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Posted By Natural20

Search FTW

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Posted By yoshimitz707

If only the search let you watch these early.

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Posted By Trilleong
yoshimitz707 said:
If only the search let you watch these early.
If only...
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Posted By Creamypies

I feel dirty for using the search method, am I really this addicted?! Jeeez.

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Edited By ahoodedfigure

I used to just guess the URL, so I felt like I earned finding these places :)

While you're waiting you might want to load up the prior episode to note the sudden wardrobe change.  Just look at the time indexes on the two screens from the same video:

No Caption Provided

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Posted By SirThirdFilms

I've loved these since they started and I will say the Rise dungeon became a bit boring at times(no knock to Jeff or Vinny, they were great but it was the grinding) but the last episode brought me back to PURE JOY!

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Posted By Kickaski

The Endurance Run is so addicting that i stay up overnight to watch it. part of me wishes that this wouldn't be as good so that i can have my life back.

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Posted By endaround


The wardrobe change happened because the group put on their school uniforms to enter the TV
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Edited By skrutop

Uh, oh...Dojima's home.  DUDE, PUNCH NANAKO IN THE GUT!  Get the monsters out!

Well, social link and characteristic grinding is a bit more interesting than level grinding....

a bit.

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Posted By KaosAngel


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Posted By Nizzleworth
@ahoodedfigure: They changed. They even said so. ;)
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Posted By ArbitraryWater

Hey Dave, We have a high pixie.
You're on cocaine again?
We're going to fight a king, want to join us?

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Posted By nexas

Glad to see that they started looking up the question answers.

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Posted By Shane

thanks for still doing these jeff and vinny.

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Posted By Slique

Absolutely gutted by the lack of hanging out with Rise. :(

And argh! You guys skipped naughty nurse action to study three times in a row. Nooo.

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Posted By Reverseface

gooooood goood stuff

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Posted By SpunkyHePanda


They can't hang with Rise yet, but they will. They will...

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Posted By lordofultima

DEVIL NURSE. God. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

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Posted By Venatio

27 minutes? Damn it seems so short compared to other episodes but its still good :)

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Posted By Mars_Cleric

this makes me feel bad for not studying for my exams in a few weeks

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Posted By MagikGimp

Does that mean Nanako's mother was murdered too?

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Posted By Death_Burnout

i wouldnt be so quick to judge on Kanji.

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Posted By Jeremy_x

They totally missed to reference SH2, when they mentioned Dojima got a letter from his dead wife, bummer that.
Cant wait till they reach the next dungeon.

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Posted By Grim_Fandango

Good ole' Endurance run, so relaxing.

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Posted By MeatSim

I am going to dedicate my life to finding the meat dimension.

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Posted By Benjamimmy

finally caught up with you guys, now i gota keep it even so i don't spoil persona 4 or the endurance run XD

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Posted By dulmonkey

ER t-shirt # 15:

Welcome to the Meat Dimension

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Posted By SinGulaR

Now I know that that figure I saw while searching for myself in the Andes wasn't the Yeti after all. It was Jeff :D

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Posted By caseylakes

They couldnt have done this episode at a better time...

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Edited By nanifear

I like the part where Vinny completely forgets his mic level and yells hella loud, a couple of times, that was the funniest. Mad luv VINNY

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Edited By Aaox

I love this.

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Posted By Nasar7

Cheaters! Also, hang out with yukiko/kanji more.

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Posted By HT101

A shorter episode today but that's good because it gives us a chance to catch our breath after the pure awesomeness of yesterday.

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Posted By LaszloKovacs

I'm watching video game characters study for finals while I'm taking a break from studying for finals. THIS IS CRAZY.

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Posted By rohanspear345

FIGHT THE KING! lol dave

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Posted By DickDarlington

@ caseylakes - Wow, you're right. I didn't even think about that.

Anyone else taking finals this week?

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Posted By legendary1

If you get your knowledge up to level 4 and ace the test, you get some really nice stuff from nanako and dojima.

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Posted By rockinkemosabe

Good luck on your finals!

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Posted By CrescendOtaku

Hey guys, reading books significantly increases a stat. Knowledge always takes the longest to level up too.

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Posted By TripMasterMunky

Yo the nurse is on WED THUR FRI if you guys forgot.

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Posted By ashogo

It's good to be back to the normal school life. Finals tomorrow (?)

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Posted By SneakyBeaver

Vinny and Jeff were S-Linking in Persona and I was S-Linking in real life! At the same time...wow

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Posted By TheGamerGeek

The bad and good endings pretty much end in December but in the True ending you actually have to do some "stuff" on your final day there.

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Posted By Dethfish

"Knowledge leads to power, which leads to forced intimacy"


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Posted By AbsoluteApathy

Funky Student will get another riddle sometime in early September and another in November if you guys were curious.

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Posted By DragonofFate

Pshh, taking the EASY way out.

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Posted By agent_lost

Meat Dimension

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Posted By cityofdis0

Lol, Mucin = Mew (like the pokemon)- Sin. Humans have mucin too.

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Edited By ch3burashka

HOLY SHIT! Those Persona people must watch a bunch of South Park, because Mr. Hosoi is totally a mix of Mr. Mackey and Mrs. Garrison!

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