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Wow, this is tasteless..

Press Y to pick up toy. Press X to cry at your son dying in your arms. Repeatedly mash B to exit to Windows.

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I don't mind using this scene in a narrative ie. in the game but holy fuck is it poor taste to use as a trailer.

Same here, especially when it's for what we know only to be a WWII FPS so far. FPS games generally trivialise death, so using a scene like this as a trailer to a game that will likely be all about killing people seems a bit shameless. Frankly I didn't find it that impressive, anyway.

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I had no idea cryengine could look like a PS2 game.


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Interesting I will need to see some gameplay but the concept seems pretty neat.

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Jewish Warsaw Ghetto uprising happened in 1943, then the Warsaw Resistance happened in '44.

Some tidbits for ya.

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This trailer told me nothing about the game except that it should probably be a movie instead.

It would be more interesting if you played as the nazis, but it seems they are going the boring way with it.

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That was the most extremely easy lazy "emotional" trailer I have seen in some time. It's like when they kill the dog in an 80s action movie.

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Is the actual game going to have anything whatsoever to do with the tone established in this trailer?

Nope. It's exactly the opposite. Or well, two years ago it was.

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@rethla: No, no, I didn't have something like that on my mind. Developers set up minimum age, and parents buying games for their children should be respected it. For me Warsaw Uprising the most is related to this game because it took place during the WWII.

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Way too soon. I'm not ready yet.

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And now play the shooter! So much emotion!

Play the Teddy Bear, out for vengeance!

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Enter BJ Blazkowicz?

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@orysef said:

@rethla: For me developers want to do game based on historical fact. I think this same way is go to cinema and watch films about WWII. I understand it like this because EF isn't first game about WWII.

Youre right, EF isnt the first generic game about WWII and thats why they need a shocking trailer like this to stand out from all the other generic headshooters. Other than being shocking and creating headlines using 200000 dead civilians as a punchline this trailer is 100% unrelated to the actual game. The next generic shooter will need an even more shocking punchline to sell and its just disgusting and sad. All this aimed at young developing teens wich are drifting further from reality than ever before.

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@rethla: For me developers want to do game based on historical fact. I think this same way is go to cinema and watch films about WWII. I understand it like this because EF isn't first game about WWII.

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Hope they reconsider the character art. Think it would resonate better if they went way more cartoony or way more realistic. Otherwise, nailed it:

@yummylee said:

Night of The Living Dummy: Origins.

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I though someone booted South Park when the guy started screaming german.

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@pln said:

@herbiebug: It was part of the war and CI dared to show it.

Well, aren't they brave. Kudos to CI for having the balls to try and boost pre-orders, by putting out a trailer showing nothing but a mother and son being gunned down, while highlighting that it's based on actual events. This really happened guys, they totally killed the fuck out of people! Pre-order the special edition now and get a blood soaked teddy bear!!

Oh, and who are you kidding with this the game won't just be about shooting people in the head nonsense? It's a FPS by CI Games (who put out the Sniper: Ghost Warrior series, which is basically about shooting people in the head in slow motion) and Stuart Black (have you fucking played Black or Gunpoint?).

EDIT: Oh, you registered the day this trailer came out, and you have 2 posts total - both defending this trailer. How are things at CI these days?

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@herbiebug: What's so wrong? Showing the brutal truth but eventually the truth? It was part of the war and CI dared to show it. I really do not see anything not tactful. Show all four aspects of WWII even the most shocking, but it does not mean that the game will be, as someone described shooting people in the head.

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Didn't do anything for me.

Either means I'm de-sensitised to all hell, or it was average. Let's hope it's the second one!

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About due for another epic WWII FPS. But when are we going to see a really good Vietnam War FPS?

And Hitler sucked. People need to deal with it. The point of the trailer is to kill Nazis. I have no problem with that.

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Having studied the war and particularly the Holocaust fairly extensively in university I'm looking forward to seeing how this game could deal with the events. It would be great to have a game that told some real stories from that time, they need to be told.

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I look forward to this immense human tragedy being handled in a sensitive and respectful manner

Holy shit this is going to be Homefront with actual historical atrocities instead of ridiculous paranoid ones

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@dan_citi said:

The Germans and Japanese did a ton of extremely fucked up shit during WWII. This trailer isn't pretty, but WWII is a lot more complicated than British and American soldiers saving the day. It isn't really tasteless either, but we'll see how the game really treats this whole situation.

But the Warsaw Uprising had NO Brits or Americans coming in to save the day. It was, in part, about Poland getting screwed, again, by the USSR. For the Red Army stopped shy of Warsaw, and let the pro-west Polish Home Army get destroyed by the Germans before "liberating" Warsaw from German rule.

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You know what? I'm totally ready for more WW2 games! Especially if the story is done well.

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Emotion-porn trailer.

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The Germans and Japanese did a ton of extremely fucked up shit during WWII. This trailer isn't pretty, but WWII is a lot more complicated than British and American soldiers saving the day. It isn't really tasteless either, but we'll see how the game really treats this whole situation.

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I'm all for this setting, but if this trailer is any indication then this game will be completely lacking in subtlety.

Oh well, we'll probably just be mowing down hordes of soldiers anyway.

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Tasteless. Cheap. Disrespectful. You just don't put a scene like that in a trailer and use it for marketing purposes. It isn't right. Maybe for a fictional story, fine go ahead and put a firing squad in there for effect, i don't care. When depicting real people at only a slight remove -fictional characters in real historic setting with intent to portray somewhat accurately- that is not okay.

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@hiczok: :( that was depressing. Game looks very nice though.

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I wonder how many people you play as who die?

Also this from the studio that brought us great games like the Sniper: Ghost Warrior franchise, so I don't expect great things anyway...

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I do not see bad taste or lack of taste. CI presented its vision of real events. After all, we all know that such a situation could take place, and that Hitler is heard from the speakers is also no surprise, in the end he has caused this hell. After all it's a game of WWII! I am glad that the CI reached for a piece of Polish history. Reached for this title for sure.

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Just don't go for the jugular that bleeds actual blood.

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Also, I found that ending really mean spirited. Look at this sad thing, so many people died, pre-order now!

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200.000 civilians died...

It was the single largest resistance of WW2...

EMENY FRONT join the resistance!... in this generic shooter...

What a load of crap aimed at missguided teens, worst kind of marketing there is.

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This is great. This is a moment in human history that needs to be examined. The thought of getting a Kotwica tattoo has crossed my mind a few times.

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Warsaw uprising or the ghetto uprising?

*never mind, if it's 1944 then it's the Warsaw Uprising.

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Real games use Truth Bullets, not metal ones.

But seriously, this trailer shows nothing about the game beyond what the character models look like.

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Yeah, so, this is in really poor taste. "Based on actual events", cut to a woman and her child being gunned down, cut to PRE-ORDER NOW! Why would this make me wan't to buy your game exactly? Oh well, it's not easy finding new ways to shove a generic first person shooting gallery down our throats...at least they tried..?

Fuck this.

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Well, the ending to the game is more or less known, and it is not going to end in any positive sense (which is fine, if the subject matter is portrayed with discretion). SU could have intervened but Stalin probably forbade it because it was anti-communist nationalists that were leading the resistance.

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I'm not sure i want to play this...

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Well, it will certainly be interesting to come at WWII from a different angle for once.

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Well, it is a fact that children were murdered along with other civilians in WW II. It is just bad sensorship to try to hide it from the world, like most movies, series and games do.