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Posted By Dacnomaniac

D: it won't play for me!

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Posted By Mezmero

It looks pretty cool but I doubt it's worth finishing. The ending is pointless since all the Showdown Relays end up exploding no matter what choice you make. They'll probably need to add DLC to make your ending seem more inevitable. I'm waiting for Showdown Effect 2 where you're putting this team of badasses together.

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Posted By benu302000

Magicka was brilliant. This looks amazing. It had better be voiced entirely in Swedish.

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Edited By Tesla

I thought this was some kind of exercise game based on the thumbnail and almost didn't even bother watching the video. Glad I did though, as the game looks pretty neat at first glance.

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Edited By Christoffer

@Amafi said:

@Christoffer said:

Nobel peace prize winning scientist father? What kind of science is that?

Norman Borlaug got a peace price for his contributions to securing the world food supply and he basically invented better wheat and did biology. Can't think of any others off the top of my head.

Well alright then, I guess it's possible for a scientist to get a peace prize. Come to think of it, they should get more peace prizes.

Edit: much better than the f-ing EU, am I right?

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Posted By HellknightLeon

Don't care much about the game... but funny all the same. "fight to the death... or die trying." :)

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Posted By artofwar420

Look awesome.

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Posted By Castiel

@Dacnomaniac said:

D: it won't play for me!

I guess you are not man enough to see the trailer...

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Posted By AlexanderSheen

The guy with the chopsticks, man, that is a skill!

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Posted By Dredlockz

@AlexanderSheen said:

The guy with the chopsticks, man, that is a skill!

was thinking the same thing. could it be that it was played backwards? like he did the normal grab, then just wiggled them around like crazy.

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Posted By birdhermes
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Posted By Dberg
None makes trailers like the Magicka dudes.

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