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Forgot this was on the horizon, but it's timely as hell - I recently dusted off my music gear (and made a couple of new acquisitions, damn you Korg) so my synthesis lust is back and stronger than ever.

There better be a satisfying way to control LPF cutoff, so help me God...

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Hmmm. Not much about the game there.

You're my favorite type of internet video game commentor.

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This game is a complete mystery to me and I wanna solve it.

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I was expecting this to explode and drop into dubstep song.

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OSC: Orgasmic Synth Copulation

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Since I absolutely love synthesizers, I've also looked forward to this since I first heard of it a couple of years ago.

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The Grid...

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My body is ready. My soul is willing. Take me there, Fract OSC.

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I like how the progression bar's movement is in sync with the trailer's sound.

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Very stoked about this game, I feel like it's been teased for so long!

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I'm with @patrickklepek in the "Been looking forward to this for years" camp. Hopefully we are not disappointed!

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Very interessted in this, especially since they worked so long on it.

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Hmmm. Not much about the game there.

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Yup, this will be mine.