitude" is cut off at the top. God, the N64 had crap games.

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@curtman2k7: I played the Acclaim ones too but they had no lasting appeal. They looked kinda cool but there was a lack of depth to the fighting mechanics. Which is why I'd say they're analogous to the Mortal Kombat games, at least the original ones.

edit: In defense of my MK hatred: Maybe not so much the mechanics per se but there was a serious lack of depth and thought put into the combat system. Every character was the same. Same moves, same attributes. Apart from the specials. And fatalities which had no impact on the actual fight. They were lazy and really pulled the wool over the eyes of the public. Had as much fun watching other people play those games as playing myself.

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AKI was the greatest... played the shiznit out of WCW vs. nWo: World Tour , WCW/nWo Revenge, WWF WrestleMania 2000 and WWF No Mercy ... i even played the first couple of Def Jam Games as they were AKI produced products. I liked the Acclaim Games as well because they reminded me of Super Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat. so to this day i own WWF War Zone, WWF Attitude, ECW Hardcore Revolution, ECW Anarchy Rulz... and enjoyed the LJN games even. Yukes has made some masterpieces and some total garbage. i have WCW Nitro for PSX/1.. WWF SmackDown! and WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role... I even have a copy of WCW Mayhem for the PSX/1 .... and back in the day when the Dreamcast was a thing, my favorite was WWF Royal Rumble because u had 9 combatants plus a referee that was chaos. Hopefully with WWE 2K series future with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One we'll get back to more freedoms and all out craziness. Great Video Alex Navarro as always. DC3 aka Dusty Curtman the 3rd aka 3rd Generation Wrestling Fan and possible future Pro Wrestler. Brother

2nd Generation Gamer

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@keeng: Never played the sequel but Vendetta was excellent. I remember it being a lot faster and more polished (GC and PS2, so). The only problem is, I mean, it was rappers. I do listen to rap but it wasn't as fun (IMO) executing special moves and whatnot, given that they were sort of arbitrarily assigned. It's just more enjoyable doing a Sharpshooter as Bret Hart than as some Def Jam rapper, for example. They did introduce a lot of cool looking, over the top moves though. Also my all time fav rapper, Ghostface, was in there, so that was a bonus.

edit: Okay sub with Walls of Jericho as Jericho since Hart wasn't in WWF/E at the time. You get what I'm saying. Either way the fighting system was brilliant. AKI engine is basically the Street Fighter of wrestling games. Whereas War Zone/Attitude is more like the Mortal Kombat.

edit2: Speaking of SF I gotta get back into IV. Stopped playing a while ago and missed some of the updates. If anyone wants to play I'm Sofa Cylon on Xbox Live. Not amazing or anything but a lot better than the average player. Or at least I was. Time to dust off the old (modified) Hori stick.

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Another great thing about these games were the reversals for a particular move looked almost identical to the actual move animation itself (or at least part of it), so you never knew what was going to happen.

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Team A-Nav all the way. Crush them beneath your boots, @alex.

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@amafi said:

The best AKI wrestling game ever is obviously Def Jam FFNY. No contest.

Yes. Absolutely yes.

And I'm glad to hear so many people admit to spending so much time on this game. I think I played it every day for some years.

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Alex makes a good point when he talks about the momentum in these games. I was never a big fan of AKI's wrestling games, but what they get completely right is the momentum, how it can shift like a real wrestling match.

That said, this video reminds me of how fucking awful most N64 games look now. Early 3D games just looks ugly when you look back on them, the only ones that sort of holds up is the more cartoony-looking games (Mario 64 etc.).

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Played some of this, but didn't really get into wrestling games till the first Smackdown game on Playstation one. Great stuff though and many fond memories.

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@alex May I offer a tip? A pretty handy way to eliminate people in Rumble matches in these games is to Irish Whip them into the ropes, and immediately run behind them while they're running and hit them with a running attack just as they're bouncing off the ropes. Usually that knocks them onto the apron if not to the floor. Only downside is they could reverse the Irish Whip and do the same to you, but if their meter's hurting then chances of that happening are low.

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The music during the fights is TERRIBLE.

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Those smackdown games had NOTHING on these wrestling games.

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These wrestling Bombasticas inevitably make me think on how many of these guys have passed away and it makes me kind of sad.

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I used to watch WWF with my grandma when I was like 6 years old...she was really into it and we've spent so many nights watching wrestling together. Good times.

The Undertaker, Bret Hart, Razor Ramon and Eddie Guerrero were my guys. I don't follow the WWE anymore so I don't know many of the new wrestlers...kinda lost interest.

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chyna dont care

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Just started playing some No Mercy which I haven't played in years and I can't believe how great this game still is. It was so damn good for its time. The backstage brawling, extended storylines with interviews. I realize this may sound ridiculous to some people, but when I really think about it this is honestly one of my favorite games of all time. If that were to be gauged in terms of amount of joy it brought me and overall time playing. I never got bored of it. Can't believe I didn't revisit it earlier.

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what a shitty belt.

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Another wrestling game anecdote:

During the WWF Raw days, I never knew the button combinations for the Mega Moves. This was before the Internet and apparently they were printed in a magazine somewhere but I couldn't locate it. Anyway, they released this VHS eventually that had the actual wrestlers telling you the combos for the moves. I ordered this VHS and checked the mailbox every fucking day. Then summer one day, finally, it arrived. The Mega Move VHS was here. It was a bittersweet day because yes, the Mega Moves were in there. But guess what? For some reason Owen Hart and I think a couple other wrestlers were absent from the video. I actually called Coliseum or whatever and complained about this. I did this several times. Finally I located the remaining moves (forget how). Anyway, for some reason I watched this video repeatedly. Strategies and Secrets: The Video Guide, it was called. I can still recite some parts.

edit: I remember loving Paul Bearer's description of the moves. "To execute a suuuuplex, get your opponent in a grapple and tap the B and CCCCC buttons! [Paul Bearer voice]."

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I used to be seriously addicted to this game. And then No Mercy which was even better. I was a huge wrestling fan as a kid, and played a lot of video games as well, and I remember fantasizing about what the first 3D wrestling game would be like (when I was playing stuff like WWF Raw; yes I was a Genesis kid, and I realize now that SNES was superior). I remember playing WCW Nitro for the Dreamcast at my friend's house (first experience with a 3D wrestling game) and being so blown away. When these THQ games starting coming out for the N64 (the Acclaim ones were total bullshit) that's basically all I did. I got really fuckin' good at it too. Anyway, still love gaming but don't give a shit about wrestling. Current wrestling. Still pull up old matches from the '90s on YouTube now and then.

edit: 29 now, so was 14 when this came out.

edit2: I guess it was WCW Nitro for PlayStation. Either way I didn't own either console.

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Loved the trash talking, and also the trip down memory lane when all those entrance music were playing.

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They should rename the US championship or the IC title the Fartbelt so we can hear Michael Cole call it "prestigious." Those belts are barely meaningful now anyways.

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I used to love X-Pac...

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A 30-man battle royal is happening on WM2000 at the show? That might take an eternity. Royal Rumbles on the AKI games took way too long; it was one of the few things the Smackdown games did better at the time. I can't imagine it with 4 players or more.

Also, not sure if anybody mentioned this yet, but the WM2000 video game menu music is totally a ripoff of a Pantera song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTDj-I8LiXM

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@alex When I watched WWF back then, I was a big X-Pac fan. I remember being really into the X-Pac and Kane tag team. Hearing Kane talk for the first time was kind of cool. Yea, there was something wrong with me.

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I love these wrestling Bombasticas. Honestly it could go on for like 2 hours and I'd keep watching. Thanks Alex. Also, please do a Bombastica for Fire Pro D or Returns in honor of the series creator passing away! PS: Don't use the PSN version of FPR if you do it, the input lag from PS2 classics ruins the timing.

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No Mercy and Smackdown 2 attributed to, what must be, the world's most dorkiest method of learning the names of tons of wrestling moves: me getting super into create-a-wrestler and editing wrestler's move lists.

I really liked the weird robotic walk animations as wrestlers made their way down the ramp for whatever reason. Though, I completely forgot how terrifying the faces are in Wrestlemania 2000.

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Is Alex playing a Hi-Res version? I don't remember the N64 version having such clean polys.

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@alex you're making eliminations in RR much harder for yourself. The quickest way to knock someone out is to irsh whip into the ropes and then immediately shoulder bash or clothesline them right after they bounce off. They will be knocked through to the outside position. You can then strong strike them out or charge into them and they'll be eliminated with minimal chance of reversal.

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This was great, but I'm wondering when @alex is going to do that No Mercy Bombastica!

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I like how 15% of the Encyclopedia Bombasticas are old wrestling games.

Also, for a long time I thought Warzone and Attitude were amazing. Played so, so much and I could beat anyone in the neighborhood. And I made a custom wrestler named GoldCold to merge the companies!

But then I went back around 2010 and there was... profound disappointment.

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"Yeah! Edge is gonna win Fartbelt" - is a phrase I never thought I'd hear, so thank you, Alex.

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@patbaer: Ah! It's being streamed!! YESSS GFB TEAM ALEX.

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Good stuff Alex. Crush those jabronis.

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More like Gerstmania.