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At about 1:54, we had an issue with our audio recorder and had to switch to the on-camera mics. It is a little echoey, but should still be listenable for the last few minutes. Sorry about that!

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Abby the turnaround is GLORIOUS. Thanks.

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Oh, this went up pretty quick!

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There is freedom within Buffalo Wild Wings, there is freedom without Buffalo Wild Wings.

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Oh shit here we go

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What timezone is the site pulling those post times from?

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I still don't know the context of Dan going to BWW so much, but I think it's worth sharing this:

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Someone get Taco Bell PR on the line. Their brand ambassador has been poached.

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I really wish I liked Nier: Automata. I gave it about 5-6 hours and was totally not feeling it: the story, the combat (especially), etc all did nothing for me.

Having put about 3 hours into Destiny 2 last night and I have to say I love it.

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Wait, are American beers already "flat" by nature or something? Because getting beers early on only to drink it a long time after it's poured is usually considered a terrible idea where I live.

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"New" love??

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Dan's life is the hellscape I strive for my life to become.

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three minutes in and it's already amazing.

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Swerve! After getting married at Taco Bell, he betrayed them for Buffalo Wild Wings. Dan just can't stop stabbing everyone in the back.

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Its cool to see Jason on the mic! Nice show fellas

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After marrying at Taco Bell, Dan is already working on his wedding anniversary celebration with Buffalo Wild Wings. Looking forward to McDonald's hosting the delivery of Dan's and Bianca's first-born, free nuggets for everybody!

Somebody really should get Dan one of those "eSport progamer" shirts with sponsorship badges from different fast food places, preferably some fancy design out of South Korea :D

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@hkr: the fuck kind of monstrous Caesar salad features french fries

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we stopped by the same bdubs after the show, and after getting a shit ass "pizza" from gameworks

We were in there for a good 30+ minutes for takeout and that still felt way too long, I can't imagine what Dan did holy shit

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Wait, are American beers already "flat" by nature or something? Because getting beers early on only to drink it a long time after it's poured is usually considered a terrible idea where I live.

Dan drinks crap beer. It doesn't really matter.

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Jeff with a hat - thumbs up
Ben's outfit - thumbs up

Camera work - thumbs up

Triple threat right off the bat! That is all, thank you for your attention.

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Thanks to the God of Pain for doing camera work and posting this so quickly, wow!

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A Crowded House cover is the best way to start any panel!

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The allusions to brand-sirening in the caption and thumbnail make me not want to watch this.

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@mezmero: it's Dan's schtick but I do understand what you're saying. Need to lay off a bit of the 'brand' garbage

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Is there going to be an audio only version for this?

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Wait, are American beers already "flat" by nature or something? Because getting beers early on only to drink it a long time after it's poured is usually considered a terrible idea where I live.

Nah, looks like they just left it out too long

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Surely they mean Lost Planet 3, instead of 2?

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"That place [Buffalo Wild Wings] is my Black Lodge"

I love you Alex.

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I'm so glad @ybbaaabby got the Sixpence bit on camera, and that she got this cut and posted so quickly. Kudos!

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@theapx said:

Surely they mean Lost Planet 3, instead of 2?

Nah, Lost Planet 2 was the one where you had AI squadmates with fake internet handles over their heads as if you were playing online constantly.

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@cooljammer00: I did play it online constantly. So i guess it wasn't a thing i would notice.

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Jeff is usually pretty good at making sure these do not become the Dan show... this was not one of those times :(

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I've only ever been in that one, but I will corroborate that the BWW near the WSCC is pretty nice, all things considered.

Also, in a vague personal anecdote from later on that night, Dan Ryckert probably does not learn his lesson about the drinking.

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That ending is incredible holy shit.

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I literally just checked this video out to see if Jeff was there, hence his wife was okay. I'll watch later. Glad all is good Jeff.

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I very much enjoyed this, kudos to Abby for posting this so soon!

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I've enjoyed Buffalo Wild Wings the handful of times I've gone.

I'm super happy they had the discussion about PUBG's GoTY status on air. Jeff's stance is exactly what myself and others argued in the recent forum topic on this.

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What was yelled out right at the end?

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Sigh, the "how can we give you more money" question is the most transparently sychophantic thing you can ask. Don't do it.

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Alex's reaction at the end, haha.

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I'm with you, Dan. Mario Sunshine is so goooooooood

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Alex' face at the end...classic

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Seems they turned these more into just a live bombcast now, which is okay but between these tamer panels now, the splitting up of extra life to mostly smaller home streams and the lack of Big Live Live Show I do kinda miss the extra big dumb live spectacle we'd get at least once a year.

PS I agree with the guy who said they should allow members a way to give Giantbomb more money.

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@crimsonjester: Yeah, this definitely felt like Dan and Jeff talking to each other for 2 hours with the others occasionally commenting on something they said.

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No Vinny?!? Boooooooo. And Abby not being able to be on stage sucks too :(

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5 minutes in, and already deep in "Goddammit, Dan...just...God. Dammit." territory.

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MGSV spoilers

1:18:30 - 1:19:25

Dan is really shooting himself in the foot by judging games on how much time he spends with them.

It massively disadvantages concise experiences and gives a huge advantage to endless/multiplayer games.


As for GotY in general, I'd much rather Giant Bomb just invents awards for the games they want to highlight instead of sticking to specific rules about what is and isn't eligible for a rigid set of awards. Categories like the Soulja Boy Award were great and I love to see more like it.

Sure, the Giant Bomb Game of the Year is more prestigious than those and the only one that perhaps matters more than others (insofar any of them matter at all) but I also have no problem with them changing the ruleset on the fly.

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Cover this with some gold spray paint...and I think we have our GOTY award.