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@chikusho:  The old format is still there! Just choose "progressive" mode and "Low Quality" for faster viewing.
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Kratos looks angry, as usual.

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@akumous said:
" Damn.....Er, there were a lot of spoilers in that video..ugh.... "
Just for reference, all footage used in this interview was taken from the first 45 min of the game.
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I haven't seen a game that uses the camera so well before.

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Wow, the art and camera in this game are amazing.

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right choice for game director btw. cory said a lot of good stuff in "road to e3" clip about him. I'm glad he's artist and not programmer or producer. sony knows how to pick'em. unlike activision. you heard who replaced west and zampella? a joke really...

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Getting really psyched for this

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No offense to Stig Asmussen.  He seems like a nice guy and it looks like he helped to make a great game, but his name totally sounds like either a Swedish porn star, or a dude in one of those world's strongest man competitions.  Also, is it just me, or is he a dead-ringer for Anthony Edwards?

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i fuking love that eye gauge at the end!!! haha its sooooooo awsomely brutal!!!!

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It took $44 million to make God of War 3?! Kratos looks super pissed off at the end lol.