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Posted By andriv

cool cool cool

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Posted By Desmora


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Posted By darth_furder

The ultimate price

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Edited By Mr_Skeleton

A k-k-k-kiss...?!

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Can't wait for the cleavage outrage train to pick up this game.

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Edited By IBurningStar

I am fucking tired of watching trailers that tell me exactly nothing about the actual game.

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Posted By billyhoush

My gigolo glass are prescription.

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Edited By probablytuna

Wait, Deep Silver? Whaaaat.

Also, giggity.

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Edited By Vonocourt

Those shots of the moon, pre-ordered.

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Edited By Dangerloves

I'll stick to Takashi Miike, Yoshihiro Nishimura and Suehiro Maruo for my "Weirdo Japan" stuff.

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Edited By Icemo

Deep Silver is taking over the world! Run for your lives!

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Posted By JunkHype

I don't like the way that dude's arm looks.

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Posted By spiralsin

I'm so confused...but I think I like it...

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Posted By paisan13

I like Suda's games, usually, but in this case I really don't get it, all I thought when watching this trailer was....WTF?!?!?!?

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Edited By Weatherking

@iburningstar: So you missed the part where it was obviously tone setting and the part where it was clearly a third person character action game? Snark, snark?

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Posted By ouren

STRANGE, but I want to play it.

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Posted By Reisz

His cybernetic arm interfaces OVER the suit?


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Posted By zagzagovich

Hey, Moon Mansion? I'm in.

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Posted By Swordcery

Surprise candidate for GOTY?

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Edited By dropabombonit

This looks even crazier than usual Suda 51 stuff, can't wait

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Posted By TheManWithNoPlan

The Moon? I'm in.

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Posted By JordanaRama

I don't. What? This looks amazing.

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Posted By Ravelle

I am fucking tired of watching trailers that tell me exactly nothing about the actual game.

As strange as it may sound that's actually a good thing as it spoils nothing, yet it lets you know this game is totally nuts and you should play this.

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Posted By nickux

Like all Suda 51 games I'm already sold. Dude has his hits and misses but when it hits- OH MAN, love it.

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Edited By Phished0ne

Oh jesus, the main character's name is Mondo Zappa.

@probablytuna said:

Wait, Deep Silver? Whaaaat.

Also, giggity.

This is a european trailer. Deep Silver is only publishing the game Europe, its being published by XSeed for the US.

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Posted By NannyBuckles

Great day.

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Posted By Parsnip

Yep, I'm curious. Hopefully it actually plays well.

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Posted By BRNK

@alex, you always write the best deks. Kudos, sir.

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Posted By kennybaese

Yup, sure looks like a Suda 51 game. Bet I'll play it and enjoy it quite a bit.

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Posted By wadtomaton

Gigolo Glass is the natural evolution of the google glasses.

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Edited By zaccheus

After watching follow these simple steps:

Shake your head slowly back and forth, stop and take a deep breath, let out a befuddled sigh, try constructing a coherent thought, give up and start shaking your head again. Repeat as needed.

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Posted By DedBeet

Reminds me of when I used to get high and watch weird stuff...*sigh*...I kind of wish I was high.

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Posted By DedBeet

I am fucking tired of watching trailers that tell me exactly nothing about the actual game.

It's possible that trailer told you everything about that game.

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Edited By jerseyscum

Any other developer, this would be seen more of the shameless and juvenile sexist content plaguing the industry. Kotaku would have at least six click-bait articles on this trailer alone.

Thankfully, Suda 51 gets a pass. Because he's fucking awesome.

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Posted By AngerPanda

Kind of looks like he just made No More Heroes 3 but with a different protagonist. Who knows? Might be cool. I'll follow the development. Hopefully it plays a little better than NMH. Much as I like those games, I found them pretty rough around the edges, gameplay-wise.

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Edited By Bombzinski

I haven't played Shadows or Lollipop yet, but the consensus seems to be that Suda51 has kind of fallen off lately. But this looks very much in the vein of his classics.

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Posted By Albedo12

I give this game a Killer 7 out of 10

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Posted By Benmo316

Is Gigolo Glass Google Glass' competitor?

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Posted By Ghost_of_Perdition

I like crazy.

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Edited By MeatSim

It seems like a very logical game.

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Posted By RadleyDuder

Wow, that trailer actually turned me off from this game. Bummer. Oh well, it's not like it's the only game out there :P

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Posted By mrcraggle
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Posted By bybeach

I don't know...the ladies riding the syringes was kind of titillating. I know Suda is capable of more than just whacked, though

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Edited By el_stork

cool Ella Fitzgerald

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Edited By lordofultima

@ravelle said:

@iburningstar said:

I am fucking tired of watching trailers that tell me exactly nothing about the actual game.

As strange as it may sound that's actually a good thing as it spoils nothing, yet it lets you know this game is totally nuts and you should play this.

I dunno, I feel this probably told us a lot about that game. As weird as that may be.

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Edited By TheRedDeath

When I first started playing Killer 7, I knew damn well that the game was going to make no sense from start to finish, and while it explained SOME things, for the most part, I was right. I accepted that fact right away and was able to enjoy the game's weirdness, and I think that's the mentality I'm going to take going into this game.

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Posted By meaninoflife42

So... Endurance Run?

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Edited By Demoskinos

I can't wait for this game. Both to play it and to see all the precious overblown arguments about "sexisim" that its going to stir up with the "Gigolo Vision" mode. I've not really even followed this but I don't have to Suda is involved so I'll enjoy the hell out of it just like I did Lollipop Chainsaw last year.

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