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Posted By Patricklam33

Jeff all hopped up on coffee? I'm there

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Posted By forteexe21

Marky Mark?! Its been too long since Marky Mark!

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Posted By SoloSkywalker

These are always fun, thanks Jeff.

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Posted By mitchuation

Cheers Jeff, just about to jump on a 7 hour flight. This will do nicely

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Posted By Hassun
Loading Video...

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Posted By RonnieBarzel

Judging by the thumbnail, all I can say is: that video was phat.

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Posted By Fugeni

That is an extraordinary thumbnail.

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Edited By ottoman673

Concentrated coffee is no fucking joke.

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Posted By Patchcoat
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Posted By sochexum

these are cool

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Posted By Professor_T

I also need money. This is a relatable video.

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Edited By Inresurrection

Could really go for some relaxing & some old video games right about now, so perfect timing on this! One of my favourite features as of late.

Edit: Oh shit. I had cold brew for the very first time last year and I had a similar experience.
I ended up walking around a store with a half emptied cup of cold brew practically shaking. Good shit though.

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Posted By ripelivejam

giant bomb, make my video

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Posted By DoctorPoopy
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JEFF! You need a blingin-ass chain so people know who's the alpha dog/boss playa.

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Edited By jasperkazai

I watched the 2010 stream where they played the Marky Mark game literally less than 24 hours before this stream, due to the email to the Bombcast about Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball. I caught a glimpse of what it's like to be Jeff and hold things before talking about them.

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Posted By xxDrAiNxx

Jeff getting dominated on Fatal Labyrinth was classic !

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Edited By csl316

I never understood Marky Mark's Make My Video... but good lord, I played it a lot as a kid.

As in, I can recite all those fucking skits verbatim.

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Posted By NoelVeiga

Toe Jam and Earl 2 is the best Toe Jam and Earl.

There, I said it. It's not the most responsive platformer, but it's a really neat adventure game with tons of personality and a great look where you always know what's going on, unlike many similar games of the era (looking at you, Dizzy series). TJ&E the first is an inventive roguelike, but it's a proper roguelike as well, meaning there isn't much to do and it mostly involves aimlessly roaming hoping for good random drops.

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Posted By RonnieBarzel

Having finally watched about the first half of this, I just wanted to point out that the "Bud Bundy type" kid from the Marky Mark "Make My Video" is Michael Bacall, who has gone on to be a screenwriter of some note. (He wrote or co-wrote the "Scott Pilgrim" movie as well as both "Jump Street" films.

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Posted By haychew21

Having played a ton of the Genesis version of Eternal Champions, this Sega CD version seemed real bad. The original was slow and floaty and had some almost Dark-Souls-ass animation priority goin on, weird special moves, and ridiculous AI cheese. It wasn't a great game. But that CD version looks real slapdash and buggy, the sound was comparatively awful, and it seemed like the only plus it had going for it was a few new characters (the cowboy, the pirate lady, and the pharaoh were new ones that I saw, may have been one more).

But yeah, when this inevitably has science applied to it, i *strongly* recommend the Genesis version.

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Posted By ultrasupermario

Fatal Labrynth was a great game! i got it from my dad many years ago for a genesis collection for my xbox360 and i played the hell out of that game until i finally beat it... it also had a nice soothing ending music.

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Posted By ThisIsACoolTag

That ticking noise in the Eternal Champions music is giving me Amiga floppy disk flashbacks

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Posted By Corvidus

Hey...Fatal Labyrinth looks like Dragon Crystal on the Master System. Oh it basically is the same game... I love these streams, I learn and am forced to go down rabbit holes so much!

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Posted By WhatsHisFace

This is gonna be an off-topic rant but please hear me out.

Could a front-end person fix the .object-stats-wrap box on the right side? There's no space between the img.show-logo_sidebar and the h3 and the text gets margin-bottoms instead of margin-tops. You see that single paragraph? It too has margin-bottom, even though there's no other paragraph after it.

I know these are small things but they are real eyesores. Thanks for reading and sorry if this comes off as bitching.

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Posted By MachoFantastico

Original Toe Jam and Earl looks awesome, can't believed I never played that as a kid.

The Megadrive/Genesis was awesome, great stream looking back at some of these games. Fond memories.

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Posted By steveurkel

Watching you play fatal labyrinth made me google what the latest rogue likes these days are. I looked at a few and ended up buying Dungeon of the Endless. Holy crap this is an amazing game. I'm interested in this genre all of a sudden but this game is super awesome and probably not so much as a rogue like as some other games but what a blast it is. If anyone else is interested in roguelikes and wants to play a really good one and hasn't yet check out Dungeon of the Endless. I'm on the 9th floor after a few hours of play and am really enjoying this style of game. I looked into some other rogue likes but from the videos a lot of them seemed super convuluted (Tales of Maj'eyal and Dungeons of Dreadmor were the other ones I was looking at). Thanks for sparking an interest I didn't know I had!

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Posted By duke_of_the_bump

Fatal Labyrinth was awesome but I never beat it because there's no way to save your game and no password system, and it's too long to finish in one sitting, or at least it was when I was a kid. Also there's no way to spend the gold you find so it's just meaningless points. If you could save and buy stuff from item shops it would be one of the best Genesis games.

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Edited By BonelessZombi

I gave never played Toe Jam and Earl but what I the point of not opening the presents and waiting ?

Edit: Ohhh Ok I see now it. When you open them they get used right a way.

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Posted By superslidetail

Glad that Jeff does these.

Played Toejam and Earl 2 way before the first one as that one was hard to come by even back then it seemed. I always thought that game was fun too in a different way.

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Posted By Rain_1

These are youtube timestamps, but they should suffice:

0:00 - Start

2:57 - Toe Jam & Earl (Genesis)

30:47 - Toe Jam & Earl : Panic on Funkotron (Genesis)

36:52 - Fatal Labyrinth (Genesis)

42:52 - Wings of Wor (Genesis)

53:08 - DJ Boy (Genesis)

59:45 - Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch: Make My Video (CDR - SegaCD)

1:06:54 - Final Fight CD (SegaCD)

1:22:17 - Mortal Kombat - Japanese Version (SegaCD)

1:30:16 - Mortal Kombat (Genesis)

1:33:50 - Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side (CDR - SegaCD)

1:49:40 - Crüe Ball (Genesis)

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Posted By Rotnac

I will forever and always respectfully disagree on Jeff's opinion on Toe Jam & Earl. The second one is a fantastic game that has so much weird and cool hidden shit in it. It is the best of the numbered TJ&E games.

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Posted By zaldar

So I think the first toejam and earl game was the only rougelike I enjoyed and it was mainly for the multiplayer where my sister and I would try to screw each other up...playing "cooperative" games with her always brought out our inner Dan's I guess...haven't found a rougelike game I like sense

Also @jeffgertsmann are the games running on the right side ones you have we can request as boy do some of those look REALLY anime - which means it would be hilarious to see you play them.

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Posted By pkmango7

Make My Video thumbnail, you know I gots to.

Also I just double checked which GB Extra Life stream that was on and it was 2013. Holy shit.

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Posted By cikame

Just dropping by to say ToeJam & Earl 2 is a great game.

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Posted By indigozeal

Fun fact: The only thing gold does in Fatal Labyrinth is get you more mourners and a better tombstone on the Game Over screen.

Like others in this thread, I've had fun times with Fatal Labyrinth but have never beaten it. It's a great pick-up-and-play game, though you have to a little judicious with which fights you pick in the early going. Wanna play it right now, in fact, and would if I didn't have work.

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Posted By Phished0ne

You know, as someone who grew up playing TJ&E2, i dont understand disliking it. Obviously the first one is a more interesting game but I just don't get how Drew and Jeff can have such utter hatred for the 2nd one.

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Posted By Mezmero

I was kind of hoping to get a more scientific view of Eternal Champions if you know what I mean. I've rarely ever seen that CG intro because I played a ton of the Genesis version of that game with my brother. I remember grinding to find all those stage fatalities, I probably played more of it than I did Mortal Kombat embarrassingly enough. I don't know, I liked how weirdly diverse the characters were in terms of design. I liked that Midnight's heavy sweep attack just turns him into a dust devil. I was never good enough to actually make it to THE Eternal Champion. Feels like one of my early love affairs with weird obscure fighting games. Sega CD version definitely seems a lot more polished and fully featured but I never owned any add-on hardware on my Genesis outside of a Game Genie. I think I prefer the audio of the Genesis version after watching this. Thanks for the video Jeff and please don't cut off the box art images!

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Posted By emperordahc

ToeJam & Earl 2 is a great game.

It's the same change as Zelda 1 vs. Zelda 2; completely different style, but both excellent.

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Edited By paulunga

So... why doesn't Jeff like ToeJam & Earl 2? I know he "explained" it. But, not really, just sounded like old man gripes. I guess he was disappointed that it wasn't more of the same. But disregarding an equally funky fresh game just for that seems unfair to me. I thought that game was awesome when I played it back in the day.

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Posted By mmarsu

Yeah same here.. I know its not more of the same but I really like TJ&E 2 as well.. oh well ^_^

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Posted By CornBREDX

I don't know what Jeff is talking about, Fatal Labyrinth is awesome. I don't agree that it's a bad game. The only thing I don't like about it is that music loop haha

But ya, I still play it on occasion. That game is great.

Toe Jam and Earl on the other hand... I never cared for any of those games. I like the style those games have, but nothing else about them is appealing to me. I think those are bad games. All of them.

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Edited By UltimAXE

Wow. I just now realized that Axel Stone is a borderline exact replica of Cody.

My brother and I played Toejam and Earl at our mom's friend's place and we had absolutely no idea what we were doing, but we were cracking up at its silliness and having so much fun that it didn't matter. Ended up getting it for Christmas that year and it quickly became one of our favorite games to play together. Played the sequel on Sega Channel at some point and was like "The hell is this shit?" I ultimately gave TJ&E2 more of a shot and wound up thinking that it was alright. Totally not what a fan of the first game would want in a follow up, though.

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Posted By Akuyazi

I played a lot of ToeJam & Early when I was younger, and I've always thought the stuff on the floor was cheese, until Jeff mentioned sand. That makes way more sense

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Edited By NoneSun

I played ToeJam & Earl once and it seemed bad, mostly wandering around with nothing interesting to do, maybe this vid will reveal where I went wrong? Also surprised it wasn't a platformer.

@steveurkel: People use 'roguelike' these days to refer to a wide variety of games so it can be kinda hard to find stuff you like just going off that. Dungeon of the Endless is one of those games that is kind of a step removed, sometimes called a roguelikelike or a roguelite. Tales of Maj'eyal is much closer to a 'proper' roguelike, and Dungeons of Dreadmor is a much more simple roguelike (I really like it) so I might recommend it to start off if you want something more rogue and less lite. The most popular 'proper' roguelike in development right now is probably Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. Some other stuff you might call a roguelite is sidescrolling stuff like Rogue Legacy, Spelunky and Risk of Rain which are fantastic games, and then dual stick shooters like Nuclear Throne and Enter the Gungeon and The Binding of Isaac. Heavy Bullets is a cool FPS roguelite and Crypt of the NecroDancer is a cool rhythm game roguelite.

I want to play more roguelikes, I just need to break into one of the proper ones sometime but I'm too lazy. It'll probably be DCSS because that's what everyone seems to be into.

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Posted By natto

I like both TJ&E 1and 2. Let's never speak of 3.

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Posted By beartaco

Holy shit.

"Girls, can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em."

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Edited By Glots

ToeJam & Earl theme song is so good!

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Edited By greymeister

SegaCD era still holds a special place in my heart, despite the awful FMV games. I think the worst is that Scottie Pippen first-person basketball game.

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Posted By joeshabadoo

Original Genesis Eternal Champions needs the science applied!

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Posted By supercalleh
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