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Huckleberry is indeed awesome. Huckleberry ice cream is awesome in its most pure form.
Well done Montana. Let the STATE MAIL BAG WARS BEGIN!

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Glögg is mulled wine. Served warm.

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"The best honey cums in bears." - Brad Shoemaker

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All those flight simulators just gave me a terrible thought...The Flight Club has been torn asunder!

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djungelvrål is the shit, stop hatin'!

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@spiketail said:

It's a salt-covered licorice trap! Poor @danryckert. Welcome to the GB Mailbag team, duder!

Shit was gross.

It's a rite of passage for all Giant Bomb employees

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Djungelvral is on amazon.


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That "no" in the dota message says everything about that coverage of dota.

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"LAT DEN ENTA KAAAKA!" Jeff's swedish is the best thing.

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Everyone is a hard carry to Jeff. He should ask that question about everyone, everywhere.

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Rapman feat. Swedish Montana

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Hearing Jeff try (and fail) to pronounce the names of Swedish candy is the best. Somebody get that man some polkagrisar and salta patroner.

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Quick reminder that they're running a stream for people new to Dota 2, and it's been great so far.

In other news, I'm pretty hyped for EVO as well. And weird Swedish candy.

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Oh, the set up =)

Jeff did surprisingly well at translating those ingredients though.

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As a Dane I gotta say it's pretty great to hear Jeff "speak" swedish. Also as much as the guys hate liquorice, except for Dan, I wonder if they would like sweet liquorice like Pande lakrids or Finsk lakrids as it's called in Denmark.

I don't mind liquorice, that is to say I'm not the biggest fan though I definitely eat it from time to time, but I really like sweet liquorice.

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Fell down on the floor laughing like a madman when I heard Jeff reading off the text on the Glögg bottle.

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I don't get why people have to be such jerks about Dota. People have different tastes in games than you just like music or anything else, get over it, get over yourselves. Anyways, so much content since the new guys came in and Dan has been really great, Giantbomb's future looking promising again.

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Oh, its Sean Banan.

Fuck that guy.

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Man, djungelvrål is so delicious, top tier candy.

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When Jeff tried to talk in Swedish he sounded like a klingon. Or maybe that's just what Swedish sounds like, I don't know.

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I love hearing Jeff speak swedish. Reminds me of Magicka and Krater. I can only hope we some day get a whole three-hour long video thing of Jeff reading swedish stuff out loud.

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Love the Djunglevral set-up on Dan.

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The way the guys try pronouncing Swedish words hurts my brain.

Also find it weird all Americans seems to hate salty liquorice. It's great.

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@darkest4 said:

I don't get why people have to be such jerks about Dota. People have different tastes in games than you just like music or anything else, get over it, get over yourselves.

Oh sweet irony.

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Taking a break from watching the Brazilian team embarrass themselves to watch some quality GiantBomb content.

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Kinda disappointed that Swede didn't send in one of those new Marabou Caramel bars, because they're really good.

Glögg is mulled wine. Served warm.

Should be noted "warm" doesn't just mean room temperature warm, but actually cooked and sometimes served along with some raisins and almond.

Also, julmust is a pretty disgusting non-alcoholic beer with lots and lots of sugar mixed into it.

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I'm gettin' real tired of this Candy Crush spinoff called DOTA.

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" THIS IS A SETUP!" -Jeff Gerstmann 2014

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@sgtsphynx: Dan is using Patrick old desk. Jason, I believe, is using Sara's old desk. And Drew moved to Vinny's old desk.

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Sean Banan on the GB front page? It's all downhill from here.

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Valve can make things that look really vibrant and full of colour if they set their mind to it. I'll never understand why the only shades in dota are green, greenish red, greenish orange and blue. It's like watching a game through a dirty aquarium.

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As soon as this video started I thought "I should send Dan some Djunglevrål to welcome him to the team". I'm happy to see another duder beat me to the punch!

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@besetment: I think it was even nicer to put DOTA on the GOTY list last year, even though Brad's literally the only one to play it.

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That look on Dan's face. Priceless.

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Don't be sorry about Dota Brad. Dota is love, Dota is life.

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I really hate how Brad is successfully making me want to get in to DOTA

Don't make me do it brad

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Real Legit honey is only EVER in a bear. Brad is spot on.

Man I love a mailbag!

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I like the idea of Ryan's Desk never getting used again. A strange but fitting honor.

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All I know about Trocadero is Robbaz loves that shit. To the point where he expressed surprise and grief when he learned that other countries don't have it.

I think it's an apple soda?