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Oh yeah! Episode 105!

None is looking, right?

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Hopefully we get to see the half-way boss!

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I have a question about videos in general on Giant Bomb.
What's the difference between the low, med, and high quality videos on this site? For most of the videos, the quality seems the same to me, no matter what setting it is on. The only difference I see is longer load times for the "higher" quality videos.
So either there is no difference, or I have no eyes.

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I was looking for the images for today's episode and I found only one in Vinny's page (fighting in the dungeon). But then I looked to the images next to that. One is a scary-open-mouth white cat and the other is a dude in bed with 4 pretty-much-naked women. What's up with those??

In other totally unrelated (or is it?) subject, Jeff's last twitter message is this: "Pretty excited about some stuff that should be rolling out soon. Preparing for it with a little research." What is it? Is it new games or somethin or a new feature in Giant Bomb?

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Good episode guys

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@baller23 said:
" I have a question about videos in general on Giant Bomb.What's the difference between the low, med, and high quality videos on this site? For most of the videos, the quality seems the same to me, no matter what setting it is on. The only difference I see is longer load times for the "higher" quality videos.So either there is no difference, or I have no eyes. "
I was wondering that myself, however I didn't have longer load times with the high setting of the video player. This would be a good question to be answered.
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@archsoldier1: While I don't know the technical difference, I've noticed a decrease in resolution AND sound quality.  The latter may be that I'm going deaf, but I was more likely to be able to complete a sixty minute video in low than I was in high (due to some memory caching problems on my PC).
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@Winternet: Both of those images were from yesterday's TANG for postal.
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@watertails said:
" @Winternet: Both of those images were from yesterday's TANG for postal. "
Oh, yeah! You're right, I forgot it.

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I got a tarot reading by accident, and I got the Death card :(

And a neat drink has no ice.

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Vinny has good taste.  Torchwood is often cheesy and sometimes a bit out there but never fails to entertain.  Good show!

BTW, if you confuse the enemies, why not conserve SP and just use physical attack since they won't be attacking you back for 2-3 turns?

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I'll post it now so I don't forget...

But I keep wanting you guys to do a Question of the Week and have people do their best line reading of "Aha! Is this our chance?" It might be a bit too Persona 4 centric... but I guess you guys did do the MK sandwich thing so, it's an idea.

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I think that jeff and vinny are going to clear the dungeon in 1 day.

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Ah, nasty cliffhanger! But the bosses won't give you any trouble any more, I'm sure.

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Neat means just the drink, no polluting your lovely JD with some nast ice

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tentarafoo seems to work 100% on some enemies.   for those enemies where it works randomly it's crap though.

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You'll never get rid of Tentarafoo now! LOL

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The best way to deal with the world balances is to stick in a persona that reflects Zio, they always pick on charlie and the A.I doesn't seem to notice or care about reflection so you can just let them nuke themselves to death with ziodyne.

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Yukiko won't lose her weakness, but she will become Null to Fire and Str to Lightning (I think)

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Tentarafoo is for losers.

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Guys do as you did with the cops on strong against everything guys. Use Wind/firebreak and kill them with a hit all spell

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I actually kept Black Frost around for the rest of the game. He's not weak to anything, drains Ice and Fire and nulls Dark. That is awesome at the start of a fight, especially when there's an Enemy Advantage.

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You should really try to blast through this dungeon and then youll have alot more chances to s.link.

Because i know when you get out once your just gonna ignore the dungeon until it starts raining

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Oh gimme a break, it's Friday! I wanted a mid-boss today!

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Dudes remember to keep Black Frost in, especially after you just used up a giant glob of SP :)

Also try to conserve SP more often. When fighting enemies that you know have no dangerous attacks, just hit them with normal attacks (or physical). If you have the advantage they will probably die before their turn is up. Taking a few hits is only gonna cost 12 SP in healing, compared to using 3 x 16 SP on magic attacks.

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I think the best way to deal with the World Balances would probobly be an almighty spell.

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I think the game know that you wanted to get rid of Tentarafoo, so it made it start working...the game knows!

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aw man jeff just had to drag it out like that. I expect good things from monday.

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regardless of his level he is one of the best personas in the game at the moment, I used him against the true ending boss.
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Tentarafoo is actually a good spell? no it can't be..... for real? whats next light and dark spell will be useful all the time? but that's just crazy talk.

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Best spell in the game.

I'll be back to witness that spell on Monday.

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@Meatsim: Ironically, given the enemies in the next dungeon................

And as other have said, World Balances will only hit Charlie with Ziodyne, thus, the best solution is to just put in a persona with null/drain/repel elec, and hit triangle.
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Did the guys suddenly get really good? Using tentarafoo and  Vinny not whiffing on shadows?

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I loves me some good old fashioned Persona.

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Damn it, a cliffhanger!

On the plus side, now they'll never drop Tentarafoo. Also, finishing the dungeon sooner means more time with Dojima.

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just get rid of your succubus and make one with a fusion
She will gain invigorate 3 and soul leech thus resolving most of the sp problem

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Chie totally calling all the shots in this episode.

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I think leaving the midboss for monday's episode was kind of a dick move, to be honest - the only reason this episode was entertaining at all was as a lead-up to the midboss. So now this episode is almost totally pointless.

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I hate you guys for making us wait until Monday.  That is so low.  Anyway, it keeps me coming back.

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Succubus has Spirit Drain. Torrent Shot and Kill Rush are great physical attacks.

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nice FFIV reference

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Why must you make me wait over the weekend for the mini-boss fight!  Giant Bomb is a harsh mistress.

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Oh yeah, Vinny likes Torchwood. Vinny, if you're reading this, be sure to watch the latest series which is coming very shortly to BBC America called "Children of Earth". It's broadcasting at the moment in the UK and it's the best its ever been.

Anyway, another great episode guys. Still loving every second. :)

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@gbrading: Don't even go there!!! I'm still reeling from the fourth episode :[
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Hell Yeah John Barrowman

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Oooo I'm so glad Tenterafoo has started to pull its weight for you!
I feel like all my ranting about it has finally become justified!

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Do they have the key card to unlock this door?