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Rich Gallup is hereby compulsory for all future expo videos.

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Its 7 am and I literally laughed out loud, very loud,  at Jeff using the PS3 motion controller. I'm sure my sleeping fiance didn't appreciate that.

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The movie was filled with awesomeness and if that wasn't enough, Rich Gallup just made it epic! /hail Btw Rich, I wanna hear more about that game you are working on!!! I hope GB is one of the first that gets the info :)

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amazing video :D Ryan with a drink + ps move = brilliant. also part with Jeff talking about automatic desks was hilarious. pixeljunk guy was pretty boring tough. still... awesome job guys!

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Alright lets cut to the chase, how fast are your trees?

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editing was pretty top notch in this video, like the music work ins also.

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Awesome video. 

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Oh God, the SpeedTree thing is one of the funniest things I've ever seen on GB.
Actually, this whole video is pretty rad.

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God damn! Speed Treee Interview was golden!!

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How much awesomeness can a 13 minute video contain? Here lays the answer. Amazing stuff.
Congrats to Vinny for top-notch editing. You, sir, are a master.

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@SoulAssassin808 said:
" $10 000 for a fucking tree maker? "
It's a time/money saver in the long run when you don't have to program your own tree and foliage simulation.
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That video was amazing. Brilliant into and ending, Rich signing off giant bomb videos = win.
"How does it feel to be in the future spaceman? AAAAaaahhhuuuaaaAAAHHHHUUUaaahhhhh"

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I love the fucking Apollo 11 taking off music for Ryan in the stupid sphere. 

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@august said:
What're you making, a 3rd person shooter? That shit sucks dicks!
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I'm in love with zombie medicine lady

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This is so good, the speed tree stuff was really awesome.

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Great video and great editing at the end. Nice to see Rich as well.
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oooooooo.. I know the last guy from the video with the outro :D 
was the first to leave on the spot crew!!

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Of course the mime doing motion cap has a pony tail.  Of course.

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This is now my favourite video on the site. FACT. 
Also: YES Rich Gallup.

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I fucking love speed tree !!! SPEED TREE FUCKING OWNSNSNSSNSNSSZZZ Z !!!

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Does anybody wonder if the SpeedTree company owns like... a few hundred acres where they grow every kind of tree known to man, just to be able to model them all in the middleware?
Thoughts like these keep me up at night.

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You guys are really hitting your stride.
Top work fellas. 

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@Sanj said:
" Lol, I kinda feel bad for the speedtree dude who Ryan was mocking. "
Same. I know Ryan was trying to be funny but he was coming off as a drunken buffoon. The dude is just trying to do his job and Ryan was a douche.
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Lol. Ryan likes to drink booze @ work.

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Also, Amazing sign off. I miss Rich....

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That Speed Tree interview was fucking hilarious.

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@HairyToeKnuckles said:
" @Sanj said:
" Lol, I kinda feel bad for the speedtree dude who Ryan was mocking. "
Same. I know Ryan was trying to be funny but he was coming off as a drunken buffoon. The dude is just trying to do his job and Ryan was a douche. "

lmao at you guys
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Fantastic coverage of GDC 2010!  This video is just the highlight for having the awesome SpeedTree guy and that crazy fucking sphere-thing. All the interviews and features are quite good and interesting - I can't even imagine being informed about gaming without GB being part of it anymore.
Also: DragonTree for the win!

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GiantBall.com is actually already taken.  Good one, though.

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oh man, the PS3 dildo looks sooo dumb. i can't imagine waving that around while playing games.

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@DaleNorth said:
" You're damned right I was blogging away. Blogging away and eating those little chicken skewers. God, those were good. "
Totally appropriate thing to do in the blogger's lounge! Us drinkers and Talking-Into-Camera-ers were really just crapping up the joint!
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LOL. They all look sooooo shitfaced. I wonder if the guys at GB get stoned as well.

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LOVED the video.

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I grow the fastest trees, if you know what I mean.

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Have fun at GDC.

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Great job Giantbomb! Keep 'em coming.

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@dudeglove said:
" LOL. They all look sooooo shitfaced. I wonder if the guys at GB get stoned as well. "
Those dudes are high, all the time. Except when they are in the office since its underground.
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Guys, the new video player is kind of broken  =/

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Great video.
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SpeedTree...finally the wait is over.

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Jeff looks so excited when playing the Move

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Friend price grass to give away. Nuff said.

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I just had to do it.

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Zombrex lady is HOT

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 How much is your Grass code, man?
 How much is your Grass code, man?

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The power of Vivaldi!