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All right, I baked cookies this time.  Get 'em while they're hot!

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Cookies? Count me in! Yay ya-y!!

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43 Minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh- and to get to the liquor store- just talk to Yosuke
(The Guy Who Got Stuck In The Barrel)- he won't want to go-
but the item you'll find is quite useful. Search the barrels and
other items in the room- an X button indicator will show up where you can search.

When you hit an opponents weakness or hit them with a critical-
and they get knocked down- it gives you another attack opportunity.
The goal is usually to knock all the enemies down- or if situation demands-
kill a particularly dangerous enemy.
If you can knock all the enemies down- you can charge in for a
group attack- which can often be the fastest way to take down groups of
enemies- small and large.

Also- SP conservation is important. If a skill isn't particularly effective against
an enemy- and doesn't knock it down- try using a normal attack.
If that deals greater than or approximately equal damage to the target-
its a much better option than wasting health or SP on ineffective skills.
Some enemies are also weak against normal attacks naturally.

Stop walking into the warp. Head to the top of the map-
check all the doors along the way.Behind one/two of them is someone you have to kill
and something you have to collect to get past the barrier and onto the next floor.

Other Notes:
During the upcoming rainy days- the Chinese Diner in the second half of the
Shopping District offers a Beef Bowl Challenge- which- for 3000 Yen- will
boost three Character Traits- Knowledge, Courage, Diligence- etc.

Reading the book you just purchased at night instead of studying at your desk will
increase your Courage- which will open up some of the more entertaining dialogue
options- including I need your personal information- and not just for the mission.

Doing various Jobs is another alternative to grinding in the dungeon or studying at
night. The job board is in the same side of town as the Chinese Diner. Each
of the various jobs has specific Character Trait requirements for doing said job.
Doing a job will also boost Character Traits- like Diligence.
Most of the jobs will also earn you money- eliminating the need to wander the dungeons
looking for cash. Jobs can also open up new Social Links.
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hope they are done holding them balls

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I love holding them balls

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"Be an ass and leave" ... Game sold!

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Yeh that "be an ass and leave" line has possibly surpassed Funky Student in terms of greatness.

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This keeps getting better and better

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43 minutes? Awesome. 

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11 days till it comes out in the uk. Damn i cant wait.

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holy shit  43 mins

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Yeah, I preordered it in the UK and am eagerly anticipating it! Hey if the whole Giant Bomb thing flops, you could get a job in PR or something. I'll buy anything if Jeff and Vinny tell me to.

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I hope you guys are getting a piece of whatever is being made off this game. Peeps be buyin it cuza you dudes.

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Surprised that there's no baseball team... Japanese and their baseball...

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I`ve seen this on friday.Now i guess i`ll have to wait until tomorrow for the next part

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Now that you've learned how to do an All-Out Attack, you'd better remember that. It's incredibly useful.
And don't try to fight every single enemy. You're wasting HP and SP that could be better spent on other things.

Also, using a Goho-M does not mean you have to go home. I use it to return to the entrance, heal my guys, save the game, and go back in. You have to save often so you don't have to replay a ton of floors again when you die. And you can fuse some new Personas while you're down there.

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WOW lol Boss fight finally Cant beat I LV those balls

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Hate to break it to you guys but the floor you are on only has the sub boss so your only halfway through Yukkiko's Castle

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But don't go back into 4/27!  Social links until then and you can study at night to get your knowledge up.  High knowledge=equals good test grades and good test grades ups your school social links, gets your presents from a teacher, gets you presents from Nanako and Dojima, like all good parents, gives you money for good grades.

You'll have 3 days 4/27-4/29 where you have really nothing better than to go into the TV so wait until then.  You migfht as well put off getting anything from stores(sales! plus cheap steak at steak stand! on rainy days) or fusing until then as well.  About the only thing to do is to make sure you get your weekly allotment of soda before Monday.
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Yeah, I wouldn't do it before you start the next dungeon crawl, but make sure you fuse some new guys before you go into the dungeon again.  Just make sure you have at least one guy with agi and zio, and preferably garu and bufu, too. 

As you noticed, Chie and the Slime are both of the Chariot persona, so if you have slime or another chariot when you spend time with her, you Social Links will go up faster.  For the guys you have now, you need a Chariot, Magician (Yosuke,) and Strength (the sports guys.)  You get Justice soon, too, so maybe keep the Angel or get another Justice later.

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ahhh the vid cuts out at 39:05 hope its only me who has that problem

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Go Vinny, Go!

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Does anyone have the download link? I've been trying the standard pattern for the last few- and it isn't working.
I also can't get the first few videos from the same pattern.

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Those enemies look all kinds of weird

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Goho-M > Gohom > Go Hom > Go Home.

Mind status = blown. :O

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Instead of talking to Teddie when you enter the TV, talk to Yosuke instead and you can go to the Liquor Store. The weapon is hidden in one of the barrels at the bottom of the room after you enter the actual store. It's really powerful at this point in the game.

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The copy of the game that I ordered from that Amazon deal you suggested came in yesterday; I'm caught up with you guys now.  ;D

Like other people have been saying,
you really don't need to go into the TV until 4/27+.
If you want to get the most out of your stats/Social Links, you should be spending the time before the rainy period to study, socialize, and work.
I know you're kind of rushed since you are trying to get to the story stuff quickly, seeing as how this is being watched by however many people, but it'll probably save you time in the long-haul from having to die and restart over again.

If you wander around in school, you'll see people with "!" over their heads (e.g. at the point you are now, you'll see Yosuke somewhere in school with that symbol).
That means that they're available to "hang out" with. This will increase your Social Link rank with that person.

There are two "time splits" in the game: Afternoon/After-school and Evening.
The following are available during the day and use up time (i.e. skips to "Evening" afterward)
- Visit the TV world (recommended on rainy days with nothing to do; monsters will give better drops)
- Study at the library (increases Knowledge)
- Practice with your club (increases Diligence)
- Social Links (increases... Social Links)
- Daytime Part-time jobs (some part-time jobs are done at night)
The following are night activities (which skip to the next day afterward)
- Study at the desk (increases Knowledge)
- Read a book ("The Great Man" will increase Courage)
- Work on your (evening) part-time job (the increase is dependent on the job; most jobs pay salary; these jobs are done from the table in your room)
- Sleep (which, judging from the other day's video, will increase Social Links? I'm not sure about this one, so someone correct me if wrong)

Another battle tip: You don't get an extra turn from hitting a weakness of an already downed enemy; it only works for knocking the enemy down.

Sorry for the wall of text.  D;

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Hmm up early, i'll save it for later!

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Too bad these computers at school don't have flash installed or I would totally be watching this right now

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One thing I noticed last night (still a little bit behind you guys) is that the main character's Persona only levels up if it's the one you last used in the fight.  Or, maybe if you used multiple ones in the fight, they'd all get EXP.  Can anyone confirm?

Just something to keep in mind if you see an upcoming skill for a Persona that looks interesting.

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I'd definatly go into the velvet room and register/merge some personas, specially now you're getting doubles & yer slots are full, merging seems a good thing. Loving these series =]

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Correct which is why a skill that comes up later called Growth(there are 3 levels) is very valuable at higher levels.  A persona with that skill earns some EXP for every fight (the proportion depends upon the skill level)

Jobs that you do outside the home (day care, tutor and janitor) also lead to social links so you get skillpoints, social links, and money.  Of course tutor's requirements are insane (understanding level 5) so you likely won't get that until late game.

If you sleep early you do get a chance at a dream that does improve the social link of who you dream of  but your best off taking the sure stat increase in general.  

Other things you can do at night when they open up are fish, make lunch for school the next day if food is avialable(gives a boost to the social link of the person you invite plus you get fishing bait if you make the food right), work on the Nanako and Dojima social links, eat leftovers from the fridge if they are there (courage boost), and make models when you get the kit (raises dilligence and you can put finished models on your shelf)
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I loooove them ballz!

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Why? Why does he looove them balls? I don't think it's natural.

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I havent watched it yet but I am loving that it is 43 minutes, I am so getting this game when it comes out in Europe

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Don't forget, "I LOOOVE THEM BALLS!"

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Burnt babies? WTF?

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I think I should be an ass and leave.

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You know I just noticed that there are no evoker pistols, and thats lame. I've never played persona 3 but I imagine that shooting yourself in the head to get your persona is something that would never cease to amuse me.

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Lol I find I yell at my monitor watching these, like "Talk to Youseke to get back to Liquor Store!!!!!"
 or "Buy multiple Goho-Ms so you can return to entrance to save and then go back in and continue"
Not saving often can be brutal later on.

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Jeff: "Yo chest chest chest!!!"
I love how these guys are really getting into this game.

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Attack each enemy with Zio to knock down all 3 birds, you keep getting another turn each time.

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Some random advices

Before going in for the next run fuse the persona you have, (you might want keep someone with agi and zio) so you have more free slot for getting more.

You might actually want save your memory card(or play with more then one save) if you are using the ps3, i think there was a bug(it was pretty easy to avoid) wtich can actually wipe out your memory card.

Also there is a midboss and a boss in every dungeon so you need to have 2 goho-m to warp back and save before the midboss (who can be pretty brutal).

AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD don't leave the main character at 66hp, if he dies is game over. Make sure he can always endure 1 turn of bad luck.

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Today finally convinced me to pre-order this baby. Roll on 13th of March!

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A little tip for you guys when you use a spell that an enemy is weak against. If you knock an enemy down with a spell their weak to and there are more of the same enemy, instead of finishing off the knocked down enemy, use the same spell on the other enemies, you can then get a third turn and do the same until everyone is knocked down, thus enabling a bum rush.

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Learn 2 Analyze please!

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Oh gee, thanks guys. I wasted my weekend with anticipation for the next instalment rather than getting shitfaced.

Good job.

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Does Chie say c**t when she uses a persona?

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Yes! 43 minutes!

You guys are gonna have a lot of bummed out users when you finally give up on this game.

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lol @ Jeff's reaction at "Be an ass and leave".