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Ah man, there 360 shows the entire X globe spin boot screen.  Mine plays the sound but the image doesn't pop up until about 1/3 through. 
Wow @ it crashing again.  Still runs insanely better than KOTOR2 though.

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Froze again HOLY SHIT!!

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Ahhhhhh..... Brad goddamn it your strategy is all wrong on the dart game.  lol.

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what was that profile's theme? It looked pretty awesome.

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Did Brad really think he had the time to make that shot? lol.

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It's funny that they dont see the most obvious stuff like how much slots available in a big text in the inventory screen, but they see what's going on in a little TV screen in the game.

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I loved all the "We've been ignoring the comments section so we don't take any of your advice, much to your chagrin, lol, losers" statements from Brad and Ryan throughout the BR Endurance Run, and yet, they kept just getting information on various things either on their own or from Vinny and Jeff throughout the game, as if that's any different at all from the perspective of spoiling certain sidequest and gameplay aspects. Yeah, you guys sure showed us.

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God damn brad is fucking annoying.

I wonder if they ever sat down and showed him video of Vinny playing the EXACT same game, with the EXACT same controls and not constantly bitching or dying.

Brad, you suck. Shut up and let me enjoy Ryan. Christ.

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