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Sky Bananas are delicious :)

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Needs more Vinny

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hmmm watched this through once and no quest...sadness

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@Jonny7892 said:

If the Wii U graphics aren't as good as the current gen then what the hell are Nintendo doing? Hopefully all the stuff wasn't actually running on the system and the graphics will at least be equal.

I think Reggie admitted that the dev kits aren't final and most of that stuff that the GB crew in this video was calling "early 360 level" was, ironically, actually running on a 360, PS3, or PC.

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Rich G!

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Heh. And the trailers/footage in the Wii U trailer from the thirdparty games were actually taken from 360 and PS3 trailers. Oh Nintendo, just die already. 

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Heh, that's pretty embarassing guys. You talked about the games looking worse than 360/PS3 games and we  know now it was in fact footage of actual 360/PS3 games :D

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@waypoetic said:

Heh. And the trailers/footage in the Wii U trailer from the thirdparty games were actually taken from 360 and PS3 trailers. Oh Nintendo, just die already.

All of sony's original PS3 videos were prerendered and passed off as gameplay.

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Why is this not getting me the quest?

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Awesome video!
Sky bananas sound like a stoner's delight

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@abdo said:

"Transfarring into other cars", nice.

Oh, they showed the new Driver game?

(I haven't even seen the joke in the video... but it makes total sense. ;)

edit: #159, not bad for sleeping in. there were 36 when I hit play.

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Bottoms up, mother fuckers.

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"..mashy...fodder enemies..."

That is NOT Ninja Gaiden! Arrghhh

Honestly, after the disappointment that Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma was (with several gameplay changes that make it worse than Ninja Gaiden 2), my expectations for this game lowered somewhat. It sounds like my fears my have been warranted.

Just hurry up and put some kind of Ninja Gaiden Black/Sigma hybrid on the 3ds and we'll all be happy.

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Rich always throws things at the camera.

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@Romination said:

@waypoetic said:

Heh. And the trailers/footage in the Wii U trailer from the thirdparty games were actually taken from 360 and PS3 trailers. Oh Nintendo, just die already.

All of sony's original PS3 videos were prerendered and passed off as gameplay.

I don't think you understood what I said exactly.
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e3 was awesome

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oh come on, you can't just show a Dark Souls sign and not even mention the damn thing..... I wish they weren't so biased towards it.

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Nailed the Mr Caffiee good/bad, NAILED IT

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These guys are amping up my anticipation for BF3 even more. I'm not a big FPS guy, but this game is among my most anticipated games this year.

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Sorry but if someone could respond that would be great, is there a Day3 podcast tonight. I fell asleep before the last one was over so I'm not sure.
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Hey, was Alex holding back some of his awfulness?

He seemed to be spazzing out at the end, but I didn't cringe once throughout this video, Good job Alex! :D

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That is NOT footage recorded on the Wii U, it was recorded on a PC. How do I know? Look at the www.fraps.com logo on the Ghost Recon Online video.

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No Ryan, Luigis Mansion is great. I started playing it today (never finished it when it came out). Only problem is using the C-stick and forced inverted controls *ugh*

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Seriously don't get a racing wheel.

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Love the coverage. Keep up the great work guys!

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Aha!  I knew I recognized the music at 2:15~4:15.  It was used in Starscape.

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Thats how 
we do 
in panamaaaaaaaAAaaAAaaAaaa 

  1:17 for music!   Reggie is awesome
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Speaking with Vinny on games i'd like to see made on the WiiU; Fatal Frame.

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Ryan wears big polo-shirts.

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Rich Gallup says, "balls."

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so many jokes on the late-casts make so much more sense now!

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@Phished0ne said:
Thats how  we do  in panamaaaaaaaAAaaAAaaAaaa
How is it that this is the first comment to mention this?
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First time watching video, no quest. Second time watching video, ended suddenly two minutes before the end. Third time's the charm? fuck

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Ah I love these videos.

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Feeling better about BF3 now. Hell if it is BC3 I still would play this game!

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we not getting any Sony games? You all went to MS and all going to Wii u but what of Uncharted 3 etc??

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I need one of those sky bananas. 

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*tears of joy* i love GB so much...even alex

damn how much "caffeine" does poor ryan take these days. he has wolf eyes

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@Govannan: That's exactly what I did! I got some pretty weird stares from the people in my office from doing so.

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oh man 30 minutes of content!!!! haha that break in music when Ryan says "No" was awesome.

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Sky banana mouth...

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Just got to applaud the editing and production on these videos. Really outdoing not only yourselves, fellas, but totally trouncing the competition.

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Nice to hear Ryan and Brad actually come out and acknowledge how terrible the Wii u is as a console name.

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Did you guys go to a wedding after shooting this video? Im just wondering why Jeff is wearing long pants.

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Was that really Rich Gallup there at the end of the video? :D

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Battlefield 3 seems to be the Game of the Show this year. 

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