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You overdid youself this time GB. I haven't laughed this much in a while. Hats off to Jeff and Brad in this one.

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Rap Man is the greatest rapper ever.

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@xbob42 said:

I'm sure someone posted this already, but I will too just in case:

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I dunno why, but Brad reading nakedly from a script is hilarious to me.

Oh man, that just makes the entire video so much better!

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hurdy gurdy man xD

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Most I've laughed at the internet in ages!

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@buzz_clik said:

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I will buy the shit of that shirt... right fucking now. buzz_clik does it again!

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My favorite overall :] hunking it

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why is the herdy gerdy shot inverted? is it inverted? am i crazy? i swear i saw a helicopter somewhere in there too...

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... Anyone!

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This bit was soo good. My favorite one. They nailed 60 minutes.

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Please tell me their is a download of the sick song Jeff was rapping.

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@Osaladin: There is!

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*dramatic pause**


That was just great and seriously a good performance Brad!

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Amazing performances all round. I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face.

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He ain't glorifying nathan!

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That dunk is here to stay. 

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This is a story on Jenkem right?

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For the love of Earth, Ryan, RELOAD.

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favorite one by far. Jeff's modulated voice bit is excellent. Reminds me of Saint's Row 3; probably uncoincidentally.

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That was one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen. Rapper Jeff <3

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I'd buy the Rap Man's record.

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Saw this on TV. Other news organizations picking up on Brad's story, I suppose. Or maybe she's hooked on hunk.

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Brad truly missed his calling as a 60 Minutes interviewer and high-profile investigative journalist.