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Posted By UlquiorraSchiffer

Thank god someone said Hotline Miami.

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Posted By Fishdingo5

XCOM #1, Loved it, I'm glad this genre is making a comeback

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Posted By clumsyninja1

As someone that has a daughter I can totally relate to Lee and Clem. The ultimate sacrifice

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Posted By Godlyawesomeguy

I admire and aspire to have the large vocabulary Ryan has one day.

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Posted By Snakepond

Thank you Ryan. Finally someone mentions Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

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Posted By LikeaSsur

I never pegged Ryan as a strategy fan. Guess I was wrong.

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Posted By dvorak

Ryan, it's okay to talk in other volume levels than FULL ON ALL THE TIME BILLY MAYS STYLE VOICE.

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Posted By lowestformofwit

Nice number 1 Ryan. Xcom was definitely my game of the year.

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Posted By kingjulesxii

Watching these again because I miss him so goddamn much. Thank you for bringing me so much joy, Ryan. :)

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Posted By Jevonsp

Goddamn, I miss you Ryan. RIP and shake them babies in heaven.

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Posted By shinyd3mon

Such a bummer we're not gonna get one of these from Ryan this year. He had such a specific (but a lot of the time great) taste in games, and the site end-of-year top 10s just aren't gonna be the same without him.

Love ya big guy.