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What will Nanako say? Oh the anticipation....

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Ryan?! This can only go wrong.. XD

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Thanks for being my brothers/cousins/uncles in gaming arms.
Bye bye for two years.
Survive and thrive that long, kk?

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The night time S. Links take alot more time to level up since you have alot more time to do them in comparison to the ones in the day

Ah nice, Chie has the best follow up attack in the game out of everyone imo

The Perfect number was 6 since its 2 x 3 and a perfect number can't be odd, and the quote by descartes and the last day is based off how high your knowledge rank is

the shoe locker thing is a hint for one of the fox quests you get later to raise up the s. link level, which you guys should really do. just drop by the shrine and pick up the quest since it doesn't waste time to get one

oh god, i hated the drama club s. link, and it becomes even more of a drama later on

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Loving the 40minute long episode!

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yo, nice a long episode, I couldnt handle the bite sized 16minute ones any more :(

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you guys should keep ryan on..very good haha

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Yassss. Managed to get hooked up with a friend who sorted me out with some settings to get round the uni proxy. Endurance Run during lectures? I think so!

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40 minutes!?! ..  sweet, paper writing delayed :)

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I like that there was no Internet to cheat with, very genuine play. ;P

Thanks for making it a long one today guys, I'm pretty much addicted to watching this run so now I'm sated for the day. =D

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I wake up to this? man spring break was waaay overdue.

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Hey kids! It's time for your daily morning endurance run!

Nanako's totally like my high school girlfriend's younger sister (younger meaning a Sophomore when we were Seniors).  We'd be feeling each other up on the couch and she'd totally come in, plop down, and be all "hey guys, wanna watch a movie?"  Stupid bitch.

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Does anyone know if one is able to download these anywhere?
Sorry if this question comes up alot.

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Weird, i had a feeling Ryan would show up at one point...And then he would provide his Trademark jackass-ness!

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Need my daily dose of endurance run !
40 min and Ryan? Yay!

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SWEEEEET. That drama chick is scary btw.

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@The Alba: 3 x 3 is 6, huh?

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Great episode! Nice and long. :-)

Your shoe locker is in the middle row on the right as you're facing out towards the door. There is a red thing, or something. It's not very obvious, but it's there.
The door to the sports clubs you were looking for is at the opposite end of the 1F corridor. It's a wide open double door.
The question with the quote was Descartes. You hear Morooka tell you during a homeroom lecture early on.
Vinny was right about the beef stew.

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Finally, some action going on. This social link stuff is kind of borring when you just watch other people play :/

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Your locker is the one with the RED star u missied it !

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Thanks for being my brothers/cousins/uncles in gaming arms.
Bye bye for two years.
Survive and thrive that long, kk?

Oh- and some of the test questions are based on things briefly mentioned- but not part of an actual question class.
But some are just out of the blue- so good luck.

Oh- and unless you get 3x Bait with your finished food- it turned out poorly- and you won't gain any SL if you share it with someone.

Oh- and gratzi for the 40 minutes.

Kanji isn't a biker dude- he crushes (destroys, defeats, hassles, attacks, tells off) biker dudes.

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@ DetectiveRocko
Yes you can! I just happen to have the entire list of video links posted on my blog along with size and time statistics. Check em out

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No, no it's pronounced "Sart". Not "Sart-truh."

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@ Nzwei
"Finally, some action going on. This social link stuff is kind of borring when you just watch other people play :/"

I don't think it's that boring. It might be when someone else is, but when the GB guys play it, They really PLAY IT, if You know what I mean.

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You need to match persona with SLs.  It is one of the easiest and most useful things you can do.  Fool + Chariot will get you Sun for Drama(A fuse table is really helpful).  Matching Personas means fewer of those Nanako sitting around with nothing happing times.

Go into the main menu and selct Social Links to see when scheduled SLs meet.
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"You like Endo?" Got me laughing at work. Good one today and I'm not even finished!

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A Perfect number is one in which the sum of all of its factors other then itself add up to itself. IE, factors of 6 are 1,2,3,6. 1+2+3=6. They are very rare. I don't know of any mathematical usage for perfect numbers, its just a funny name given to numbers that happen to be like this.

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I ate the grass and it still let me watch the midnight channel, one of the few times I think it lets you do it to!

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Nice, 40 minute episode, keep them coming

And have "Guest Stars" on once in a while

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ryan fails at persona

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6 is a perfect number because it's half the value of the sum of its positive divisors. 

Its positive divisors are:  1, 2, 3, and 6. 

6 + 3 + 2 + 1 = 12

6 is half of 12.

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Ryan seems more inept at this type of game than Vinny and Jeff.  I'm not sure what he was expected to contribute.

I'm glad to see this episode was more than 16 minutes.  Kudos.

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I see you guys break out the 3 man commentator crew for the big games all professional like, watch out ESPN.

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The quote was by Descartes, and you talked over King Moron while he was talking about. It was during his rant about short skirts. Also I hope the following clears some things up.

If your knowledge is high enough, you can answer almost all the questions wrong and still get the best score. In the future you have another midterm and finals. If you study in the library while it is raining, you get more knowledge. The best time to study is the week before midterms though, because you get an exborbant amount of knowledge by studing with someone else and it brings you S.Link with them closer.

You can always eat the nasty food in the fridge, it will send you straight to bed, but if the Midnight channel is of someone who just got thrown into the tv you'll watch it anyways.

You get courage from reading the man books, not timid teacher. timid teacher gives you understanding. Though if you want to talk trash to Dojima, you need max courage. So you might want to level that up as well.

You can also get courage from the Hospital Job. You should take this job as soon as you have enough diligence, because I think you will enjoy the social link you get there and it unlocks another social link after a few ranks. You can also get courage at the Chinese food place on rainy days and I think some days there are specials where you can get courage even if its not raining.

The fox is a girl.

You did not play leap frog with Chie, you did frog leaps, which is an exercise where you crouch close to the ground and jump as high into the air as you can. In real life they are terrible for you, as they cause joint and back problems.

I'll point more things out as I see them. Endurance Run is by far my favorite thing on this site. At the pace you're going it will take you more than a year to complete the game with its true ending, so I hope you see this through, but by then hopefully Persona 5 will be out, and you can start the whole process over again.

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Eventually, the entire Giant Bomb staff will stop working just to join the Persona 4 endurance run.

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DAYUM YES. ty for the long run.tytyty. :D!!

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doesn't having high social links with two girls at a time not work? Like the social link goes dark with one girl cause you're cheating on one?

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In Japan they use a ten base scale, 3 is burning passion.

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Great episode.
It's equally (if not more) funny with Ryan.

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@Birthwild: In Persona 3, the one I've played, once the S. Link gets to a certain point, it says, "X character and you are getting close. She might get jealous if she sees you with other girls." or summat. Then, you can still cheat, but it lowers the amount of time before you have to see her again to keep your friendship from Reversing, or Breaking, or whatever it does. It's remarkably complicated.

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Social links are more fun when Jeff, Vinny and Ryan commentate them.

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Incredible episode (and still the best show ever).
Tomorrow is so far away, maaan. I need more!

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Man, I hope the developers are paying the GB staff well.  I wonder how many copies of the game they have sold to people because they watched the Endurance Run and have gotten hooked.  I purchased mine around the time episode 28 came out and I'm already 40 hours in.  Next 2 victims will provide for some great commentary.  I'm pulling for you guys.  *You guys may think Yumi is a lot of trouble, but I suggest you raise your S. Link with her cause with a higher Bonus with the Sun Arcana, you can make some pretty sweet, and powerful Persona. Fire based, of course.*

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What you talking about!? Ryan was great!

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YOUR SHOE LOCKER IS THE ONE WITH THE RED STICKER ON IT.   You were right on it Vinny.  You just need to be staring straight at it.

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BTW guys many SLs do get rather depressing.  Its your job to help the people through their issues.  One of the few that doesn't is Chie's and that's because Chie is just that cool.

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Please drop Ryan.

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Lol poor Ryan shows up in the middle of all this craziness. He held his ground though

You guys should really get a Justice persona to make the Social Link with Nanako go faster