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That's neat eh?

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RIP AND TEAR DayZ knife ;_;

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I saw, having a hard time believing.

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man(knife) down! man(knife) down!

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That is the most perfect timing ever.

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Wow I just glanced at the thumbnail for that shirt real quick and I thought it was a super meat boy shirt.

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Hope Dan can get his stuff back or at least replace them. Fucking burglars

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Use a knife..................to get a bigger knife!

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OMG these snitch shirts are amazing!

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I don't know if I would feel ok getting a box full of knives in the mail.

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I get way too excited to see/hear my home state mentioned. Stoked on this box full of classy South Carolina shit. Really want to see these knives make cameos in mailbags.

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@pewp said:

That's neat eh?

That it is Pewp, that it is

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Well at least Giant Bomb crew is now armed in case the zombie apocalypse starts at Pax.

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It makes me eternally happy that I'm not the only one that loves Constantine. Although I like the graphic novels, too.

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As a Frank Frazetta fanatic, i was suddenly got really really jelous about one third through the video...

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Don't give this man knives!

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Fuck yeah new knives!

Oh my god my sides are in orbit over that Mortal Kombat Pog Slammer. If it had F.R.I.E.N.D.S on the other side, it would had been the most 90's thing ever.

Crazy mailbags! Thanks for sending them!

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Gape Newell

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Holy crap, that's a lot of knives and HD DVDs. One hell of a mailbag.

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Hah, awesome mailbag.

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I am so happy they got my mailbag! The HD-DVDs are no longer staring at me taunting me for my mistakes!

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how can such a tool of the man enjoy giantbomb, im so perplexed

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rip cop knife

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Ew, President's Choice. Why that of all the brands here.

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american cops are so creepy

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@danlongman: I shall remember you forever as "HD DVD Duder".

Even Fairbairn–Sykes derivatives... Truly the Gabe Newell mailbag.

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holy shit one of the best mailbags

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This might be the best mailbag ever. That cutlass looking knife was insane.

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HD DVD, the format of the South.

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I was laughing to myself when the shiv broke, thinking about all the knives people would send you. Little did we know...

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Greatest mailbag

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"Now this is full of pogs and knives."

- Jeff Gerstman, 2014

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Jeff should put all those knives on display around his desk and wait to see how people in the office react. Maybe even take a few into some meetings while making "suggestions" for the site.

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RIP DayZ knife.

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Giant Bomb PAX Panels = Buckfast

Also, could someone with knife experience at CBSi PLEASE show Jeff how to properly handle different knives? I kept saying to myself, "This is finally when Jeff loses a finger during a Mailbag."

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Now there should be no excuse for Dan to not see Blade Runner anymore.

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These were some great packages.

And I hope Dan can get his consoles back.

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I remember I got into HD DVD when it first came out. Got Zodiac, Smokin' Aces and King Kong. Thankfully I got a PS3 shortly after that and realized that Blu ray was going to win and stopped buying HD DVDs.

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Loading Video...

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What, no dealer cases?

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Be careful guys- CBSi Human Resources may have a thing or two to say about all those knives you have at your desk.

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Newfoundland shoutout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@cdon said:

Now there should be no excuse for Dan to not see Blade Runner anymore.

Wasn't HD DVD dead by the time the final cut came out though? So the HD DVD release would probably be the director's cut. It's a totally fine version of the movie, but most seem to prefer final cut.

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Next time there is an earthquake, look out for your three gallons of water because Jeff is now serious about collecting his fair share.

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