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Romanization of "first" in Chinese :)

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Wow, so this is what the future looks like.

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I'm posting before the vid is even up.  Sad...so sad.  Even sadder is that I'm not the first one to do it.  Edit: Well bam, it's up 1 minute after posting this!

Give the dog some Iguana Bits.  Works in Fallout.

When I was a senior in high school, I had this nightmare that my locker was flooded and then I lost all my notes and stuff.  About a month later, the water pipe over my row of lockers burst and flooded them all.  Weird.

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First...to see video.

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I need to keep myself from playing so you can catch up.  I am a couple days into the summer break

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endurance run woot woot... i almost have the true ending but it is still fun to watch it over again...
especially with the rockin commentary :D

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Early mornin'  Persona!

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yeah I have those same weird dreams jeff..i wake up and im like thank god im not in high school anymore 

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just a note: i found the best time to hand in a ema request is on a rainy day and you don't want to level up in the TV, as you usually cant s.rank on those days

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I'm glad you guys aren't the only ones who have school nightmares :P  Using the bus, missing class, getting bad grades, being late to class, going to the wrong class...

Vinny!  Let Jeff run the combat if it makes you nervous.  Jeff! Time to take the wheel in combat, man, see how it goes when it's all up to you!

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Jeff: ....back off...

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i never understood why knowledge increases when you get an answer to a question right. surely it'd increase if you got it wrong so you learned something?

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You... don't like Rise? Baffling. Then again, you two did hate on Chie at first too.

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Jeff, Vinny, I like these non-fighting episodes, too.

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Nice ep.  Enjoyed you guys' background conversation.

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Thanks Vinny!

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Video cuts of at 20mins anyone else have this problem

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I don't trust that Rise

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glad to see that the endurance run has finally caught up to the real world's day

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You cheating motherf***ers !
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No pressure or anything guys but the next level up event for Chie is the one where you guys either seal the deal or remain "just friends"

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Tactical folders, nosebleeds and my daily does of P4:ER.  Life is good.

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Aw dont be mean to Rise. Kanji and Naoto are a much better pair!

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No there are no more quiz questions for now until school starts again probably.

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Love the Bill and Ted reference from Jeff. Socrates!

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I can't wait till you guys get to the next dungeon it's so great.

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i can't take it anymore. my personal endurance run of the Endurance Run has enduranced out. why in the shit did they pick such a long game for their first run? what, are they gonna do some sort of never-ending MMO for their next run? Endurance Run #2 World of Warcraft? ridiculous.

this Endurance Run is like a chick you hooked up with because you thought she was cool and found out she's not so cool and now its too awkward to get rid of her because she's done nothin wrong and you've met her parents and her sister is now your sister's best friend and they bought you season tickets for the Lakers.

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Awesome episode as always, thanks a ton!

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check it out!


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@Duckbutter: Man, you have no idea how lucky you are to have someone like her. She's too good for you!

Your sister is pretty hot too. In this scenario, I'm guessing she's... Resident Evil?
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I also have those school dreams. They find that there was some class that I missed or whatever that force me to go back to school again and finish it and I get so stressed because I don't remember where all the classrooms are and shit. Seems to be a fairly common type of dream.

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Chie is a pretty rad character.

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@ Duckbutter:  So you won't be commenting in these threads anymore?  Great.

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I, for one, love Rise's character.

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Man, I wonder what the guy'll do when they max out Chie's s-link...after all, their game plan on s-link days seems to be "HEY LET'S GO SEE CHIE LET'S GO TO THE ROOF", followed by s-linking with the first person they see if Chie isn't there. Speaking of that...Kanji, Yukiko, and Rise(and pretty much everyone who's not on the second floor of school) are doomed if Vinny and Jeff keep s-linking with the first person they see instead of taking the 20 seconds to see everyone who's available at school. Really guys, it's okay if you spend another ten seconds to find someone you really want to hang out with instead of just taking Yosuke or the sports dudes because they're *right there*.

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I think it's about time I picked this game up. Even though i've already been watching this entire endurance run. You guys make me really wanna play it.

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@ Mistral:  I actually think it's good they're concentrating on the S.Links that are already well established.  Means they will definitely max out quite a few of them.

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Dude, I totally have the "back at school dreams", too.

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what, now you're hating on Rise? You guys SUCK!!

but you're awesome.

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A good episode.  Can't wait for tomorrow's ep.

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- Having high Knowledge and courage pays off in the long run, because max knowledge and courage are needed for a certain S.Link.

- Your knowledge level determines your final day of exams, and your position on the scoreboard. Getting a mistake on the quiz questions lowers your level, but knowledge determines whether you'll "do well", "get top ten", or "head of the class". Maximum level (5) is required to hit top score in your final testing run.

- getting top scores in the tests hands out great equipment/items/cash.

- If you do well on the tests check out Ms. Sofue (egyptian headdress lady) behind the 2nd-floor REAR stairwell. She'll hand you rewards.

- Getting high scores on the tests also nets you cash rewards from dojima (talk to him next time available), and getting number one in the class grabs you free equipment from nanako. It's exclusive to Charlie, but it's great.

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Well right now if they have any hope of maxing Nanako's SL they have to spend every single night upping Expression (yes that means no nurse for a while) and doing the Drama Club link.  

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I had a back-to-school dream just the other night...school sucks.

Edit: Pssst! You can have more than one girlfriend! No need to hate on everyone thats not Chie!
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Spooky. I have those dreams too sometimes. And it's ALWAYS that I've forgotten where I'm supposed to be at or that I'm going to be late or whatever. And the classes are always mixed with people whom are completely out of place, like mixed classes from different schools etc. 

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I've had dreams where I went back to school too! It was kind of scary, I forgot how to do everything, and it was an epic fail moment. I only graduated from hs last year so I hope this doesn't haunt me for the rest of my life!

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Story episodes are the best.

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Can I.... feel his soft fur?