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@Ventilator said:
"I love the people here quoting spoilers, screaming at them for spoiling and presenting everyone more spoilers. "
Well, the stuff I'm arguing about isn't that bad, it's just that I'm trying to justify reason and in the beginning it was just vague.
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Shut up about the damn spoilers already, jeez!

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@Ventilator: I reserve the right to be misleading in one way or another with everything vague I say :)
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@Poki3: Rainy Death is lv 67, so yeah, they've got a ways to go.  I still find it hilarious God Hand is just 3 levels behind Rainy Death, and essentially makes the skill completely obsolete in such a short level span.  I'm almost convinced someone mixed up the order of the skills, just like I'm convinced someone mixed up Chie and Kanji's skill sets.
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Black Frost is possibly the strongest card you have, stop saying he's ok for a lower level because the level doesn't matter when he hits more than anyone else. His magic is way high, and he isn't weak to anything.
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For fucks sake take it outside, don't discuss whether X is spoiler or not here. >_>;

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Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth, the lowest temperature recorded there being -89.2 degrees Celsius or -128.6 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the good army of nerds at 'Kapedia.

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@Kowbrainz said:

" For fucks sake take it outside, don't discuss whether X is spoiler or not here. >_>; "

Dude, stop spoiling! You told them to take it outside, that's a major part of the true ending. I hate you! 
*throws pillow*
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I am gonna go get a sandwich!
@Ventilator said:

" I love the people here quoting spoilers, screaming at them for spoiling and presenting everyone more spoilers. "

Your right lol, I just spent a couple minutes scanning through the comments and saw a lot of that.
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psh, guns can't fix leaking pipes now can they? WRENCHES 4 LIFE!

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@Wright: You know, considering the icon for his weapon is a pair of wrenches, it's kinda funny Yosuke doesn't actually have all too many wrenches in his weapon selection.
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Have you guys tried Margrets social link??? (Margrets request)

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They probably won't read this anyway because of all the spoiler/not-a-spoiler discussions, but I still think they should decide on a permanent party member. Switching between Naoto and Chie all the time simply means they'll end up with 2 underleveled characters.

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Huh, I didn't think they were going to put Naoto back in.
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Great episode.  Hopefully they get to the top of the dungeon tomorrow and fight the main boss.

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what a riveting episode...

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Remember "God Hand"? That Physical attack that kicked you asses?

Chie's going to learn that. Keep her in!

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It's kind of a bummer they got rid of Masukukaja, but it's not really something to be taken so seriously. It does help fighting bosses by a bunch though. Now that they've done this, they should just level up to level 67-70 and fuse Trumpeter. His Debilitate move really helps.  It wouldn't really hurt to grind a lot and level up.
Chie + Power Charge + God Hand = Awesome. 
It's not a bad thing to have Tam Lin either. His Enduring Soul can save your life during boss fights. 
And would everybody just stop with the spoilers?

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I skimmed the comic and thought it was really funny, but fortunately I didn't read it well enough, according to some of your posts. So I am blissfully still in the dark (aside from my own suspicions of course.) I hate it when stuff get spoiled, but I am so absent minded I can generally forget the finer details and still enjoy the story.
I hope Jeff and Vinny will continue, despite having the story spoiled a little. We still have the rest of the randomness we've come to expect from this game to look forward to.

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Have the guys ever said why they don't use SP-restoring items instead of paying the Fox?
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This was fun and quite long too - I'm really happy Naoto had a little comeback! If I was playing the game right now, I'd probably go for  a Charlie + all-girl party. Those are the most interesting characters to me at this point. Yosuke seems really strong though. Since wind is the only thing he really excels at I'd still find him to be expendable, I think.
Just my opinion of course ... you guys will do your own thing anyway and the ER stays highly entzertaining regardless of party choices :)

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This might be a good time to remind the guys to save before December 3rd. Just a few days ago I got to that part, didn't know about it and just said random things, and ALMOST overwrote the savefile. Since the guys aren't using guides, there's a small chance this could happen, and it would a really bad way to end the endurance run.

 Sp maybe we should all repeat this until they see it: 
"save before December 3rd. and more importantly, DO NOT OVERWRITE the save with the clear file."

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Blah, Chie's gonna get underleveled if you keep using Naoto :<
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I face-palmed when they kept Sonic Punch over Masukukaja...

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Does the sun social link close after the date that you were supposed to get it on?

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The endurancing is getting endurancinger, if you know what I mean.

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I like how Vinny constantly bashes Naoto even though it's his fault that she has crappy armor.

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Oh. My. God.
They got rid of Masukukaja...

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I like all of the characters, but I must vote for sticking with the A-Team, including Chie.  My intuition tells me that there's no sense in spreading the experience-gain out among the whole squad, since they will all be weaker in the long run if you do.

Chie may not be doing so well right now, but in a few more levels she'll kick some serious ass for the rest of the game (severe physical damage).  Don't abandon her now, you won't regret it.  (SeeEpisode 107 at 4:30 for a reminder of her enormous potential)

This is just my opinion and my vote, I'm not trying to tell anyone what to do.  Take it or leave it.  :)

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Chie + God Hand + Power Charge + Tarukaja + enemy rakundaed = awesomeness.

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Why is everyone up on them to play a specific way. Let them play their way.

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I am going to name my band 8th Paradise.  It's going to be sweet.

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"We'll sell this gun later" 
No you won't. You never sell off old equipment. You really SHOULD, but you never do.
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@Curufinwe: They do actually, when they're right infront of a boss and just need a little topping off.
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@Ventilator said:
" Can any Persona 4 elitist come here and say that Masukukaja has ever been necessary for him/her? Increasing/decreasing attack or defense works, but hit/evasion is such a vague thing to me.  Hey may hit you less often, but you have High evasion and a Ring of Running Away From Blows, so when do you use the Hit/evasion spell? "
Not that I'm admitting to being a "Persona 4 elitist", but the great thing about ma- buffs on party members is that you don't have to waste your own turns casting them.  So why not keep them?  And I wouldn't swear by Masukukaja, but it certainly is worth spending a turn to cast.  Especially since Yosuke ends up being kind of mediocre in damage compared to your main stunners.
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If you guys wish Chie was hitting harder than she is, why exacerbate the problem by not having her in the party, denying her EXP? 
I'm not typically into high-level strategy, but this basic concept seems pretty obvious.    
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Aside from some of the comments all up in hyar, that was another great episode. You smote that giant cross/balance mofo good. Hope you get to the end of this dungeon soon!

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@FluxWaveZ said:

" What?  I thought Persona 3's Main Character is voiced by the same voice as Yosuke (Yuri Lowenthal)... "

Say what?  The dude that played the Prince of Persia also plays Yosuke and P3's MC? 
No wonder I love these damn games!
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@Earthborn: nobody can change the way they play and i am pretty sure that nobody wants to either...it is their endurance run and we all enjoy them and their comments throughout the game...it is just that sometimes we are troubled by something so obvious so we want to spot it and help them make their day easier.I hope they go for the good ending, i think,although not pretty sure,they can go for the true ending also.For that reason they should decide now what team suits them the best and stick with it because the time for experiments is over...the fusing of a good Trumpeter could be the turning point for them and as for the unusable items ....well i am convinced they are not going to sell them any day soon. :) Ascend to Paradise guys...
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It's a good thing they chose to get rid of Masukukaja instead of Sonic Punch, I'm sure that single target light physical skill that does less damage than a regular attack and costs hp to use will come in pretty handy later on.

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Please, please, PLEASE decide between Chie and Naoto and stick with one of them to keep in your party.  There's no benefit to swapping them in/out or having a B Team--the way things are now, Chie/Naoto will be underleveled compared to everyone else and be a libaility more than a benefit.  
You have to consider that Chie can be a good physical character, but her ice spells are not very strong due to her lower Magic.  Naoto has light/dark spells which can be very useful, but the amount of SP they use drain her quickly, so it's up to you as to which is ultimately best.

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Please read:
- Chie vs. Naoto
Chie will later learn severe physical skills, such as God Hand, which will absolute decimate single enemies (when paired with Power Charge). Naoto will learn all-light/dark spells which wipe out entire groups of enemies. In other words, Naoto is great for regular encounters, while Chie is amazing against bosses.
- Tam Lin
You should really pull Tam Lin back out because she learns an amazing skill: Enduring Soul. It's a passive that completely revives you with FULL HP after being killed. This can save you from a Game Over screen countless times.
- Skill Mishaps
You opted to keep Sonic Punch over Masukakaja today. WHY??
Sonic Punch does LIGHT damage to a single foe. Why would you ever keep that over Masukakaja, a party-wide buff?

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@AURON570 said:

" I face-palmed when they kept Sonic Punch over Masukukaja... "

Great, I haven't watched it yet and I already know I'm going to be frustrated... At least I'm prepared now.
I don't like to tell them how to play, but it almost seems like their dumb decisions are increasing lately. Probably because at this point in the game their choices will actually have a lasting impact. Unlike getting rid of something like Black Spot, Masukukaja is a skill Yosuke should have for the rest of the game, and now there's no way for them to get anything to adequately replace it.
At least Masukukaja isn't one of those key skills that the character needs to be effective. If they went and like got rid of Power Charge on Chie or something I think I would actually have to stop watching. <_<
@Armada:  There are actually plenty of benefits to switching your party around, however it's only really beneficial if you do it actively and intelligently. At this point in the game it would probably just be better for them to pick one and stick with them.
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You DUMPED a buff all and kept Sonic Punch, which you haven't used in about 40 episodes. Endurance Run Epic decision there.

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nice job on killing the midboss without taking one hit

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People are saying Chie will learn Godhand. Power charge and Godhands :O!!!!!

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yall should stop bringing chie in at all. yeah, i know yall like her better, but if you're using her for ice than i am sure that teddie will level up after almost every fight and get awesome ice hella fast. 
and, from what i remember from my experience with the game, teddie has a stronger physical if you equip em with the right weapon. just a suggestion, guys.

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I had a similar dilemma with Naoto and Chie.  Ultimately, I went with Chie, not just because of her pretty cool physical attacks later in the game, but so I could cast 4 of the main spells in 1 round and thus have a better chance at finding a weakness.  Teddie was too far behind in the levels for me to want to bring him upwards, and he apparently doesn't hit as hard as Chie.

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I'm worried. They're skipping more enemies than they have the rest of the dungeons. Here's to hoping they don't die at the boss fight.

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