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Posted By Sravingmad

I love these so much. Never stop doing them.

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Jeff Home Games are secret best videos on GB

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Is the music at the shop screen in UN Squadron from Snatcher or am I crazy?

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Posted By Onemanarmyy

Content so good!

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Posted By Inresurrection

@kgkris: @sravingmad: Agreed. Nothin better than putting these on late night and kicking it with a beer or two and some old video games.

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@jeff Have you seen Area 88, the UN Squadron anime?

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Posted By Kevin_Cogneto

My friends and I had a whole Tecmo World Wrestling league when we were kids. We'd keep track of records and have heel/face turns and track who was the title holder and everything.

Dr. Guildo was an absolute beast in that game, thanks largely to him being preposterously OP I eventually got to the point where I couldn't be beaten, and I still hold the Tecmo World title to this day. Though the cardboard belt that we drew with magic markers is sadly lost to the sands of time...

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Posted By Humanity

Looking back these games certainly make me appreciate what we have now a heck of a lot more.

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Posted By forteexe21

With special appearance of Jeff's cat!

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Posted By fangrim
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Posted By forteexe21
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DAFUQ! Did he just say that Comix Zone was lame?!

Unfollowed, Unsubscribed, Charged Back My Donation

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Highly recommend Area 88, the anime UN Squadron is based on.

One of the best 80's anime, its basically Top Gun meets The Count of Monte Cristo.

Here is the opening of the second "ova".

Should convince anyone, especially the music.

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Posted By Jetlag

UN Squadron seems very familiar to me, even though I don't think I ever played it. What's going on here.

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Posted By Genji-Gloves

Great stream, enjoyed it very much.

Some cool games that are still great now. Jeffs info on Chakan was also interesting.

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Posted By PikaPuff

I remember as a kid beating Chakan and really liking the ending.

He is cursed to live until all supernatural evil is defeated, so he beats the game by beating all evil in the world.

He wonders why he's still alive when death tells him something like "look above you, the countless stars above contain worlds like yours and supernatural evil"

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Posted By greymeister

Another nice batch. I remember Chakan posters going up around the Genesis section of my local rental place. It looked bad even back then. Glad to know I didn't wasted $2 renting it.

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Posted By Thiefsie

Thinking of Area 88??

@jetlag said:

UN Squadron seems very familiar to me, even though I don't think I ever played it. What's going on here.

Godamn UN Squadron and Top Gear (+TG2) are basically the best soundtracks of the 16bit era for me, perhaps along with Super Metroid. Ah sweet, sweet RSN love.

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Chakan was originally a comic, or more correct, a graphic novel. It's got some interesting back story: "It is based upon a comic book by Robert A. Kraus and was produced by Ed Annunziata, who met Chakan's creator at a convention and was impressed."

"What Annunziata was looking to develop was "a [Genesis] game that hard-core gamers could really sink their teeth into," he says. "Chakan is a hero, but a reluctant one. He feels more pain than anyone, and his life is absolute hell. We wanted players to feel his pain. He feels the pain of the victims and that is what drives him to each enemy.""

Source: Interview

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Posted By moderateTrouble

I've never heard of UN Squadron before, but man that game looks really fun. I love the art style too, theres something really sleek about it.

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Posted By vibratingdonkey

"It's kind of a Spy Hunter ripoff."
*discordant butt tune starts playing*

Well at least the music is original.

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Posted By Swimteampie

Wait a second... that music from the character select/briefing screens in UN Squadron, is that Chocolate Rain?

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Posted By Tevor_the_Third

I'm curious if anyone else has just grabbed a pen and paper and started jotting down a list of games to play based entirely on the box art feed.

It reminds me of being a kid at Blockbuster (well Jumbo Video really. Represent!) or aToys R Us in the early 90's. Basing game choices on cool box art alone. Only now I can try them all!

I find the box feed wildly distracting so this also feels like a pro-active way of dealing with it lol

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Posted By Tevor_the_Third

@pikapuff: Right?! I'm still mildly dissapointed the Dreamcast game was vapourware since it was entirely predecated on this idea. That aside one of my favorite game endings ever.

Don't mess with Death. He's a crafty SOB.

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Posted By Rigas

When I was young I didn't have access to arcades, so the few times I did stick in my memory and I Totally played than UN Squadron game and could never find it's name. Searching for Arcade PLane shooting game was hurdle so never knew! But as always Jeff delivers.

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Posted By steevl

I remember seeing a lot of hype for that Chakan game before it came out. I pretty much immediately disliked it once I got to play it. Had a friend or two who kept trying to convince themselves it was awesome, but the one time I rented it was enough for me. It was one of the games that made me prefer the SNES over the Genesis back in the day. There were a lot of kinda crummy Genesis platformers like that, really. Something about the muddy, depressing environments and the sound effects which were really grating for me. That's not to say there weren't any Genesis games I liked, of course.

Apparently Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2 originally started life as a Chakan game.

Revenge of Shinobi, on the other hand, is an example of a Genesis game I loved. Excellent sound effects and music and a pretty fun game (especially with infinite shurikens).

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@swimteampie: I was wondering that exact thing. Anyone know if this is just a coincidence? For those interested, music starts at 9:03.

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Action Fighter on the Master System was one of my favourite games as a kid.

I'd totally forgotten it exist until now and then the music started & it's a nostalgia ride.

"It's kind of a Spy Hunter ripoff."

*discordant butt tune starts playing*

Well at least the music is original.


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Posted By BasketSnake

UN Squadron is one of my favorite games from my childhood. Got it at release. Played just a couple of weeks ago but I couldn't finish the last levels so I put it down.

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Posted By longish

The intro music from UN Squadron used to be my morning alarm. I had to switch cause it got me too pumped up.

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Posted By Metalsocks

@kortul: That's exactly how I felt when he said Vectorman. God I played 1&2 so much I'm sure if I fired it up now I'd still remember most stages. Also, you got to blow up the SEGA intro screen!

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Posted By chriswacy
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Posted By CommonReason

I played a ridiculous amount of both X-Men games and Spider-Man when I was younger. Not sure they hold up when I see them here, but I definitely have most of what was played here memorized. Nice to see them again.

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Posted By Mister_V

Cats on stream. Who does Jeff think he is, CohhCarnage?

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Posted By bathala

Played X-men. I hated that your power drains when using Wolverine's claws.

I don't think I played the second X-men game

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Posted By LandHawk

Woah. Is this the earliest example of 'not getting hit for a few seconds regenerates your healthbar'?

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Posted By BosSin

Jeff is wrong about Comix Zone and Vectorman

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Posted By yugge

Just came by to say that UN Squadron/Area 88 is a KICKASS game.

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Posted By IcyEyes

But Jeff, how does that big black phallic shaped microphone taste?

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Posted By rokettopanchi



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Posted By Chillicothe

Christ, that first XMen game blew ass. Depowered mutant powers, cruddy level design, bad SFX... At least you could cheese it with Nightcrawler.

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Edited By Kevin_Cogneto
@landhawk said:

Woah. Is this the earliest example of 'not getting hit for a few seconds regenerates your healthbar'?

You mean in U.N. Squadron? I guess it's a matter of perspective, but I'd say it's less of a "not getting hit for a few seconds regenerates your health" thing, and more of a "getting hit puts you in a temporary one-hit-kill state" thing. Your health still goes down one pip each time you get hit, when you recover it doesn't go back to full.

I have to say, as an adult I think that's a really cool mechanic that I'm surprised wasn't done more. But as a kid, this mechanic stressed me the fuck out.

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Edited By csl316

Some nice variety in this one.

I'm all for Jeff playing some Revenge of Shinobi on every stream. One, because of the Genesis drums. And two, because yo, FUCK Neo Zeed!

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Posted By whitegreyblack



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Posted By Vigorousjammer

I'm curious if anyone else has just grabbed a pen and paper and started jotting down a list of games to play based entirely on the box art feed.

I definitely tend to notice a few boxes while watching, where I'm like "oh, that looks interesting." but I haven't started a list yet.

Maybe I should...

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Edited By DasaKamov

I'm am shocked at the number of people who aren't familiar with UN Squadron / Area 88 -- but I guess that goes back to Ryan and Jeff talking about how we assume that arcade machines in our local arcades are the most well-known, and anything NOT in our local arcades is obscure and arcane.

@tomo said:


Highly recommend Area 88, the anime UN Squadron is based on.

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I loved the random mish-mash of Robotech-y "three dudes facing a bajillion enemies and everything is exploding at once" coupled with the real-world airplanes. Also, does Mickey Simon belong to the "Fighting Playboy Bunnies" squadron?

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Edited By paulunga

When Jeff started Section Z I was doing something else on my PC. As soon as the music started I knew it was Capcom. The title screen and opening music could just as well be for an unreleased Mega Man game.

And for as bad as Chakan is (very bad), the title theme is pretty cool.

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Edited By Sweetz

@tomo: That's incredible and suddenly I have so much more cultural context for something that definitely seems to have been an inspiration for the Ace Combat series.

Speaking of which, hot damn do I wish the PS2 era Ace Combat games had HD remasters.

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