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This is the single greatest parody of 60 Minutes I ever ever seen.

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Rap Man for president!

Also, want the full song.

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Jeff for President.

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This is so great! so great!

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Best thing i have ever seen :D

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mcdonalds and coca cola appearances in the beginning of the xcom portion a subtle joke or actual product placement?

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This can only end well.

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Prepare the Murder Slingshot for those Hunkers.

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Wow, these are amazing!

i tried hunk at a party once.....

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this video is great!

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nice job !

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I love you guys. Cant wait to see what day 3 brings! :D

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It's only day 2 and everything is already amazing. Can't wait for the rest.

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this stuff is just fantastic, again nicely done guys

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Sooooo TWD isn't getting the big one since it got it's own award and won best debut? Hmmm.

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This just get's better and better. Can't wait till Wednesday's spoof.

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Pluto? Shit!

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Boycott Rap Man.

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I am hunked off my head right now. I love GiantBomb so hard.

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@KittyVonDoom said:

Sooooo TWD isn't getting the big one since it got it's own award and won best debut? Hmmm.

my money is that the final goty talk is between walking dead,  journey, and xcom, 
with my dark horse for GOTY be asuras wrath
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@Mr48: The latest episode of NDX will sort you out on that.

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Yes ! these are fucking AMAZING ! <>

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Loading Video...

I can't be the first to link to this video...

Remember CAKE it's a made up drug

(And for thoses outside of the UK they are all real celebs/politicians who where duped into making they statements in the video, including the MP who did really table a question in the house about the drug. Oh and PS buy the Brass Eye DVD's they are amazing.)

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These videos are getting better. Keep them rocking. And man, XCOM looks so good I want it. But I have to wait a little bit.

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I'm confident in saying that Jeff as a rap guy is always the greatest thing that GB does ever .

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I am, however, glorifying Nathan. Get Hunk'd.

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smoke hunk errday

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@stonepawfox: The McDonald's has been sitting there since the 100 Nug Challenge during the Big Live Live Show.

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The Rap Man is my hero.

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@White said:

Jeff is the Hurdy Durdy man.

I fucking lost it when Jeff started talking. xD

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Yo Jeff, you should rhyme about Pluto!

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This video is so good I got fucking hunked out of mind on it. Now I'm homeless. Thanks a lot, Rap Man.

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anybody need that izzy bizzy holla atcha boy

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This is too good for 2 guys, man. Too good. Congrats Vinny and Drew!!

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Man, XCOM is fucking great.

I said "goddamn, this game is so good" to myself at least five times during the Quick Look portion.

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Brad nailed it.

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I'm just gonna leave this here:

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@MrGtD: i accept this as resolution to my query!

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So damn good.

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That first part of this video..WOW! Hunk, huh...sniffing tennnis. Sounds gross........

That second part, the tension. I'm getting this game, completely sold now.

Edit..WarDanw in's ano longer in the worst position in this game' Meaning it for WarDawg just went from negative to a now decent positive..

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Bryan Davis looks a lot like Ryan Davis... And they have very similar names, too. I think they might be the same person!

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This is amazing. I can't wait to see what's next!

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@stonepawfox said:

mcdonalds and coca cola appearances in the beginning of the xcom portion a subtle joke or actual product placement?

That's a McNuggets box from when Alexis tried to eat 100 McNuggets during the last Big Live Live Show. Not sure about the coke.

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I would say that video was a...Slam dunk.

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I told myself I wasn't going to buy any new games until I cleared out my backlog a bit but now I really want to play X Com.