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@mindkiller: Im on a i7 4770k 3.5ghz (stock), 8 gb of ram and a 6 gb gtx 980 ti

Just ordered 8 gb of ram tonight and hope a 1080 ti pops up to buy soon. If you want to try the game the 10 hour trial is 5 bucks. It's a beautiful looking game

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@justin258 said:
@captainthunderpants said:
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@captainthunderpants said:

@justin258: I don't know. I'm finishing up the trilogy and I think ME fans really over-rate a lot of the parts of the series, especially in 1. All of the conversations were dull shot-reverse shot and filled with one dimensional characters until about 10 hours in. The combat is stiff and borderline unplayable. Shepard is one of the dullest protagonists in video games. The human faces look in the exact the same style as the original trilogy, just with softer edges. The original trilogy is filled with graphical and technical glitches and bugs.

This stuff in Andromeda doesn't look great and there is a lack of drama, but I'll take an average Mass Effect game over a lot of other recent games like Horizon.

Though my favorite in the series is 3 so maybe I'm just stupid.

I love ME1, but I haven't played it since it came out 10 years ago. I doubt it holds up now, but at the time, it was dope. I suspect that's where most folks' thoughts on it come from.

I don't think any of us started off wanting to hate this, but what I've seen of ME:A so far doesn't reflect the leaps and bounds that other games have made in the subsequent decade.

That's totally fair and yeah, this stuff is unimpressive, but I fear that fans will treat this like The Phantom Menace as though we can 1UP that disappointment with a disappointment we can call our own. If that makes sense.

People forget that TPM was a mostly fine movie, but a handful of flaws and fans declare it the worst movie ever. It's this weird phenomenon that fans want to show their dedication to the original trilogy (both Star Wars and now Mass Effect) so much that it turns into a competition as to who can hate the new thing more.

I certainly do think that large portions of the series are over-rated - I'm kind of a fan of most of the second game and I could take or leave almost all of the first and third games. I also hardly think that this game is going to be "the worst ever" or anything like that.

But Mass Effect 1, for all its flaws, was a hell of a game way back when and I really want to see the series held to a good standard. What I see of this game looks like a good standard ten years ago. I don't expect this game to be The Witcher 3, but TW3 raised standards for big-budget, massive RPG's like this by a country mile. Something whose writing, animations, and voice acting are on par with its (flawed to the point where I don't want to play it anymore) predecessor from ten years ago just doesn't really cut it anymore, especially considering what has already come out this year.

And, as I've said, I'll definitely play it at some point and give it a fair shake. But I had been strongly considering buying this day one because I thought the combat looked awesome and the aesthetics/graphics are right up my alley and the story bits that I've heard sounded pretty great, too. Actually hearing and seeing it in a long and uncut form just doesn't inspire my confidence, and there's nothing wrong with expressing that.

ME 1 and 2 did some great stuff at the time, it's kind of the thing where the stuff they did well got imitated so the impact is lessened today.

Thing is though, a lot of the characters and the *direction* of the cutscenes and conversations still look a lot better than those in Andromeda (the introduction of the Normandy in ME2 is waaaaaaay better handled than in this, which just kind feels like a wet fart, "there it is I guess"). Some of the dialogue and stories (side missions) in ME1 aren't the best but I played it a few weeks ago on PC again and I can honestly say that game looks and feels much more polished than this. And ME1 was kind of a mess for Bioware, in the sense that they didn't really know yet what they wanted the series to be (RPG or Shooter). This, like Inquisition, feels a lot more like an MMORPG where the emphasis is less on character interactions and story and makes way for more content volume, crafting and big open environments. So a lot more grindy I guess (god, collecting all that elfroot in DA:I to make potions drove me nuts).

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That first Krogan voice actor made me spit out my morning OJ. Damn, that was a poor choice.

Least I have the memories of ME2 being an amazing game.

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I was starting to think Jeff might be being a little too tough on the look of the game. But, he is right, this looks BAD. Those character look weird while animating.

It reminds me of something...

No Caption Provided

..Except, Team America has a decent script and good line delivery.

This game just seems bad. I have gone from worrying if I had time to play this, to glad I don't even have to worry about playing this at all.

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i hope for ME fans it is fun, cause it sure isn't pretty..

e: good to see Brad is still bad at games at least.

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Ugh. I just can't get over the writing, it's so generic and just not very interesting. And a lot of the voice acting and line reading really doesn't help.

And then there are the facial animations, so goofy looking. The combat looks pretty fun though.

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This dialogue is horrendous holy shit. It's like reading a trashy teen novel.

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I haven't seen this stream yet; but I did watch the stream that Waypoint did, and I thought the game looked fine. Austin seemed to like the game too; though he did say that the story was pretty bad for the first few hours.

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@fightingchance: To be fair, large portions of Yakuza 0 have no recorded dialogue, and minimally animated cut scenes. Only the main story bits are fully voiced and animated, and I don't believe there are any dialogue choices in those scenes, so the dialogue doesn't have to awkwardly pause.

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mass effect has always been goofy. and that's okay.

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I just don't know about this.....

Uncharted may have spoiled us in terms of VO and animation...because MAN those conversations are bad....real shame.

At least Mass Effect 2 is still the best backwards compatible game of 2016(too soon?)

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Boy, this seems like some real budget as fuck Mass Effect.

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@bistromath: Mass Effect as a series started 10 years ago and this looks worse than all of them...

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@forteexe21: Impossible. It's the best one. I'm just happy if it's better than the third.

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First the backlash, now we're getting the backlash to the backlash. It's like clockwork

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@captain_insano: I have never seen a person mimic my thoughts on BioWare games more exactly.

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It's just hard to believe they waited this long to come out with a new Mass Effect and this is what they had to deliver.

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This really looks like a direct-to-video version of Mass Effect. Think I'm gonna skip it (at least for now), but it bums me out because ME2 is one of the best games ever.

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Just got done with the opening mission. Didn't notice any of the jankyness there at all. There was a bit of slowdown in a couple of parts though.

According to the gifs everyone is sharing online,there is alot of animation issues once you get to the "citadel" equivalent.

The decent-at-best vo I can take or leave but if the entire game is full of animation problems, I can't see this getting more than a 7 in reviews on average.

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16 minutes in and I'm gonna say that this actually doesn't look bad to me. Not the heights of the previous series, but not outright bad like it looks to a lot of people here. Still not getting it because my heart is set on the Switch, but glad to know the game does pick up later on.

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@rorie: Nice Rick & Morty reference

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They think this will win me back after 3?

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I'm so sad.

Those human faces are just killing me. They look so dead, so lifeless. How can they not improve at all after so long?

I'm real bummed about this. Maybe it's time to just go and finally try The Witcher 3.

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Oh look, more shit spewed from the EA Bioware anus.

This new Mass Effect seemed like a nice opportunity to start fresh and make something special. Instead they brought all the same shit to a different part of the galaxy with even worse animations and somehow an even more tedious-looking protagonist.

I guess this is what the sci-fi drama fan gets. Beggars can't be choosers, though I can continue voting with my tiny money and once again skip EA Bioware.

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The game's faces and models reminded me of Consortium, but that was an indie game and it also had really good writing and some good voice acting. The gameplay looks alright but it doesn't feel good enough, especially with the games it's releasing next to.

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It's sad to see the game be so bad. I really liked the Mass Effect trilogy. Things really went downhill fast for Bioware after selling out to EA. After the trainwreck that was Inquisition, you'd think they'd at least try to distance themselves. Instead, they stated they would use Inquisition as the framework for future titles, and it shows. There's just so much nothing in Andromeda, and what's there is either rushed or barebones. They can't even get the in-game models to look right. Ach, it's probably better to remember Bioware as it lived, and not the husk it is now.

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This isn't Uncharted. There doesn't need to be a "witty" line of dialogue every few seconds.

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This Ryder guy looks like shit. He doesn't have the hero look, and he certainly isn't even close to up there with Commander Shepard. For the main character, he seems super unmemorable, like you'd forget who he is between this game and the next one.

Also, watching this reminds me why I didn't finish The Witcher 3, and what I didn't like about the Mass Effect games: the conversation stuff is boring, and there's too damned much of it. It's a clear case of quantity over quality. I go to books and movies when I want great writing, acting, and dialogue, not games (unless it's Metal Gear).

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Here we go, i don't get why everyone's being so harsh on the game. The human facial animations may look a little weird at times but they don't bother me at all.

I just finished my Early Access trial and i got up to when you get access to your ship(the Tempest) and i can't wait to start exploring. Don't know how i'm gonna make it the 21st(only 5 more days).

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I want to like this so bad. Mass Effect 2 is one of my favorites, but holy shit this looks worse in about every way that matters. How do they let something like this happen.

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Default character is seriously a knock off of Sterling Archer

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Canceled my order, this game just looks like a dumpster fire. No thanks.

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Damn I had a feeling this would happen.

Worse everyone I know who loved ME wouldn't even bet a months beer against me.

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This isn't Uncharted. There doesn't need to be a "witty" line of dialogue every few seconds.

But this is mass effect, so I at least expect "good" lines of dialogue at least once in awhile.

None have appeared so far.

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It will go down at the worst Mass Effect so far, and the most underrated Mass Effect so far.

Right?? The writing and interactions are so painful at the start. I just, begrudgingly, want more Mass Effect, and I hate the fact I'm probably going to buy it. God dammit.

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Watched this and Nier QLs back-to-back and where as I was enthralled by everything I saw in Nier, this one just looks bland. To make it worse, it's clearly lacking polish and your attention is drawn to various glitches and bugs. Conversations look stiff, partially because previous games had fixed camera angles that were pretty well thought out and felt natural with the flow of conversation.

It also bothers me how you can see animation glitches in cutscenes, especially during introduction setpieces. First impressions are important and wonky facial animations and other issues (check Miss broken hips at 37:40) shouldn't happen that frequently, especially early on. Been replaying original trilogy while waiting for this one and ME2 and ME3 have much higher quality finish to them.

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@captainthunderpants said:

I'm really annoyed by how everyone wants to hate this game before it's out. It's just the ME3 and EA hate train pulling into town. Pathetic.

the internet running at its optimal state, obviously.

graphically and animation wise this is no different than the other mass effects, maybe a bit sharper. if you were looking for some changes or updates, maybe i hear you a bit, but they're acting like this is an utter disaster/shitting the bed moment and it really isn't.

ftr i personally feel the faces are fine.

I went and watched a few conversation clips from ME1, the stuff in this video is worse. They weren't even spectacular in the first place and compared to contemporary games its a joke.

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Did they fire a bunch of people during the development?

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Ok seriously is Rorie ok? He asks questions that have been answered not even minutes ago. I'm worried about him now

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This looks real bad

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Animation has never been Bioware's strong point, the weird body/facial animations and tons of clipping during cut-scenes has always been there. The writing however was good enough for me to ignore the lack of polish. But I've really not been digging their writing from DA2 onward, which makes the other faults weigh that much more heavier for me.

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I feel like as I'm watching this I'm listening to a drunk person describe what a new Mass Effect is like, certain they're wrong but just smiling and nodding, and not really listening.

Still buying it, but 99% because of its pedigree.

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I would argue the we were born to explore and we are going to do so is a better set up than we are leaving because we have to. We WERE born to explore and the fact we seem to have stopped doing so sense the 60's is sad and needs to change.

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@dezinus said:
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Shit, I missed this during the stream but this video highlights it so well. Why is the dialogue so disjointed and why does Ryder step into frame like "Here I am!" when they were standing there to begin with?

@north6 said:

I feel like as I'm watching this I'm listening to a drunk person describe what a new Mass Effect is like, certain they're wrong but just smiling and nodding, and not really listening.

Still buying it, but 99% because of its pedigree.

What pedigree? Are you talking about Bioware because the people that made that company great have all since left. That's like buying Rare's Kinect games because hey, it's Rare and Banjo Kazooie was pretty good.

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@jbick89: I guess that's part of the thrust of my argument; that Yakuza 0 handles this all better by having far less, while Mass Effect tries to animate and voice everything all the time.

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I'm not saying it looks amazing, but don't give me this crap about them phoning it in with a "chosen one/messiah" story when 2, the most highly praised game in the series, has Shepherd literally killed and resurrected in the first 30 minutes because he's the only one who can save humanity.