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Posted By gomezar7

God damn brad is fucking annoying.

I wonder if they ever sat down and showed him video of Vinny playing the EXACT same game, with the EXACT same controls and not constantly bitching or dying.

Brad, you suck. Shut up and let me enjoy Ryan. Christ.

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Edited By Marokai

I loved all the "We've been ignoring the comments section so we don't take any of your advice, much to your chagrin, lol, losers" statements from Brad and Ryan throughout the BR Endurance Run, and yet, they kept just getting information on various things either on their own or from Vinny and Jeff throughout the game, as if that's any different at all from the perspective of spoiling certain sidequest and gameplay aspects. Yeah, you guys sure showed us.

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Posted By FritzDude

It's funny that they dont see the most obvious stuff like how much slots available in a big text in the inventory screen, but they see what's going on in a little TV screen in the game.

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Posted By MordeaniisChaos

Did Brad really think he had the time to make that shot? lol.

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what was that profile's theme? It looked pretty awesome.

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Posted By IceTrey87

Ahhhhhh..... Brad goddamn it your strategy is all wrong on the dart game.  lol.

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Posted By Boom_goes_the_dynamite

Froze again HOLY SHIT!!

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Ah man, there 360 shows the entire X globe spin boot screen.  Mine plays the sound but the image doesn't pop up until about 1/3 through. 
Wow @ it crashing again.  Still runs insanely better than KOTOR2 though.

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Posted By gunslingerNZ
@DrJota said:
" Just because I've noticed that no one's said this yet......... ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY!!!! "
Heck yeah you watch yourself some pro tour darts. In the world of Deadly Premonition though it's ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED!!!
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Posted By LiquidElite

i think those episodes may be lost.

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Posted By Mcvro
@Bacchus: I sure hope so. I hate being confronted with my ever growing addiction to these endurance runs :P
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Posted By Bacchus
@Mcvro:   they were up earlier today, but broken. 
hopefully they can fix.
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Posted By Mcvro

Will there be any episode today?

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Posted By armaan8014
@Korosive said:
" Looks like most of the budget went into the darts game.. "
Yes! I was impressed by this mini game!
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Posted By TaylorPollock

Keep at it until you reign supreme atop the darts leader board then immediately head off for some fishing. 

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Posted By D

That song from the jukebox was like a drill to my temple. PI STYLE!

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Posted By Hourai

It's strange that an episode of darts was more exciting than a regular episode. 

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Posted By Korosive

Looks like most of the budget went into the darts game..

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Posted By fjor

sooo...we need a new copy of DP ??? :P

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Posted By Waaagh56

Brad the guitar you get form completeling the part time job and going to keith's house can be used as a bad ass inf duranablity melee wepon or u can give it back to keith to get a gold discount card

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Posted By lacke

Yeah Brad you get a guitar. You're not the least bit curious about what it does!? 
All I can say is get it. You figured out the box puzzle anyway...

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Posted By Urmean

...Anyone notice that around 30:30, that the bonus looks like an inverted peace sign?

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Posted By NZV
@Evansoft said:
" Anyone know how much longer this game is? "
Depends on how much side stuff they do. For reference, my first time through the game I did the vast majority of the sidequests and it took 17 hours to beat. My second time I blew past everything as quick as I could and it took 5-ish.
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Posted By DrJota

Just because I've noticed that no one's said this yet.........

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Posted By slyspider
@KryptoAcid said:
" @Ghostiet:  Wow I guess I won't be writing any more questions on here since I get such rude answers.  And I thought I was going to like the boards at giantbomb, guess i was wrong.  "
sorry bro, but he was joking. we just fuck around!
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Posted By samcotts

Wow. In Britain, you guys would be labelled as crazy people for never having ever played darts or even knowing the rules. It's unheard of.

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Posted By yyZiggurat

Does anyone know if its actually a guitar in the garage?

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Posted By Konanda
"Their capacity hasn't changed. Do they need to activate the 'large bag'?  Is "Don't fuck it up, Brad" a shirt yet? "

Big Bag applies to items not weapons.
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Posted By Nux
The point is to just have fun and show the viewers a game that they may have overlooked. Also playing a game for an Endurance Run gives the Endurance Run team a chance to play a game they wanted to play but won't have a chance to ever play. Also Vinny wanted to post daily videos on the site and thous the Endurance Run was born.
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Posted By Ravenousrattler

intense dart action

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Posted By bummey

They said they already got drunk once. In which episode was that?

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Their capacity hasn't changed. Do they need to activate the 'large bag'?
Is "Don't fuck it up, Brad" a shirt yet?

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Posted By Sarumarine

You play Darts with a wacky Dart Gun in this game . . . I don't know why I'm surprised. I should have seen it coming. There should have been explosions and confetti and more Wild West jokes and it would have been so totally awesome- it's worth the price of buying this game alone.

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Posted By Scooper

That was the best BR ER yet. Just play some darts!

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Posted By ashogo
@FelixLighter said:
" This was the first episode that I felt like Ryan was actually rooting for Brad. "
It totally was, wasn't it? The darts have given them a common enemy. And it helps that Brad handled it quite well, too.
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Posted By punchkick

The darts music sounds like a Matthew Sweet song from the mid-nineties.
Not that it's a bad thing, just sayin'...

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Posted By Xealot42

That first shot was great.
*Brad aims for 30 secs*
 *finally shoots the dart*
*score: 1*
Hopefully you can best the record next round.  And go do the box puzzle again!

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Edited By Ramone

Is the SWERY 65 music the best DP music ever? Discuss.
Also have these guys never played darts before? ZOMG

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Posted By Milkman
@DougJustice said:
" Like the Tim and Eric Awesome Show reference with Richard Dunn as the high score?! That's f-ing hilarious. NIce job deadly premonition team.   Or should i say...  Great Job! "
There is a character in the game named Richard Dunn.
I don't think Swery has ever watched Tim & Eric...
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Posted By Milkman

Darts was probably the most exciting part of this game so far. MOAR DARTS!

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Posted By Crono

I am excited to see more darts tomorrow.

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Posted By vager

Who would of thought Darts would be so entertaining.

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Posted By Desensitized

The meter only goes up when you hold your breath. Just be patient and line up with the regular aim and only hold your breath on the bonus rounds.

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Posted By Demonhick

I'm hoping for an Endurance Run "Red Ring of Death"!

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Posted By FelixLighter

This was the first episode that I felt like Ryan was actually rooting for Brad.

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Posted By Urmean