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GB Cribz is a pretty great idea.

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Posted By DrWhat

That frog is amazing. rip sir!

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Posted By Applekid

I really miss you Ryan. Never spoke to you or knew you personally but I liked having your videos in my life.

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This is pretty hard to watch now. :( Dude had some kick ass posters.

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"Here are the bare essentials."

*shelf includes Haze*

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Holy crap, I've never seen this video, that's awesome, I was looking at the incredible crisis page cause I heard about it on a unprofessional fridays.

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Wow I stumbled upon a treasure trove of old videos. Ryan is such a baller it's insane!

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I wish I had a bobblehead of myself :).

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Thanks again Ryan!

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Oh god. Black Velvet art... Ryan is so 80s kitch.

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@Ineedaname: write, not right :D sorry had to :D
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Sweet crib! People really underestimate it, but I think it's interesting to take a look at everyday life. It'll be fun to watch documents of stuff like that in 10-20 years time.

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Still not seen the other guys' houses :<

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I love how Ryan completely avoided his bedroom, I mean come on he talks about magic happening in the living room couches and the desk chair.. Why not the bed? Haha Nah you got a nice ass house Ryan, or did.
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this is how babies are made..

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WOW Now I know how to racks his joint

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Seriously kick ass house, it makes me actually want to move out and set up my own place! Unforunately... I am 14. /sadface

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@destruktive: i'm seconding this notion. GB Cribz Edition GO TEAM
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I want more vids like this for all the other people at giantbomb.

go do!

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I want that bobblehead!!!

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Awesome house!

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My jaw dropped when I saw the games.

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LOVED IT!! super interesting! keep em coming!!

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DUDE, Paul's Boutique is a CLASSIC. In my top 5 greatest records of all time. Props brother.

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Cool feature Ryan.  It's nice getting to learn a little bit more about the people who run these game websites.  I figured most game journalists lived in apartments, but it looks like you've got your own place.  Pretty nice set-up.

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I love that  the Beastie Boys "Paul's Boutique" is on top of the other records

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That Portal posted is kick ass!  Nice vid Ryan, thanks for the tour!

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"Finger Box"?  I can't wait for the jokes that will ensue about that.

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Rockin the Battle Cat.  Nice!

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Posted By Nate

Yes! Do post more of these vids. Good stuff.
Also - don't think we missed the omission of kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. I'm on to your games, and I know what you are hiding!

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Some of the most enjoyable videos I have seen on this site.

This is what makes GiantBomb great.

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EndrzGame said:
This is what I love about this sight, the personal touch. Yeah I'm sure we could all be our own ... [more]
i totally agree
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that was a breath of fresh air. Something not entirely about video games! (not that thats a bad thing but still) I hope we get to see more of the staff's homes.

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Very cool. Wish I had all those games, not because I'd play 'em, just to show off I guess.

I'm only at around 20ish next-gen games right now.

14 PS3, 4 Wii, and 5 PC.

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In your painting with the man with the turban, there is a hidden image of a girl's head in his left shoulder that's facing the same way as the camel. Check it out.

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No tour of the fridge?!  Blasphemy!

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Paul's Boutique vinyl right on top of the pile Ryan!!!

I'm very VERY impressed sir.

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Nice set up. I have exactly the same systems hooked up right now.  PS3, Wii, 360, Dreamcast, Xbox. 

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Nice, hope we'll see the other's home sweet home's as well.

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I'm really hoping that there are more of these coming--it'd be a cool way to connect with the rest of the editorial team.

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I have those same Paradigm speakers.  I got them 10 years ago with HS graduation money.  I bought a whole 5.1 surround system with those speakers and they freaking rock!  Awesome-ness!  I love that you guys are always doing personal related stuff so we can get to know you better which makes for a more "intimate" experience with website.  great stuff!

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Ryan's game shelf looks almost exactly like mine:  tons of 360 games and a few Wii and PS3 games. 

He loves them points!

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Good to see that the Giant Bomb crew have wide interests outside gaming. I get irritated speaking to other people into video games when that is allthey obsess about. Sometimes, you want to talk about some hot vinyl, or some black velvet paintings.

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ryans house is pretty pimp. I do however want to see vinneys house and get all the staff together to try and lift that CRT television he said he had a few podcasts ago, everyone breaking their backs simultaniously would be absolute hilariousness

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People are getting butt hurt cause he doesnt have many ps3 games compared to the Wii and 360???

Get a Fucking Life.  its his personal choice on whatever systems he decides to play on 

Go Worship your PS3 in your house no ones gonna stop you. but that doesnt mean Every other person in the world has to. Morons
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And love me I want that dam sander cohen poster, I can only imagine how much pee-wee was.

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Hell yeah is that Paul's Boutique on vinyl? ShiminySWEEEEEEEEEET

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Fr0Br0 said:
Dude, Ryan, you have NO games for your PS3... Yet you some how have Haze?
Well, most American game journalists seem to be Xbox fans (I see so few exceptions that the PS3 may as well not even be covered by most sites despite a good deal of great exclusives), but he probably has Haze because he got it for free anyway and has nothing else for his PS3 in another room like he probably does with 360.

What's really weird is that he has more Wii games than PS3 games. That's just f*cked up...
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Arjuna said:
What about the bedroom, sexy? *wink*
You mean the dungeon? He wasn't dressed for the occasion.
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I wan't a Ryan bobblehead