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I love dashboards. Make everything a car!!

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Come on, man, make that thing work a little harder.

Let's see an even 2K rpm.

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Yeah Mailbag!

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MS? Meh! Move over for some quality mailbag!

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Looking at the sidebar for this video and I didn't know that there was a Star Wars fighting game.

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Fuck da PS.

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Wow. A mailbag! Woohoo!

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Jeff's a lefty.

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Finally, the real news story of today, the postal service sucks! (Not the band, maybe the band.)

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You have to play Project Horned Owl with a joystick. It's really really hard to play that game with a light gun.

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I use the same widget. Love it.

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EA should remake Masters of Teras Kasi but ya know like a good version. co-pro it with Namco Bandi

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Oh man they better play demo girl on unprof fridays.

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Poor games. Being sent into Giant Bomb Hell where mailbag games go to die.

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Stop sending them your old junk and wet boxes pls.

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My memory of Teras Kasi was on a playstation demo disc.

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GiantBombVision brought to you by CBS.

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Coke and Pepsi tend to taste better from the uk and Europe due to the addition of different sugars/sweeteners

not used in the US

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Didn't Alex do a video feature about the review process with that RoboCop game? can anyone dig that up?

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"Here's another wet box" - Jeff Gerstmann

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@nekuctr said:

Didn't Alex do a video feature about the review process with that RoboCop game? can anyone dig that up?

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Masters of Teras Kasi better be on UPF

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Jeff should make Alex do an Encyclopedia Bombastica for Robocop.

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Half of my family works for the Postal Service. It's a huge no-no to open a package without cause. Even if the package smells like weed, they can't open it. unsure about policy if a box is leaking liquid.

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I love me a mailbag video.

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That's one hot CPU

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Terras Kasi endurance run.

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Heh. Teras Kasi, my friend had that game. It was... not very good, in retrospect.

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Jeff seemed genuinely thrilled by Demolition Girl. This game is getting played.

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You got my PS2 games and Coke Zeroes! Awesome :D

The Coke Zero were more as a joke, since I thought it would be funny to send American drinks to America.

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I've been waiting with bated breath for Star Wars: Masters of Tera's Kasi to show up on an Unprofessional Fridays. This mailer rocks.

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By the way, it takes 40 minutes to play through Demolition Girl in its entirety, so you could make an Endurance Run of it on Friday.

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Oh GOD, not the Titus Robocop game. Anything but the Titus Robocop game

(UPF here we come)

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Alex's review system for terrible games should always be what food this game is worth eating instead of buying the game.

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The GameSpot video review of Robocop from Alex Navarro is legendary. Meatball subs are involved.

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I demand to see more of giant stomping bikini girl game! O____O

edit- I just watched a youtube vid of it. This game is spectacularly special. :D

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Oh, man. That Robocop game...

I've only ever seen it played on Broken Pixels, but it looks terrible.

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Awesome they got my Box. (I sent in Star Wars Masters of Teras Kasi Box!)

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I wish I had a job where people sent me sub-standard video games and foreign carbonated beverages.

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@rvone said:

@nekuctr said:

Didn't Alex do a video feature about the review process with that RoboCop game? can anyone dig that up?

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I REALLY hope Alex was purposefully giving off that Nic Cage vibe during this.

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@benny said:

I REALLY hope Alex was purposefully giving off that Nic Cage vibe during this.

That's so weird. I've followed Alex on Gamespot through to here since the early 2000s and never noticed that before! haha

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Fucking Gunman Chronicles! I loved that game, I just wish my copy had survived my move.

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The Mailbag is the real Dumptruck. People just palm off their unwanted shit and then get props for it?.. Kudos to you guys, genius!!!

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I have that Dashboard widget. It's actually quite handy.