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Wow. Why don`t I ever get stuff like that in the mail.

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hooray for more mailbag videos

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Really liking all of these mailbags lately!

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Jeff you have to be the box in order to open it

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Jeff had his F bomb mode on or something.

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Busy week for mail in the Giantbomb office isn't it. Also that was fuckin nasty dude seriously fuckin nasty. I'm glad I'm on the other side of the planet from that meat.
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Yasssss. More mailbag!

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So much Mailbag, I love it!

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More Mailbag!!!

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This should be called Meatbag instead of Mailbag.

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Ah, nothing like getting raw meat in the mail.

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Oh man, that was just nasty.
Poor Jeff .

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That is one stupid fucking press-package.

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Why the hell was Jeff so prissy when digging into the meat. Has he never touched ground beef?

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@KingOfIceland said:
" Why the hell was Jeff so prissy when digging into the meat. Has he never touched ground beef? "
Have you had to go through old meat coloured with red marker sent to you through the mail with bullets and other crap in it? 
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ooh god it's like a SAW puzzle

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"Tear the box up". Oh jeeze.

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new MK looks nuts

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Gotta love some mailbag videos

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Holy crap.  Raw meat.  Publisher-to-journalist marketing has gone to a whole new level.

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Box opening tip: Sides first

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@Julian:  Send me a little money, and I promise I'll send you some meat in the mail.
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thats seriously fucked up!!! lol but it is pretty awsome tho !! 

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Jeff sure is potty-mouthed in this video.  Maybe what they say about meat and aggression is true.

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LOVING IITTTTT. If I were there I'd be knee-deep in that shit, come on Jeffy-B!

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"911?  I was just Dumpster diving outside some offices and I found what I can only describe as the aftermath of a murder.  Spent bullet casings bone and I think brain matter everywhere!  Send every armed officer you have."

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The more mailbags the better. I would have kept the shells.

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I can't wait 'til bits of meat fall into that air conditioning unit, rot, and then stink up the Giant Bomb offices for the next month.

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That's fucking gross, what were Epic thinking?

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Yeah Jeff cursing, the way it should be
Also, can anyone figure out what PSP game is on Jeff's desk? Is it P3P?

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I'm sick now.

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I love that you do it on the Air Conditioner.  Let that wonderful smell travel through the office! (I know it won't, but still).  Love the Mailbag vids though.

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@KingOfIceland said:
" Why the hell was Jeff so prissy when digging into the meat. Has he never touched ground beef? "
Because it feels fucking gross and gets under your fingernails and stuff. So much cleaning!
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can I be honest?  I like this confined video format for discussing a topic.  Like... next time there's a crazy speculative thing, I'd like to see more stuff like this.
I love me some bombcast but... I dunno.  Something to consider?

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@TheMustacheHero said:
" Jeff had his F bomb mode on or something. "
Exactly what I was thinking.
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Best Mail bag ever.

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I don't get what book they were talking about. "The Secret" is a title used by basically every romance novelist, and I am interested in none of those.

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Cut the box open away from you Jeff!!

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Poor Jeff.

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god I could watch jeff talk about MK all day 
ooh I love it so much

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So much mailbag D:

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I watched the trailer earlier today and it does look sweet.  Hopefully it's a new game that plays like MK2.