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So many videos, but they're pretty short so far.

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...this is?

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For those of you who play dota. 6:50 when the door opens is the sound Shadow Fiend makes when he dies.

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I love little "YEAH!" from Ryan at the end. He always had so much enthusiasm.

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Its super effective.

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Every days great at your Junes until...MURDER because you ate Dojima's fried rice.

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Jeff predicted Inception when he said 'dream within a dream'.

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@Duffyside: Glad to know there are others watching this [again] and not just me.

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I love watching these and noticing the arc of V&J's appreciation of the game.  They start out cracking wise about it, and by the end they are COMPLETELY engrossed.

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inception reference from before the movie came out!

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Oh, Nanako...

Every day is great at your Junes!

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I love Ryan's "YEAH!" at the end of this video.

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Christopher Nolan stole Jeff's dream within a dream idea

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I can't believe I'm so exited to be rewatching this even though I've watched it already and played the game myself. The Persona 4 ER will never die =)

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words to live by in life
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@GuardianKnux said:
" 8:00 inception "
It's all just a dream
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8:00 inception

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When do they meet Chie?

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Just as great the second time through! Although these super short episodes are crazy.

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@Gregomasta said:
" Endurance run is just as good second time around. "
and even third
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@Pie said:
" Man, imagine if theyd kept up these 10 min episodes "
Yeah, the endurance run would still be going and we'd be on like, episode 400 or something.
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Even more so.
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Is this Endurance Run as funny and entertaining as the Deadly Premonition ER?

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@Venatio:  Yeah, I second that.  Persona 3 endurance run through both parts would be amazing.  And probably like 250 episodes  :-P
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I've already watched this entire endurance run and I'm watching it again.  Something is seriously wrong with me.

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Man, imagine if theyd kept up these 10 min episodes

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Endurance run is just as good second time around.

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endurance couldn't possibly be a better term to describe this shit, wow. Even with the commentary..

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It's the 10th of February so that means episode 2!
I was hoping these comments would be more active.

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Damn I miss the endurance run :( 
Persona 3: FES Endurance Run GO!

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well i DID have that fried rice. LOL

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@Jedted: and he uses Bewildering fog and you pass out and then you die, that is the end of the game.
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I wonder if that dude you fight in the dream world is the killer, and when you finally face the killer at the end of the game the main character remembers that dream he had in the begining.

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-Best Line

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Do they give you the best sword right here at your first 'fight'?

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"You can only walk forward, don't forget!"

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The commentary was hilarious today.

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this endurance run idea is amazing.

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Dude, holy crap, this commentary rules. I can't believe how awesome this is.