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job time!

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There should be a Ryan & Brad endurance run of Digital Devil Saga.

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woot episode eighteen is here!

now that i finished the episode, i can post some actual helpful comments.

   I noticed you guys spent a lot of time fusing persona's and what not. you should just really focus on a set class and skills and not really care about all the other social links (max out the investigation team social links first so they can do better in combat) but since you can't do that when someones stuck in the TV.

i suggest you work on your diligence(athletes social link) till you're high enough to work as a hospital janitor (while working there it will increase your courage every time so you could work on knowledge and expression when you're at home) where you meet the OH SO AWESOME nurse lol (devil social link) you really only want to work on non investigation team social links when they're the last resort (you know when someones stuck in the TV and you can't build up trust with team mates since they're always mentioning going back into the TV)

OH AND ALSO during rainy days you can go to the Chinese restaurant and raise your diligence knowledge and courage in one sitting

hope this was helpfull

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I love this part!
If you meet all their individual qualifications- you can have multiple jobs- which is useful when you need flexibility to fit your schedule of other activities. Oddly enough- none of the jobs require you to do them on a regular basis.
Get Courage- for all those dialogue options that are going to waste.

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I love the teachers in this game, who thought school could be fun??

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Must...make...more....save files!  You might need to backtrack at some point.

Also remember that you will need to re-register a Persona if their stats change (and you want to keep them that way)...for instance, the Sandman you made is a bit better than your old Sandman, so re-register him to overwrite the previous entry.

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Download link if anyone wants it: http://media.giantbomb.com/video/vf_persona4_18_wallet_700.flv

If any of the staff think that people shouldent be downloading the video's pm me and ill stop getting the download link.

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You guys should focus on Expression and Knowledge first, for the record. Diligence is the least important, it's mostly just for the fishing minigame that you guys should ignore until the end of the game anyway. There's no punishment for skipping practice or not going to work every day it's available, so don't worry about that.

And you guys can skip through the little card cutscene thing by just hitting X.

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Damm these socil links look hard always getting bugged to do stuff by other people like real life lol.
Singles player MMO IMO
Wow this game awsome i get it if i still owned a PS2 I thought last jen was dead..

DAMMMMMMM U PS2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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This video series is the best thing on internet right now.

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Yeah you only need to get Dilligence up yo Lvl 3 really to get the job at the hospital.  Just doing the Basketball Socila Link should get you there.

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Here's a quick tip.

Try not to fuse Persona immediately. Level them up, let them get all the skills, and then fuse them so you will have more options of skills to get when you fuse persona.

And pay more attention to the Persona's special attributes. What it is weak against, what it is strong against.

And one more thing.

When you see a fox, make sure you are best of friends with the fox. Fox is your best friend, not Yosuke.

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Watching Charlie run right past the soda machine was so frustrating.  (:O

For the love of Funky Student you guys gotta TaP that shit!

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This one was great. "We should just stop going into the TV" lol.

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Tip: Fusing Personas isn't really a big deal (since you can just get them back from the Compendium, as long as they're registered), so feel free to experiment.

Tip: There's no need to hesitate about "hitting X" when fusing Personas. What I mean by this is that you guys were pondering on the "Persona table" screen about which Persona would do what; you can just go ahead and check its stats/skills by pressing X, and you can cancel out if you don't want it. (Hope that made sense...)

Tip: Fused Personas retain some of their old abilities, so it's best to learn a few (or all) of the abilities of the old Personas first.

Tip: The Justice/Fool/Devil/etc. system isn't like a rock-paper-scissors system, meaning that it doesn't really matter if you have one of each. (unless you're planning on socializing a lot, since you socialize better if you have a corresponding Persona)


Tip: You can have multiple jobs at the same time. (in fact, all of them)
You just pick and choose which one to go to on certain days. (it doesn't matter if you miss a day, kind of like the clubs)

Tip: The first three jobs on the bulletin board (Envelope making, Translating, Folding cranes) are all done at nighttime from your own room. You should just go ahead and take the ones you can, since there's no adverse effect; you'll just be able to do that work when there's nothing better to do at night.

I can't wait for you guys to reach the second dungeon/"TV show".
You... will flip. (Don't spoil it for yourselves... just wait til you get there!)

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That stepmother totally beats the crap outta that kid! Persona dat byaaaatch!!

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Oh yea here it is i'm sooo addicted to this endurance run

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I think you guys are only 4 days away from the fog I'd stop messing around and get in the tv.

I'm not sure it would be in your best interest to just go in on rainy days. You dont get any fewer days to improve social links than if you rush in and save Yukiko, or any of the other victims early. You still get the days to increase social links afterwards.

So it really matters more on whether you want to make sure you get victim out way before times up, or mess around and possibly get to the boss realizing your too weak to fight it. but not have the days left to increase your level.

Persona 4 was my first persona played and maybe these guys have a better insight into the game. So maybe I'm wrong, but that's the strategy I used and I had a fun stress free play through.

To sum up:

1. get to the top of the castle as fast as you can without skipping out on battles.

2. once at the top (you will know because there is a save point and a door right at the stairs) save and go back down to the second last floor and kill dudes to level up.

3. Once you think your strong enough come back the next day fully healed and fight the boss in tip top shape.

4. Once he/she is defeated you can spend the rest of the days until the fog comes, and even some time after, upgrading social links and other activities.

 P.S: you can have as many jobs and clubs as you want and you dont have to go all the time, or ever if you dont want to. there isn't a schedule that your required to keep. Except the forcast schedule of course.

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How could you blow off Chie like that? Yosuke and Chie were your original friends, you know.

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3. Once you think your strong enough come back the next day fully healed and fight the boss in tip top shape.

If you have enough TaP sodas you can just use them to restore your SP before fighting the boss so you don't have to waste an extra day.

TaP Sodas are vital; buy 5 whenever you can.
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Actually you do get fewer days because the town closes down on rainy days. Only two social links are available in the future.  You can do things to give stat boosts but social links are closed

All dungeons can be done in about 2-3 days

And Yes make sure you buy out the sodas every single week.  And while obesively buying steak each day is sort of boring make sure to buy the 5 super skewers for 150 yen when it rains.  They heal as much as medicine which costs 500 yen.  So instead of Dia after battles, eat some steak!

Before you go into the TV Wednesady, remember to sell stuff form your last visit, go to the drug store and get 3-5 GoHo-Ms, go to the steak stand and BUY SODA.
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This series inspired me to get persona 4 as well as sign up on this site.

You can take all the jobs. You choose which one to do at night instead of studying and whatnot. I recommend folding envelopes a lot to raise your diligence to the level where you can get the hospital janitor job, and then you can have some REAL fun!

The bosses will be mad hard if you don't do a little grinding in the TV first to get your level up, so buy a lot of goho-ms so you can save as well as vanish balls and medkits so you can get out of fights that are too hard. Plan on spending a day just doing the same strategies to the same enemies over and over. Try and get to around level 15 and you should be good to defeat the mini boss as well as the regular story boss.

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I wouldn't spend time raising dilligence until you are fully done with the sports team link, you're better off getting knowledge and expression up.

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This is awesome. Investigation team GO!

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Next best thing: Minesweeper Endurance Run!!!!!

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Not only are these endurance runs fun, but also educational. I'm gonna have to raid the vending machines on my next play through. I never bought one drink on my first time around.

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People sure like to gossip a lot in this game, no one mines there business.

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you should NEVER refuse a persona that is in the compendium. it is a small price to pay instead of losing 2 persona.

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I really liked today's episode! A very productive use of time. They were socializing, studying, working (made a good pile of yen - best job choice cause it pays the most, atleast for now), reading (can't wait to use all that courage on Chie:).

However You guys forgot to buy the soda, which is very important because it's the only thing which raises SP which you can buy right now. Now that you make some much dou You should buy the max amout every day. (leave the dungeon using go-home, then use the soda at the main TV-world screen, or maybe even in the dungeon, and go back in again = will last longer in dungeons)

As for the Jeff's doing the Endurance Run live idea: I think it's an awesome idea, althougth im not sure that it's even technically possible.

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Two tips:

You can skip any dialogue or text (where you would otherwise have to repeatedly press x) by holding the triangle button. That's helpful for when you are just doing some task that you have done before ie studying and don't need to read anything.

When you're in the dungeon and you get a new persona in the shuffle that you have never had or fused before, it will automatically be registered at it's base level. So as long as you "accept it into your heart" you can get rid of it without going to the velvet room and it will still be in your compendium. If you start to use it while you're in the dungeon though and level it up, you will have to register it at the velvet room the save it in it's upgraded level.

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I get the feeling you're going to get slaughtered at this rate by the boss. Buy some armour and do some leveling, more social stuff after.

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I actually really want to get this game now!  It will probably have to wait  a bit though because I'm still hooked on Killzone 2, and RE5 comes out next week.  It's a good thing this is a PS2 release so it is only like $30!

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Loveisabadday -- "it will automatically be registered at it's base level. So as long as you "accept it into your heart" you can get rid of it without going to the velvet room and it will still be in your compendium."

Thanks for all the comments everyone. This one, especially, is really good to know. We definitely read all the advice, but it can take us a bit to implement it and keep it all straight in our heads. I'm really enjoying the game, and thanks again for all the help.

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This endurance run is so awesome. Can't wait for the next one each day. They totally should do one but play Final Fantasy VII.

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Protection!? I got my courage haha! You guys are insane haha!

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Sweeeet. Really enjoying this series, can't wait to get me a copy of the game.

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You need to merge Orobos with High Fructose Corn Syrup.

I've heard that it's good for you. On the internet.

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game days go by soo fast

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Man you guys can be hella forgetful sometimes.

Watching you fuse persona's was painful, and i don't even play the game!

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You missed basketball practice, now where are you gonna get your sweets?

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good episode. cant wait until the next episode. I really loved the 43 minute playthrough. was totally awesomeness ess ess.

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Damn you guys! 20 mins of pleasure.....:(

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Hopefully you guys learn how to properly fuse Personas soon. You'll need it.

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I don't even have this game and I can feel a foreboding sense of doom. Maybe you should actually look at the tips while playing?

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great run today, and I think you guys are (slowly) learning how to do things.

I just hope you're going tv diving soon, because you don't want to get a game over. I really recommend that you try and clear 4-5 floors in a day, and if you're crazy you could even finish the entire dungeon in a day. But really, 2 days should be enough for you to clear it.

keep em coming!