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Endurance run, get freakin' hype!    

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come on

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 @AllanIceman said:

" 1 "

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Hrm.. well.. that didn't do what I thought it would have.

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Edit: Why does Brad's avatar have red hair?

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A giant dartboard appears.

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Oh I do hope they do the whole dart quest. The reward is so worth it.

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Give the disc a wipe!

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Woohoo Endurance Run in the mornin'! Always a good morning. 

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With all the bemoaning about driving in the game from team BR, you'd think they'd go to the junkyard to buy another car on the times when they can't radio. Didn't have that problem with the game which the team is having with the graveyard visit so not sure wtf is going on, then again I found a glitch where I went out a door & fell through the world resulting in investigation failure.  
From what I recall from playing the darts in the game & how it leaves a lazy lock on the area you have it set to that bullseye shots can be done quickly without holding your breath much instead of the triple 20 which should give you enough time on the other lit shots. Kaysen would have a side mission for you if you pick up some or all of the bones on the map. Plus nice to know that Brad saw mine & other posts about the 0 time limit yesterday, there might be hope for this ER yet.

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Maybe use the stabiiizer just before you play? It should give you some extra time before it goes red!

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@apoks said:

" Maybe use the stabiiizer just before you play? It should give you some extra time before it goes red! "

Stabilizer doesn't do anything in the dart game. This one was a bit of a bitch. I found the best way was to get the reticule in the general vicinity of my intended target and then quickly focus and fire. Holding down the focus was always failure. Definitely took me a few tries before I got it. Also, a bullseye on your last shot gives you 500 points or so.
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Couldn't they have just used a stabilizer?

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York can go toe to toe with zombies and fuck up a wall-crawler or two, but you know what really streses him out?

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Lmao hahaha this was awesome!

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Epic bullet time darts! 
Watching Brad play darts was actually pretty entertaining. But damn, York calm down. It's just a game.
Here's hoping they stay out late enough for freaky Greenvale hour.

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I think you actually should take a drink before playing darts.

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Autosave, right.

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Yes, darts! Play more darts!

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I've never been so excited about darts! Goddamn!

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I would not be adverse to just watching more darts for the rest of the week.

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Brad is one lazy bastard.  Always wants to take a break or sleep.
Edit:  Unless he plays darts.

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Weird that the main mission keeps freezing on you, I havent had that problem save 1 time during a different mission and reload next day it didnt do it again so thats kinda weird. 
Cool though, you guys finally figured out how to get into the dart bar. Ya, it is fun playing the darts game in this. =) 
Edit: Oh btw, maybe to late now but the dart bar opens at 6:30 pm game time. Just so you know.
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I have a feeling they won't ever be getting passed the bit they are on now.
Edit: Darts is amazing

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This has reached a whole new level of hilariousness.

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Like the Tim and Eric Awesome Show reference with Richard Dunn as the high score?! That's f-ing hilarious. NIce job deadly premonition team.  
Or should i say... 
Great Job!

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I hated the darts mission so much.  It took me around 7 or 8 times until I figured out what is the best strategy so you don't get stressed so fast.

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Brad... if you DON'T hold your breath while playing the dart, the heart beater doesn't go up...

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"When Alexander of Macedon was 33, he cried salt tears because there were no more worlds to conquer. Shoemaker is only 30  ."

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Brad if it's not the bonus rounds, try not to hold the breath to focus in... it's not really worth it.

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oh god i wanted to see what you got for the darts game  :(

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The dart bar reward is pretty  rad.

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Bullseye a the end is worth 500, just saying.

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DARTS! Dude, Brad. You have to win that prize. I don't know what it is, but you have to win it. Do it for the viewers!

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Anyone know how much longer this game is?

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new on giantbomb and wanted to know what is the point or joke of the endurance runs?

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@KryptoAcid said:
" new on giantbomb and wanted to know what is the point or joke of the endurance runs? "
To play a game that most people would have missed/ not played.
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That fact that it freezes at the same spot should tell you everything about this game...
They should have just made a dart game instead.

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@KryptoAcid:  You have to watch from episode 1 otherwise you wont get it
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@KryptoAcid said:

" new on giantbomb and wanted to know what is the point or joke of the endurance runs? "

ER1:''We want to play Persona 4, but its way too goddamn long to play it home and we need daily video content''
ER2:''People are asking us to play this game. Lets do what they say.''
@Skronk61: I think I summarized it well enough.
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Brad, you're my dart champion. Go team BR!
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@thefreed said:
" Brad if it's not the bonus rounds, try not to hold the breath to focus in... it's not really worth it. "
Yup, They would have won this round actually, had  they had been able to hit the bullseye at the end, because, the last throw nets you a crazy amount of points.
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Man, now you won't get that sweet guitar.  I'm guessing that was a superpowerful, infinite melee weapon. I have a feeling Brad would really appreciate that in his battles against the wall ladies.

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@KryptoAcid said:
" new on giantbomb and wanted to know what is the point or joke of the endurance runs? "
As most of us consider the Endurance Run serious business, I wouldn't use the word "joke" if I were you!
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Yeah! Looking forward to more darts tomorrow.