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Did I really... did I really manage to be the first comment?

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im here. but only until premium goes up.

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Did you folks know Jeff is immune to poison?

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@scojoe66 said:

Did you folks know Jeff is immune to poison?

I think he mentioned somewhere that he's also 150.

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@akuze said:
@scojoe66 said:

Did you folks know Jeff is immune to poison?

I think he mentioned somewhere that he's also 150.

People talk about that a lot, the poison, the fact he is 150. But don't forget, he is also FAST and AGILE.

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Does Ben's volume even out later on? His mic's 50% louder than everyone else from the jump.

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Mods shouldn't skip GBTV videos, but they still do ._.

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The weirdest part of the Agent thing is it is still listed on their website. www.rockstargames.com/games

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Yeah I was pushed away from Vermintide 1 too. Some people were real mean to me for not knowing that I had to carry a book and called me names, wanted to vote-kick me. I'm pretty sensitive to that kind of thing and it kind of sucks the fun out of it. They could have just told me and it would have been fine.

It's kind of a recent trend, isn't it? Taking a game too seriously? I had the same kind of problem in Overwatch (quick play) and Rainbow Six Siege (I didn't drop the armor bag fast enough so they shot me). I often play these shooters on and off whenever I feel like playing a match, so I never get as good at them as the wannebe pro's want me to be. Also the 'meta' changes regularly while I haven't been playing it (like I played Mercy one time not knowing they changed her abilities). I'm not going to put in a 100 hours in a row to get good enough to enjoy it without remarks, so I suppose those games aren't really for me.

Of course I still try to win with the team in these games but it's a form of enjoyment for me, I am not going to turn it into my job. It's like some people play these games like they are official football matches but with random people. Yes that won't go as well as a trained football team and if you are a trained player and end up with completely random people you can't expect it to go smooth.

I would like to see more games that you can enjoy online without being super serious about it. Like Tribes and Battlefield, those are games that I can be OK at and just enjoy without people being angry about it. I never had a bad experience with Tribes and Tribes: Ascend and that made me keep playing by itself and at some point I did become good at capturing flags. Or Planetside 2. Or Unreal Tournament. They've always been very friendly to me in those games.

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There's a Nazi zeppelin in The Last Crusade.

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It's a shame EA still hasn't learned.

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Looks like it, then you wasted it on this...

Did I really... did I really manage to be the first comment?

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@rasrimra: For me, the key to enjoying games like L4D and Vermintide is to *completely* ignore the total assholes ("tryhards", as the kids say these days). You'll find plenty of people willing to help you out, coach new players and work tegother as a, you know, TEAM: when you do, ask them if they'd be willing to accept gamer-friend-requests, so that you can build a network of positive people to play with.

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They have a fight in a nazi Zeppelin in The Last Crusade, so they did in fact exist in WWII. I think.

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You can't spend real money to buy guns in Tarkov. Or buy currency. They only sell different editions of the game that gives you some extra starting gear.

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Listening to the part about PlaystationPlus reminded me that the team (and in fact, most game journalists/reviewers/etc) forget that a lot of people don't get access to every game and game system under the sun. I've never owned a Vista/PS3, so, having those cut from the PSPlus program means nothing to me. I also only buy maybe 2-3 console games a year, so having something like Bloodborne come to PSPlus is awesome, as that's something I kind of wanted to try because of all the positive buzz, but I wouldn't normally spend my money on buying it since it's also the type of game that I would normally hate.

Also, concerning Zeppelins: the Hindenburg disaster pretty much destroyed their reputation. The Germans did use Zeppelins briefly for recon at the very start of the war, but the realization that plane technology made the Zeppelins obsolete and that they were hideously vulnerable meant that they were very quickly retired.

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re: Zepplins - what ghoti221 said. Aside from the fact that Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade takes place before the outbreak of WW2 (specifically, 1938), we're making the fallacy of assuming a Hollywood action movie has anything but the *slightest* basis in reality. ;)

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Lakers Rookie Josh Hart got some custom Fortnite shoes. He streams on twitch as well if I remember right. All Star Center for the Timberwolves Karl Anthony Towns also twitch streams pubg and Fortnite

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The email question about 2d platformers appeared on this week's IGN Gamescoop.... (smh) It made me so happy when Vinny called out someone double dipping emails from the Bombcast last week.

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The comment about 'everyone who would want to play Bloodborne probably already has' could be levelled at every game that is ever offered on the subscription services but I also think it's not true. I think it's easy for those in the industry to ignore how good the PS Plus/Games with Gold offerings are at times, especially in recent months.

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Jan stylin' and profilin' back there.